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Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil and is a horrible thing to have to experience. In most cases it can negatively affect the mental health and cause depression and sometimes lead to Sanity Slippage. With this trope, a woman or man[1] who is raped experiences significant Sanity Slippage and may or may not regain their sanity. Compare Shell-Shocked Veteran (another common portrayal of PTSD), Break the Cutie, Rape as Drama. Sometimes the rape might not have actually happened and it will just be Attempted Rape.

No Real Life Examples, Please.

Examples of Rape Leads to Insanity include:

Anime and Manga

  • Perfect Blue: Mima begins to lose her grip on reality after she is supposedly raped for a film during her new acting career. Or does she get raped? After this scenario is shown, we hear a bell ring and a director yell "Cut!" and the movie continues into more twists and turns.
  • Casca of Berserk went mad and mute after a horrifying rape at the hands of her former commander turned demon god Femto during the Eclipse. It takes her years to be cured and become somewhat more stable.
  • Konuma Ryuuko of Wolfen Crest. She's a nymphomaniac middle-schooler with what appears to be profound psychological damage from repeated rapes in her past, which made her a nihilistic sociopath.
  • Deadman Wonderland: One of the factors that made Genkaku Ax Crazy was rape.
  • Black Butler
    • Episode 8 of Black Butler II states that Alois was the Sex Slave of Lord Trancy. It's implied that this is what made him so Ax Crazy.
    • The manga heavily implies that Ciel was gangraped during the month he spent as a prisoner of a cult. It's confirmed much later. Plus his twin brother (the "True Ciel") was raped as well.
  • In Black Lagoon, rape and torture is implied to have been what made Hansel and Gretel so Ax Crazy.
    • Rebecca aka Revy was raped by a policeman as a teenager, and when her father dismissed it, she killed him.
  • In Peacemaker Kurogane, Suzu becomes Ax Crazy and a Depraved Homosexual after an old man rapes him.
  • Legato Bluesummers from the Trigun manga is shown to have been raped (possibly numerous times) by the town mayor, or something like a mayor. As you might guess, he's now quite Ax Crazy.
  • Tsubaki Kasugano aka The 6th of Mirai Nikki, who was a Sex Slave for a Religion of Evil.
  • In Hellsing, Alucard, aka Vlad Tepes Dracul of Wallachia was sexually abused as a child during his time spent as a political hostage for his father under the Ottoman Empire by the sultan. Currently, he's clearly off his rocker.
  • In School Days, Kotonoha's mental and emotional breakdown hits her fully after she's raped by her Stalker with a Crush, Makoto's best friend Taisuke.
  • Sakura Gari: A big reason why Souma is so messed up and a Depraved Bisexual is because of all the rape and other trauma he endured in his past. Especially at the hands of Sakurako's mother and a teenaged Katsuragi.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion, Asuka crosses the Despair Event Horizon and ends up catatonic after her Mind Rape. By Word of God we're supposed to understand that she literally gets raped.
  • Much like Souma from Sakura Gari above, this is one of the reasons why Gilbert from Kaze to Ki no Uta is so utterly messed up: In his youth, he suffered rape and other kinds of trauma.
    • Auguste and Rosemariné (to an extent) as well, as Auguste was raped by his stepbrother and Rosemariné was raped by Auguste when Rosemariné was fifteen.
  • Hinako from Bitter Virgin was traumatised by years of sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather. This severely messed with her mental state and caused her to develop an aversion to men and Hates Being Touched except by Daisuke. She gets better through her relationship with Daisuke.
  • In Fushigi Yuugi, both Miaka and Yui experience rape attempts and go through Break the Cutie processes as a result. They also believe they actually got raped at some point and experience significant periods of depression and self-harm as a result.
    • Nakago was not only horribly discriminated as a child, but was forced into the Emperor of Kutou's Royal Harem and raped by him when he was a pre-teen. This shaped him into the villain he was in the story proper.
    • Zigzagged in Byakko Ibun - Byakko Senki. Neiran aka the future "False Byakko Priestess" was sexually abused by her half-brother, but it's not the ONLY reason behind her severe anger issues and Broken Bird-dom.
  • In Count Cain, Augusta went insane after giving birth to her brother's Child by Rape and had to be institutionalized. When Cain, not knowing she was his mother as well as his aunt, went to visit her in secret, she freaked out and threw herself out the window. At the end of the series, we learn that this is a subversion. While Augusta really did go insane afterwards, she had been more than willing to sleep with her brother all along.
  • Sensual Phrase: In the manga, Aine's raped by a high-ranked executive who had a beef against Sakuya. Poor girl nearly splinters mentally after that.
  • In the manga version of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, the Big Bad Miyo Takano was raped in the Orphanage of Fear.
  • In Kannazuki no Miko, the Evil Diva Corona was sexually abused in the past.
  • Averted with Princess Amue from GoLion. She's all but stated to have been raped by Prince Sincline during the days when he imprisoned her, but despite this and other terrible incidents, she managed to remain more or less sane.

