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Recurring Characters

The Hero

 Obviously a graduate of the Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School.

  • Adventurer Archaeologist
  • An Adventurer Is You
  • The Chosen One
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": You are referred to by your name a handful of times. For the most part, you are referred to as "Hero", "Prince of Shapeir", and "Paladin" (if you are that class).
  • Fan Nickname: Devon Aidendale, the name given in the prose-style writeup for the official strategy guide.
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief
  • Silent Protagonist: Not literally, as the character is able to communicate with others, but the Hero will almost never say anything directly, instead having the gist of his speech relayed by the narrator. There are several exceptions, in the first two games. Clicking the mouth on him in the VGA remake in QFG1 will yield "Overworked... underpaid... no control over my life". QFG2 has him talking to Aziza when talking about Julanar, with "Yes ma'am", "Only the facts ma'am", and "What's a pomegranate?". The fanmade VGA remake adds him babytalking to Simba, complete with a facial portrait. He shuts you up pretty good.
  • The Hero
  • Mighty Whitey: In the third game. Your character will pick up spear throwing and wrestling on the wooden bridge of the Simbani. Within a week or so of training he'll be able to defeat Simbani warriors who trained at this all their lives. Can be considered Justified since he's a skilled adventurer who's had to do more than his fair share of throwing and balancing in the past
  • Took a Level In Badass: Dude went from fighting bandits aided by magicians to fighting Eldrich Abominations.
    • Culminates in the final game, when the Big Bad of the game, the Dragon of Doom, is outright stated to be unkillable, and can only be sealed. But the hero is so badass at this point that he can safely ignore that and kill it.
  • Walking the Earth
  • What the Hell, Hero? / What the Hell, Player?: The few truly evil deeds you can do in the games will be noticed. Except for the Thievery optional quests.


A powerful and pun-loving wizard who lives in Spielberg with a summer home in Silmaria. He and his familiar, the smart aleck rat Fenrus, help the hero out directly in games So You Want to Be a Hero? and Dragon Fire as well as mentoring him at the Wizards' Institute of Technocery in game Trial By Fire (and making a cameo at the end of Shadows of Darkness).


A mysterious half-Faerie Folk archmage whose presence is seen throughout the series even though she herself isn't. She is known for creating magical gardens of incredible peace and safety. She is presumed dead because her attempts to prevent the Dark One from coming into the world resulted in her being trapped between worlds, until the hero's actions in banishing Avoozl release her spirit and finally allow her to pass on to the afterlife. In Dragon Fire, the player can choose to rescue her from Hades, which allows a romance with her; she's the best match for Paladins, but honorable Wizards can also woo her.

Rakeesh Sah Tarna

A Liontaur Paladin, Rakeesh was the king of Tarna until he abdicated power to his brother Rajah in order to pursue the demons that threatened the land. In his travels he became a Paladin and suffered a Game-Breaking Injury that keeps him out of action. The hero meets him in Shapeir, and Rakeesh rapidly becomes his mentor and father figure (even more so if the player chooses to become a Paladin himself). In Dragon Fire he Takes The Poison Dagger for the hero, and will die if one fails to give him an antidote and locate the source of the poison.

Baba Yaga

An ogress witch with a taste for human flesh and a mean streak a mile wide. She serves as the Big Bad for the original game, her curse being the reason everything bad is happening in Spielburg. After you break the curse and get rid of her, she returns in game 4, hanging out in Mordavia because of the dark energy given off by the Dark One's cave. She isn't fully antagonistic in this game, despite her desire for revenge (which can be bought off), but you still have to deal with her to win.

Ad Avis

The Big Bad of Trial By Fire and debatably Shadows of Darkness. An evil wizard who rules over the land of Raseir with an iron fist while attempting to release the demon Iblis. Because the prophecy says he needs a hero to recover the status in which Iblis is sealed, he engineers events to get the hero to Raseir and hypnotizes him, but this ultimately causes his downfall, as he cries out to his master. Shadows of Darkness reveals that the "master" is Katrina, who bit Ad Avis seventy years ago, causing him to rise as a vampire after his death. He resents Katrina and seeks revenge against her and the hero, succeeding in killing Katrina but causing his own death because of it.

