Given the fact that the world in Remnant being plagued by monsters that threaten humanity itself, this is inevitable.

  • The Grimm in general. Created by Salem, they seek to assist her in making humanity fall as well as Faunus. The Nucklavee in particular has killed many, many people over the years.
  • Cinder might well very be the most terrifying character on the show. To put it simply, she'll stop at nothing in order to obtain power. Her Establishing Moment has her murder the Fall Maiden Amber and steal her power.
  • Neo. Underneath her cute smile and equally cute appearance lurks a psychotic killer.
  • Roman Torchwick infects the Atlas robots with a virus and they decide to side with the Grimm against humanity.
  • Adam Taurus is described by Blake as being spite personified, and it shows throughout the evil actions that he's committed.
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