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A new thought raced through Kim's head. It was forceful. It was adrenaline. It was all reaction. It was pure, though not by the usual meaning of the word. The driving force within Kim that was beginning to push her to act was sheer and complete, not mixed with any other emotions. But it was not virtuous.
- "All the evils in the world"? Bring three times as much if you want to stain me!"
I am Concordia. I give peace and comfort to N. N has been separated from people since he was young. He was brought up with Pokemon... Pokemon that were betrayed, mistreated and hurt by bad people... Ghetsis deliberately brought only those poor Pokemon closer to N. N was touched by their plight, and started pursuing the truth, thinking only of Pokemon. N's heart is pure and innocent. But there is nothing more beautiful and terrifying than innocence.

"Rule of thumb: anyone who uses the word 'purity' in any context other than chemistry should be listened to only with the greatest reserve."

"Alloys are stronger".
Havelock Vetinari, dismissing the notion in his own succinct way; Feet of Clay.

I am pure, I am true / I am all over you / I am laugh, I am smile / I am the Earth defiled

I am the cosmic storms / I am the tiny worms / I am fear in the night / I am bringereth of light

Earth successfully erased

 Pure alcohol burns. Pure arsenic kills.

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