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Finally, this is the Puyo Puyo Character Page!

We hope you don't expect us, by the way, to put every character down... Holding 45+ (which goes to mind-boggling levels if you include EVERY game in the series, including the Madou Monogatari games and other games with the characters) characters is going to be impossible!

Main Characters from Compile's Series

Arle Nadja

The original protagonist, Arle was originally a kindergartener until the Puyo spin-offs, where she was upgraded to 16. Arle is kind and, despite fighting Satan over and over and knowing his common goals, doesn't seem to hold a grudge with him. She, along with Carbuncle, are the most recognizable characters of the series.



The yellow rabbit Mascot of the original series, Carbuncle began to accompany Arle after the original Madou Monogatari. Though all he can say is "Guu", everyone seems to know what he says. He was originally Satan's pet rabbit, though, and he remains a favorite of the demon king.


 I am Rulue, the Fighting Queen! I live without equal for love, beauty, and fists... And I am the future wife of my darling Satan! Don't you forget it!

Fighting-Queen Rulue is a woman who wishes Satan would love her instead of Arle. Very calm (80% of the time), she's actually pretty intelligent for someone from Compile's series.


 Curious... you seem strangely tolerant today. Then perhaps... We can finally have our honeymoon! Nothing but blissful love between us! My dream would finally be fulfilled!

A young man/demon with long green hair and horns, Satan is the neighborhood villain. A Deadpan Snarker when it got down to it, Satan's plans were laughably evil and honestly made no sense when you got to the heart of it. His affection for Arle wasn't added when Sega was doing Puyo, believe it or not, and was intended from the start.

Schezo Wegey

Though "friend" is a broad term here, Schezo is a Dark Wizard who wields a magical sword. His goal was to get Arle's power, but it grew to take any power he found interesting.

Original Series Characters


A green-haired dragon-woman that uses Kung Fu alongside Rulue. She proclaims herself as Arle's rival, but then again everyone does that.


A pink-haired girl wearing white with cream-colored wings. Originally more of a harpy, but since then turned into another Cute Monster Girl.


 Mmm, beautiful!

A womanizing demon who wants to become intimate with Arle.


Surprisingly, she isn't a monster girl, and doesn't look at all like this. Blonde, a maid, and obsessed with keeping everything clean.


Rulue's personal servant, the Minotaurus joins as another point in the line that is the character relation map of love.


A blue-haired mermaid. Shy, but eager to play with you.


A skeleton who enjoys sipping tea.


An armed-and-legged salmon that loves to dance and dreams of dancing.




Doppelganger Arle

The final boss of N and the other half of Arle's soul. Likely also indicative of her ancestor Lilith.

  • Enemy Without
  • Heart Trauma: She's the other half of Arle, and is also her ancestor Lilith.
  • Heel Face Door Slam: Her final fate prior to Quest. Emerging in an unfamiliar world, she sees her other half as an imposter and attempts to reclaim her rightful place. Ultimately, Arle defeats her, and due to a rule Satan set up, she starts to fade away under a pile of Puyo.
  • Unexplained Recovery: In Quest, she shows up alive for some reason.
  • Vile Villain Saccharine Show

Characters Introduced in Puyo Puyo Fever and onwards


 Let's play Puyo!

The newer protagonist, Amitie is nice, but a bit ditzy. Her heart is in the right place, and though she's better at reacting to things than Raffine or Sig, she still ends up jumping to wrong conclusions.



A Hell Hound wearing armor that Feli accidentally summoned at one point. He's very protective of Feli and follows all of her commands, but doesn't seem to like Lemres.

The Comet Warlock Lemres

 Now then, Mr Akuma. Shall we play our game of Puyo? If I win, you'll be given five candies. Okay?

A senior magic student of the neighboring, unnamed town, Lemres was the boss of the WakuWaku course in Fever 2. He's actually very strong and intelligent, but hides it behind being Sega's new Schezo.

