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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why did the golden goose sleep on top of Humpty? Well, because he was a golden egg himself!
    • On that note, ever since he was a child Humpty always said that he felt that he belonged in the giant's castle. Given that the movie is based heavily on flashbacks and ulterior motives, it seriously warrants re-watchings.
  • Remember that one-time joke in the main series where Donkey complains about the time he was sold for magic beans? Yeah.
  • When Puss teams up with Humpty again after much convincing, he strictly stated that they are "not friends." However, he never said that they were "not brothers," a key point in the climax at the bridge.
  • The film's first lines detail on how Puss was called by many names, but was known far and wide as "Puss in Boots." In the flashback, it turns out that Puss was given his name by Humpty. Even with their trust going down the drain, Puss still kept his name, and then what does he say at the ending after he thinks Humpty's died?

Fridge Horror

  • Puss in Boots: The events of the movie evolve on the events of the classic "Jack and the beanstalk" tale. But in that tale Jack stole the Golden Goose(ling), so why is it back in the Castle? Apparently, Mother Goose had descended upon the poor schmuck and retrieved her poult. But in this case wouldn't there be any recollections of this event, at least in the form of rumors? The absence thereof could mean only one thing: Mother left no witnesses.
    • More horror comes from the fact Jack knows the mother will come if the baby is stolen. He's not guessing, he saw it happen before!
  • Baby geese can't lay eggs, and the presence of both a mother and baby goose implies that the ones in the film lay regular eggs that are just really big. That means the good citizens of San Ricardo are carrying around giant golden poops.
    • Kitty explicitly described the goose as a "gold pooper" at one point. Doesn't seem to bother her. On the one hand you are holding a turd made out of solid gold, and on the other hand you are holding a turd made out of solid gold. At that point do you really care where it came from?
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