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Rachael Leigh Cook, born October 4, 1979, is a petite American actress and former child model. She is best known for demolishing a kitchen with a frying pan in a famous anti-heroin PSA in the 1990s and for starring in the films She's All That and Josie and The Pussycats.

Cook has also done some voiceover work, perhaps most notably playing Tifa Lockhart in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy, as well as doing some work on Robot Chicken. Recently, she has been confirmed as the voice actress of Jaesa Wilsaam in Star Wars the Old Republic.

Tropes associated with Rachael Leigh Cook include:

  • Curtains Match the Window: The poster girl for doe-eyed brunettes everywhere.
  • Hollywood Hype Machine: She got a pretty big push in the late-1990s, early-2000s era, as Hollywood wanted her to be the next big star- magazines, TV shows, and anything else celebrity-related followed suit, but then Josie and the Pussy Cats happened. And that was it. All she's gotten since then are parts in other failed movies and roles on TV, though at least unlike some victims of the Hype Machine she has been working steadily and hasn't turned into a celebrity joke.
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