  • Beware the Silly Ones: Is an easy boss in the course, can outmatch Strange Klug's AI during verses.
  • Bunny Ears Lawyer: Is a famous warlock; popular enough to appear in magazines.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Lemres attempts to give candy to Amitie in her course. Pretty much speaks for its self.
  • Leitmotif: Rising Comet, which is the same in both Fever 2 and 15th.
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Weirdness Coupon: He gets away with randomly passing out candy because no one seems to mind.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Gave Klug a book with a powerful demon inside for no good reason.
    • Forces Amitie to play Puyo with him with the stakes of "winner fights Strange Klug".
    • Wishes for the sea to turn into jelly, killing the entire ocean ecosystem.
  • White-Haired Pretty Boy


 You there... you're thinking of a bad thing... aren't you?

A necromancer that's Lemres' number one fangirl. She's very intimidating, but shows her sweet side to Lemres.


 They're[2] very cool. In fact, there's nothing cooler... than being smart and looking good with books. Like myself. I'm the coolest of them all, actually.

Local genius of Primp Town, Klug serves as a sort of MacGuffin, with knowledge of several events(but never willing to reveal them).

Miss Accord

The mysterious schoolteacher of Primp Town that holds the living cat puppet Popoi. She seems sweet, but holds some secrets.

Ocean Prince

A pink dolphin (actually some sort of fish) that lives in the neighboring ocean. Very crass and a stereotypical royal-stuckup.

Onion Pixy

 Onion! Onion onion!

Oshare Bones/Dapper Bones

 Call the fashion police!

A flamboyantly gay skeleton who is very interested in fashion, and often criticizes the appearances of those around him. He's currently awaiting the day when he can finally reunite with his long-lost lover. Also, in Puyo Puyo Fever 2, he runs the item shop.


Alpha Bitch of Primp Town, Raffine's possibly one of the cruelest characters from Fever, and is the rare case in the entire series; she's the only person mean 24/7.


Half-demon, half-human, Sig is everything but emotional. He's very quiet and isn't moved by anything at all, save for bugs. He doesn't mind that he's part demon, either. Obsessed with bugs, but this wasn't brought up in his first appearance at all.


Fever and Onwards Villains


The Chaotic Evil villain of Puyo 7 and eventually 20th, Ekoro wanted to flood Earth, not Primp Town, with Puyo. How is this bad? It was going to kill everyone. He only appears in the climax though, and is barely mentioned up until then. In 20th, he gains an alternate humanoid version named "Unusual Ekoro".


Ms Accord's black cat puppet, Popoi is usually an assistant. He, much like Accord, is shrouded in mystery, and little is known about who or what he is. Takes the place as Fever's villain, appearing suddenly at the end of the WakuWaku and HaraHara courses.

Strange Klug

 Heh, dare you demand I return your classmate's body?

A demon possessing Klug's book, Strange Klug is very different than the nerd everyone's used to. Takes the place as Fever 2's villain, appearing at the end of all three HaraHara courses. He grew popular though, and made comebacks in future titles, but never as important as he was before(if you can call him important).

