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So you happen to love to post in a particular thread. The problem is that the thread is never active when you are around.

When Real Life calls or simply when you aren't looking at it, the thread suddenly becomes active, skipping several pages ahead. But whenever you are around the thread seems to be dead. Congratulations! You are a victim of the quantum thread effect. To put it another way, a watched thread never updates.

This phenomenon happens because relative to us a thread moves only fast when we are not watching it because our observation appears to slow down its progress in our own minds. This would presumably be because when constantly refreshing the page we are move at the same speed as the thread (in a manner of thinking) and we are not, we are passively observing it from a slower speed, and thus it seems fast.

Another probable cause is the difference between timezones. TV Tropes has users from all around the world and sometimes a troper may find himself posting while everyone is sleeping.

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