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  • Idiot Plot: OF COURSE the woman we meet at the beginning of the game is not a vampire, and certainly not the same woman who (as a vampire) we meet quite a while later. Her aversion of garlic and sunlight has to stem from a different source, for sure.
    • To be fair, we are led to believe she's actually the daughter of the master based on our own preconceptions. Other than that, the game doesn't really try to cover anything up.
    • This really only works for an impartial third party (i.e. the player at the computer), because when the hero meets said woman, he's instantly entranced, and unable to question her effectively, due to magic. When she leaves, he's stuck for a few moments after she's out of sight before he comes back to himself by shaking off the magic. Considering said woman is an extremely powerful magician and vampire, it's not all that unheard of for the hero to be spellbound. And it's not like it's the first time, either.
      • Nevertheless, it is clear from the writing that the authors never considered giving the player the option to point out her vampirism.
      • The hero never considers pointing out her vampirism, because he is literally prevented from recognizing her vampirism by her magic.
    • There's also the fact that, if you're playing as a Paladin, the hero's Spider Sense (which is usually pretty good about picking up potential threats) pointedly doesn't identify her as evil or dangerous the first few times they meet. It does, however, give a sense of unspecific warning whenever she's around. And then her magic entrances him and he ignores it completely.
      • Which could be explained by the fact that, at the time, she really wasn't a danger to the hero, and that she only became a danger to him after he incurred her wrath by robbing her of her Morality Pet. Or walked in on her while she was discussing things with Ad Avis.
      • "You sense curiosity and no immediate danger."
      • That's because Katrina is not a threat to the player. Paladin senses warn of dangerous situations and give a warning when those things are directed towards the Paladin himself. In this case, Katrina certainly wants to use the hero, but doesn't intend him harm (reference the end sequence). However the Paladin sense still kicks in, which never occurs in situations with normal people, which should be an obvious, but easily misunderstood clue that Katrina is not what she appears to be.
    • Actually, there is no reason to believe that the protagonist have ever even heard of vampires when he comes to Mordavia and first meet Katrina. While some townspeople and some books do mention vampires, these anecdotes are not nearly enough to call the hero an idiot for not being Genre Savvy.
  • The Scrappy: The Gnome jester/comedian Punny Bones wasn't a big hit with the fans. Probably why he didn't appear in the fifth game, despite saying that he was headed to Silmaria, the setting of game five.
    • IIRC, he carved a message in one of the tables. That's the extent to his appearance.
      • Well that and the gnome who runs the inn says the two of them are a couple if you try to propose to her. So, guess he has at least one fan.
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