  • Autobots Rock Out: Yes, it is compared to Touhou music.
  • All Is Well That Ends Well: Worries, but brushes his first defeat off as a bump in his plan. Begins to seriously worry after he loses a second item.
  • Bad Powers, Bad People: Is the second evil character that has dark intentions, coming after Doppelganger Arle and predates Ekoro.
  • Badass Cape: Wears a ridiculously big and red cape, held onto his body with chains. It's tough enough to take damage for him, too.
    • Cape Swish: Does this in his 20th by holding it in his hands and turning.
  • Big Bad of Fever 2.
  • Big No: When sealed again.
  • Big Red Devil: If that shadow's to be believed.
  • Cheshire Cat Grin: Rare edition; though Klug's grins are full of teeth, Strange Klug doesn't seem to have teeth period.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: But Mie does a good job sounding like a convincing guy.
  • Concepts Are Cheap: Double Subverted; Strange Klug states several times that he took the three items and took over Klug's body to bring his body back, but he never states "why".
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Subverted. As a spirit sealed in Klug's book, the demon takes on a very cartoony look, with small gold eyes and a flat-toothed grin. During Fever and, until you find how he really acts in Fever 2, this gives the impression that it's some sort of prankster spirit sealed in a book.
  • Demonic Possession
  • Double Take: Takes a bit for him to process that a dolphin and a pink-haired girl are just walking off with two of his items and not doing anything else.
  • Evil Gloating: And it's all he ever does.
  • Evil Costume Switch: Turns Klug's suit from purple to red, unties his bowtie, dons a cape, untucks his shirt, and messes up his hair.
  • Expressive Accessory: Both the Living Shadow and Klug's spirit have expressions alongside him, even matching his surprise when Sig and Raffine walk off with his items.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Added a charm and changed the time on Klug's stopwatch.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul
  • Living Shadow: Has a giant red one that looks nearly identical to his form in the book.
  • Magic A Is Magic A: Defied. Even if we're never given a clear image of what the magic in this world is, all things that fly/float often have wings or "flying" in the name, like "magical flying cane" or characters like Draco, Harpy, and Satan. However, Strange Klug's book is very clearly floating.
  • Milking the Giant Cow: His laughing sprite, as well as a few of his spells.
  • Nerd Glasses: Large oval frames, just like Klug's. They're really an entirely different pair, though, even if they look exactly the same.
    • Scary Shiny Glasses: His right eye is almost always obscured by a flashed frame, and can be viewed as more unsettling than both frames.
  • No Except Yes: He's not exactly Klug, even if his posture when he's laughing or pointing is exactly the same.
  • No Name Given / Only Known by Their Nickname: He's never properly named, and is known only by Strange Klug. Sega apparently gave up trying to develop any story that spans multiple games.
  • Popularity Power: He quickly became an Ensemble Darkhorse after appearing in Fever 2, with most fans liking him more than Klug.
  • Power Makes Your Voice Deep
  • Power Floats: His final spell, Hydrangea, lifts him off the ground.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: For being covered with the color red, he's actually a blue oni; he's actually a lot calmer than Klug himself is.
  • Sealed Evil in a Book
  • Shaped Like Itself: Played with. It takes Strange Klug to reveal his plans to both Raffine and Amitie for the two to realize that the man that looks like Klug that's wearing different colors, a cape, broke his stopwatch, undid his bowtie, untucked his undershirt, and messing his hair up to be deemed "strange" or "not Klug".
  • Spell Theme: Played with. He shares Nebula and Ignis with Klug, but then uses Nyx. His final spell, Hydrangea, he shares with Sig, but has a very different animation for it.
  • Super-Powered Evil Side
  • The Villain Makes the Plot: Played With. He did create the plot for all the Hard Courses, and his defeat is the true resolution to the plot. However, freeing Klug is only done on accident, and really all Raffine and Sig wanted were the items he was using to power himself up.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: When he loses, he either looks to the sky and sighs[4] or just sits down on the floor[5]. In the ending cutscenes for all the HaraHara courses, he doesn't yell or try and run away, but just seems to accept being sealed once more.
  • Throwing Down the Gauntlet: Whines "Come back!" when Sig and the Ocean Prince just walk away after beating him.
  • Unexplained Accent: The Nexus Wiki states that Strange Klug has a "unique voice pattern". Interestingly enough though, even if this states it's for Fever 2(and he's since then made more appearances), he pronounces "ichi", "roku", and "hachi"[6] very differently than Klug, pronouncing them as "ee-ch", "rouk", and "hah-ch" instead of "ee-chi", "rouk-u", and "hah-chi".
  • Villain Ball: Says his plan out loud. Three times.

Incidental Characters

The sheer number of Puyo characters means we're only really going to cover the more major characters on this page, but tropes relating to the myriad others include:


  1. When denying he loves Arle.
  2. A bookworm
  3. Well to be exact, looking up "paraiba" pulls up blue stones.
  4. In Fever 2, though you could see as him about to fall down.
  5. In 20th Anniversary.
  6. one, seven, eight
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