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A trope where someone takes a notable quote or saying and adds a swear word or two at some point in there.

Why? Well it used to be done for Rule of Cool (makes the phrase more badass), but now it's a Discredited Trope, which basically means this is done mainly for Rule of Funny now.

Now to count as an example, it has to meet three criteria:

  1. It has to be a distinct quote, not just a common sentence. This includes:
  1. It has to be a complete sentence, although paraphrasing a word or two is allowed, as long as it remains a complete sentence.
  2. The example should explain where the source phrase comes from. Hey, if this page is going to have loads of swearing, let's at least make sure it's all legit.

Can overlap with This Is for Emphasis, Bitch and Precision F-Strike.

Compare/Contrast Quote Mine (screwing with a quote, but pretending it's the actual quote).

Examples of Quote Swear Unquote include:


  Happy (to Bob Barker): The price is wrong, bitch!

    • Bob uses the trope shortly afterward:

  Bob: I think you've had enough. (Happy gets back up.) No? (Knocks Happy out) Now you've had enough...bitch! (walks away while shadow boxing)

Web Comics

Web Original

 "My name is Inigo Montoya, motherfuckers!"

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