Shema and Shameen

A married couple of Katta (a race of anthropomorphic cats), Shameen and Shema came to Spielburg in order to find a hero to help solve the crisis in Raseir, but were trapped by the avalanche that sealed off the valley. They quickly landed on their feet and set up the Hero's Tale Inn, which is where the hero first meets them. After dealing with Baba Yaga, he travels along with them back to Shapeir, where they open the Katta's Tale Inn and provide the hero with free room and board for the duration of Trial By Fire.

Elsa von Spielburg

The missing daughter of Baron Spielburg, whose rescue is one of the central goals of So You Want To Be A Hero? It eventually turns out that she was given amnesia and delivered to the brigands, who raised her as their own. She eventually rose through the ranks and became their leader, which the hero must undo with a Dispel Potion. Elsa returns in Dragon Fire, having chaffed under her brother's Stay in the Kitchen attitude and striking out as an adventurer herself (thanks to her retained knowledge and experience from her time with the brigands). She's also a potential bride for the hero, available to all character classes.


A member of the Simbani tribe from Tarna, Uhura left her homeland in order to get around the restrictions placed on women. She took up residence in Shapeir, becoming the head of the Fighters' Guild and having a son, Simba, by one of the palace guards. She helps the hero with information and sparring, then returns to Tarna along with him and Rakeesh. Back home, Uhura again helps the hero by showing him the Rite of Passage for Simbani warriors and trying to convince the Laibon (chief) to seek peace with the Leopardmen.


A mysterious and beautiful young woman who is the first person the hero meets in Shadows of Darkness. She only appears by night, never in Mordavia proper, and has brief conversations with the hero. As it turns out, however, she is the Dark Master, a powerful sorceress and vampire who is attempting to bring the Eldritch Abomination Avoozl into the world, casting eternal night over the land. She developed feelings for the hero, which would prove to be her undoing as Ad Avis threatened the hero, leading to a fatal Taking the Bullet. In Dragon Fire, the hero can choose to rescue her from Hades, restoring her humanity and opening up the potential for a romance. That can end in marriage unless you're a Paladin or Thief.

  • Back From the Dead: Well, she is a vampire. And again in Dragon Fire, as a normal human.
  • Broken Bird
  • Charm Person
  • Dark Magical Girl
  • Dating Catwoman
  • Femme Fatale
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Jennifer Hale (in QFG4).
  • Love Redeems
  • Most Definitely Not a Villain: Like it needs to be spoilered.
  • Taking the Bullet
  • The Veronica of a Betty and Veronica choice.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: A possible interpretation of her actions in Mordavia prior to the events of Shadows of Darkness:
    • She hired Boris as daytime gatekeeper of Castle Borgov after he had a falling out with his wife and ran away into the woods. Considering that he was still in the woods when night fell, she may have saved his life by finding him before any other undead did.
    • She sent Toby to comfort and befriend Tanya when Tanya didn't have any other friends and really needed the comfort. (Yuri's and Bella's treatment of Tanya at this time could charitably be described as harsh, or uncharitably be described as abusive.) Especially if you tell her why you resurrected Tanya, it is pretty clear that she really thought she was doing the right thing: "You think it was wrong of me to take her from her parents? They ignored her! They never gave her anything! I gave her everything!"
    • Katrina's whole "plunge the land into darkness" plan ends up sounding a lot less evil when it's explained that she thought this was literal. While it's intensely stupid to summon an Eldritch Abomination and expect to use it as a dimmer switch for the sun, but she wasn't actually intending to directly hurt anyone on purpose. She really did think she could control it.


A "legitimate businessman" in Raseir, Ferrari is the player's main contact in the final act of the game. He informs the hero about the particulars of Kaveen and Ad Avis' rule over the city. Thief characters go one step further, stealing a rather familiar statue from Kaveen for him. When Kaveen has the hero arrested, Ferrari seems to abandon him, but he returns in Dragon Fire as the head of the Dead Parrot Inn, trying once more to win the hero's trust. He's in the running to become Silmaria's Chief Thief, as well as effectively blackmailing Gnome Ann out of her inn. All classes can help Ann, but the Thief can go a step further, getting Ferrari the real Blackbird and then stealing it right back from under his nose -- but Ferrari can screw you right back by getting you removed as king via blackmail if you do things wrong.


