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Fridge Brilliance

  • Glass Joe's record when you first fight him is 99 loses. Once you come back to him in TD, he has headgear, that protects his head. Get beaten 100 times in total, thereby matching Glass Joe's TD record, And You get the same headgear he has as a gift from the WVBA. So was that doctor Glass Joe seeing in the intro to his TD fight part of the WVBA? Are they actually trying to make it harder for you to win?
  • In Punch-Out Wii, Von Kaiser is one big German engineering joke. He might even be some kind of cyborg or andriod. Reasoning:
    • When knocked down, there's a loud "sproing", like a coil getting knocked loose inside him.
    • Before falling, he always goes stock still, like a wind up soldier that's out of juice.
    • When he pulls a punch, there's a loud clicking or winding sound.
    • He even goes so far as to call himself a Kampfsmaschine (a fighting machine).
  • When I heard about the supposed Downer Ending in Punch Out Wii's "Mac's Last Stand", I didn't quite get it at first. Three defeats, and Mac simply retires. Then I saw the cutscene leading up to it, and then the ending scene. Then it clicked into my head. It was Mac's conscious decision. He's already become the world champion, and defended his title. He's already made his dream a reality. But he can't hold on to that title forever. Further along the line, there may be scandals, and perhaps a losing streak that will force him to retire anyway, going out with a whimper. So, he takes a third option - go out with a bang. And he makes his decision damn clear to Doc, who reluctantly goes along with it.

  Doc Louis: Alright, kid. Let's go out on top. It's time to take your place in history.

  • Glass Joe receives a protective headgear from the WVBA as soon as he reaches the 100 losses milestone. If you do manage to lose 100 times to the cpu, they will actually reward you the same headgear, helping you withstand against even Mr. Sandman's punches! - Meower
  • Not a personal example, but many people seem to think that Little Mac is kind of a jerk for punching Piston Honda in the face whenever he bows. A little research will tell you that looking at someone while bowing is a sign of disrespect. And Honda does indeed give Mac a nasty eye while bowing. So Honda's still the jerk here.
  • The Wii version's Aran Ryan is a unique opponent; hitting him immediately before he hits you stuns him instead of giving stars, and "dirty" only begins to describe his fighting style. Both of these (counter-punching and cheating opponents) happen to be cornerstones of the SNES' Super Punch-Out, from which he originated.
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