Fan Fics


  • In the classic silent film The Wind, Lillian Gish, who is already being driven around the bend by the neverending titular wind, finally cracks completely when the bad guy rapes her.
  • The sister of the Anti Heroine in the Dirty Harry sequel Sudden Impact becomes catatonic after the two of them are gang-raped.
  • Subverted in The Generals Daughter. It turns out that it wasn't her brutal gang rape during military school that lead to the late Elisabeth Campbell's Sanity Slippage. The betrayal of her General father, who refused to investigate the crime further because he thought they wouldn't be able to apprehend the suspects and because he allowed himself to be bought out by his own superiors, was the event that broke her mind and sent her into a downward spiral.
  • Most Rape and Revenge films, though some victims (like the ones in Torched and Baise Moi) go a bit more violently psychotic than others, their newfound bloodlust not being restricted to just their rapists.


  • The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant has this as a major theme. Covenant rapes a girl named Lena early in his first visit to The Land, and it haunts him throughout the ensuing stories. Part of the consequences is that Lena definitely loses it because of the rape.
  • Tender Is the Night: Nicole's sexual relationship with her father when she was a teenager (hence statutory rape) leads to her becoming schizophrenic.
  • Speak: The book centers around a teenager named Melinda, who's just entered the 9th grade. She's not exactly the most popular kid in school, due almost entirely to her calling the police at a Wild Teen Party last summer. After the events of said party, Melinda goes from a bright, outgoing, friendly teenager to a bitter, angry, depressed one. Her grades go down the toilet, her parents are alarmed, and Melinda can't find the words to tell anyone what really happened; eventually, she stops speaking almost entirely. The plot mostly centers around Melinda's gradual decline, up until The Reveal of how she was raped by Andy, and then her gradual climb out of the hole.
  • Nimue in The Warlord Chronicles wasn't the most stable person around to begin with, but her rape at the hands of King Gundleus pushed her over the edge. When she got over the worst trauma she was actually grateful in a way, as a great priestess must pass through three severe trials on their path to true power according to her beliefs, and the rape counted for two of them. But it doesn't prevent her from exacting revenge brutal enough to make battle-hardened warriors cringe when she gets Gundleus in her hands.
  • In The Perks of Being a Wallflower Charlie's aunt was raped as a young girl, which led to her having serious psychological issues, which is why she herself molested Charlie.

Live Action TV

  • Jan from Days of Our Lives was an Alpha Bitch before she was raped. Afterwards, she turned crazy.
  • In Oz, Beecher's rape at the hands of Schillinger definitely didn't do any favors for his mental health.
    • Same deal with Cyril.
    • Adebisi brutally rapes the semi-conscious Schibetta at one point. As a result, Schibetta, traumatized by the rape, begins losing his mind and is transferred to the psych ward.
  • "Revenge", the very first story on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, played on this idea without using the R word. A woman already recovering from a nervous breakdown is "assaulted" in her trailer. Her husband looks to avenge her by killing her assailant. One day she points the man out to her husband, and he does the deed. Then she points to another man, and another, and another.
  • Supernatural: Arguably what happens to Sam Winchester after he is freed from Lucifer's cage.


  • In the Three Days Grace music video "Never Too Late" a woman is almost driven to suicide (she works through her issues though) and we learn that she became that way as a result of possible abuse physical and sexual at the hands of a man in a striped sweater.


Video Games

  • Niles in Fire Emblem Fates is strongly hinted to have been sexually abused in his past, especially in the Japanese version. While not as extreme an example as others, he's still pretty messed up and quite the sadist as a result.


  1. (the victim is usually, but not always, female)
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