Ferrari's right-hand man; like the hero, he seems to be something of an unwilling accomplice (more so as the game progresses). In Trial By Fire, he smuggles water in Raseir, a capital crime which sees him dragged off supposedly for execution. However, Ugarte returns in Dragon Fire, having been freed thanks to the hero's actions and much more grateful than Ferrari, serving as the Thief's source of info in the underground dealings of Silmaria. In the Thief playthrough, Ugarte gets poisoned just before revealing the identity of King Justinian's assassin, and like Rakeesh will die unless the player takes the proper steps.

Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero


A member of the brigands, Bruno conspired with his friend Brutus to overthrow their leader and take over. He can usually be found hanging out at the town gate and will give the hero (false) information about the goings-on in the valley... for a price. He suddenly returns in Dragon Fire as the assassin of King Justinian and attempts to exact revenge on Elsa and the hero for their part in the dissolution of the brigands.

  • Knife Nut
  • Knowledge Broker: But the information he offers is available in other, less expensive ways. Bruno is only there to prevent the game from becoming Unwinnable.
    • Blatant Lies: "Oh, and if you want a good time, try the Dragon's Breath!"
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Against Elsa and the hero in Dragon Fire.
  • Smug Snake
  • The Mole: He appears to be a normal (if untrustworthy) thief at first, but it turns out he's a brigand who's joined the thief guild to act as a spy within the town.

Baronet Barnard von Spielburg

Baron Stephan von Spielburg's son, who disappeared while on a hunting trip several years before QFG1. The hero finds him captured by the Kobold, transformed into a bear and bound by an enchanted shackle. His rescue restores hope to the despondent baron.


A frost giant from Jotunheim, he comes to Spielburg to fill his food stores with the local fruit. He is willing to barter a glowing gem (one the hero needs for his quest) in exchange for fifty apples, after which he leaves satisfied.

Quest for Glory II: Trial By Fire


The resident spellcaster of Shapeir, Aziza is a powerful water-attuned sorceress with a focus on divination and mind for manners. She serves as the hero's magical contact in Trial By Fire and instructs him in how to defeat the elementals and help Julanar.

  • Making a Splash
  • Ms. Exposition: Tells you all you need about the elementals and Julanar and Iblis in the 2nd game. In the third game she gives the player a recap of the end of the second game, and sets up the plot of the third.
  • Seers

Poet Omar/Sultan Harun al-Rashid

A fabled poet of Shapeir, Omar's poems clue the player as to what is going on with the plot. Poet Omar is also The Sultan of Shapeir in disguise. In the end of the game he adopts the player as his son.


A long time ago, a Shaperian woman went against the sexist rules of society and became a healer. Unfortunately, one day a bandit tricked her into coming to his camp. As she tried to escape from the bandits, she cried out for help and was transformed into a tree by a passing djinn. In Trial By Fire, Aziza relates this story to the hero and tells him how to restore Julanar's sense of self in order to obtain the Fruit of Compassion he needs for a Dispel Potion. In between games, Salim ventures to Shapeir and restores Julanar's humanity, the pair falling in love and marrying before moving to Silmaria, where they meet their friend the hero once more.


One of the many harem girls in Raseir's palace, Nawar's first introduction is a voice making lots (and we do mean lots) of innuendo when the hero sneaks through the harem on his way to battle Ad Avis. She returns in Dragon Fire, having been uncomfortable with the peace and going with Ferrari to Silmaria. At the Dead Parrot Inn she serves as a dancer and the manager of the inn's games of chance. She's also a potential love interest for the hero (and the most obvious), being best suited to Thieves but available to all classes.

Quest for Glory III: Wages of War


Son of the leader (Laibon) of the Simbani. Less eager for war than his father, he is divided by his father and people's wishes, and the hero and Uhura's words for peace. Yesufu is soon to enter his rite of passage, in which he will compete against The Hero if he is a fighter or paladin. Despite this rivalry, he forms a strong friendship with the hero, and eagerly comes to his aid at the end of the game.

Rajah Sah Tarna

Rakeesh's younger brother, and current king of Tarna. Eager to send Tarna to war, and comes off as a bit of a General Ripper, but not without reasons. A bit of an ego.

  • General Ripper: Subverted, in that he does give Rakeesh's peace solution a chance and...
    • Papa Wolf: The main reason he is so eager for war: He sent Rakeesh's daughter as an envoy to the Leopardman. She was like a daughter to him, and when her peace mission was attacked, Rajah wants nothing more than to avenge her. He even questions Rakeesh's reluctance to go to war over his own daughter.

Salim Nafs

The resident apothecary in Tarna, as well as an out-and-out tree-hugging hippie. Salim is eager to help out the hero because of his auspicious aura, and in return learns that his dreams of a tree becoming a beautiful woman are real. While the hero is in Mordavia, Salim heads to Shapeir and restores Julanar's humanity; the couple then moves to Silmaria and opens up an apothecary, where they once more encounter their friend the hero and help him save those poisoned by the assassin.

Kreesha Sah Tarna

Rakeesh's wife, a rare Liontaur magic-user and a member of Tarna's ruling council. Along with her husband, Kreesha helps the hero's attempts to bring peace to Tarna, as well as serving as a mentor for Wizard characters and helping them create their magic staff.

Harami the Thief

A thief the player helps capture early in the game. As the hero shows him kindness, Harami begins to reconsider his life. Not enough to risk his skin for you however. Or maybe...

Manu The Monkey

A talking monkey the hero frees from a trap. Manu quickly declares the hero to be his friend, willing to invite him to the Monkey Village and make him an honorary monkey. Manu is one of the few who know where the lost city is.


Daughter of the Leopardmen's chief, she is captured by the Simbani in their efforts to discover the location of her village. Upon being revealed as an attractive woman, the hero pays the Simbani bride price to release her and discover her peoples' intentions.

Quest for Glory IV: Shadows Of Darkness

Dr. Cranium

A Mad Scientist who has taken up residence in Mordavia in order to conduct his experiments which include controlling electricity, raising the dead, and brewing the perfect cup of tea. He helps the hero out by brewing up healing potions in return for running minor fetch quests.

  • Copy Protection: In order to advance in the game, you need to give Cranium some missing formulae...which come printed in the game manual.
  • Expy: Of Dr. Brain, from another Sierra series; gets a lampshade in-game.
  • Flat Earth Atheist: He insists that all magic is either nonsense or science that people don't understand yet.
  • Frankenstein's Monster: Frankie, his greatest creation.
  • I Love the Dead: Better keep your Brain Bleach handy when he unveils Frankie...
  • Mad Scientist
  • The Medic: Cranium is the only consistent source of healing and poison cure potions in the game.
  • They Called Me Mad: "Mad? Mad?! They ALL call me mad, but what do they know of madness? I am not mad! A bit perturbed about the world situation and how I get so little respect, perhaps. But certainly not mad!"
    • Also: "Some call me mad, but I much prefer 'Dr. Cranium'."
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: The doctor's Rehydration Solution, when you finally get it, is described as "If you didn't know any better, you'd think this was just an ordinary bottle of water".)


The daughter of Yuri and Bella Markarov, the innkeepers in Mordavia. When things got bad in the valley, her parents tried to keep her safely locked up, but a large furry creature named Toby befriended her by visiting her secretly at night. When he gave her a doll, her parents got even more worried, and Toby took her away to Castle Borgov, where Katrina turned her into a vampire. She does miss her parents, but is convinced they hate her and would be scared of her now that she's a "Bad Thing". The hero can restore Tanya, but it requires "the sacrifice of life for love" - which Toby willingly gives, to Tanya's horror.


Mordavia's gravedigger, he, well, he's the standard Igor type. The biggest departure is his generally chipper attitude and love of graveyard humor. The first major event of the game is Igor's disappearance, which leads to the villagers capturing a gypsy in their paranoia. The hero finds Igor trapped in a grave at the graveyard and rescues him, earning him the friendship of both Igor and the gypsies.

  • Catch Phrase: "Hah hah, little graveyard humor there!"
  • The Igor: Duh!
  • Pungeon Master: Oh lord, the puns...
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: If you ask him about Rumors, he'll say something like "Igor not hear rumors. Igor not hear [Insert rumor here]. Igor not know [Insert another rumor here]... Igor not hear many things."


More commonly referred to as the Dark One, he is the source of Mordavia's woes. The hero must prevent him from being summoned to Glorianna, lest he shroud the world in (non-literal) darkness.

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

Magnum Opus

A Hesperian hero who came to Silmaria to participate in the Rites of Rulership. He has a reputation for heroism, but unfortunately not one for his massive ego. He is the second sacrifice made to destroy the Dragon Pillars that bind the Dragon of Doom.


  1. Smoke it three times to turn into a stoner yourself! Also a game over
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