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  • Alternative Character Interpretation - Is Amagi Miroku an Omnicidal Maniac, or has his past led him to fear humanity so much that he simply wants it to stop existing?
  • Complete Monster - Usui of the amoral bastard type, Miroku of the Omnicidal Maniac type, Yusaka of the complete psycho type.
    • Its utimately subverted when Miroku sacrifices his life to save the planet from being consumed by Quat Nevas in the the final future timeline
  • Crack Pairing - Psyren iteration 4- Ian and Fubuki get married.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome - see it's page
  • Fashion Victim Villain - The W.I.S.E. during their declaration of war. Fixed eventually when they get outfits that look like they came from the mind of Tetsuya Nomura, and later on are seen just wearing suits.
  • Fetish Fuel - Literally how Sakurako taught the boys telekinesis: She tied them to a chair, sat down ten feet away, and told them they couldn't leave until they managed to touch anywhere on her body without moving. The perfect training regime for 17-year old boys.
    • Also there's Amamiya's new ability which allows her to manifest her split personality Abyss into reality. Add that to Abyss's obsessive love for Ageha and you have yourself a fetish.
  • Fridge Brilliance- There were some complaints about the Miroku vs Grana fight, namely "How did he survive carbonization?" and the whole Miroku eating souls to heal himself. Then we find out that Miroku is made of souls. Suddenly his survival and recovery makes a lot more sense.
    • This spoiler was lampshaded before the reveal: those who master Nova become pure Psi energy, and Miroku certainly has. His Psi power lets him consume souls, therefore he gained a soul-body some time ago.
    • Ageha's inability to pronounce Psyren based on reading the card. The ps blend doesn't exist in Japanese. Naturally, this comes off as a bit silly in the English version, but we must remember that the Translator Convention is in effect here.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff - More popular outside of Japan than in, where it's ratings are consistently low in comparison with other Jump series. On the popular English manga sites, Psyren regularly was the top on the most popular list.
    • It is now a regular in the English version of Shonen Jump Monthly, which is impressive because it was originally a sampler.
  • Marty Stu - Oboro is pretty blatantly one of these, what with his status as a handsome celebrity who has immense PSI prowess, though as a bit of a subversion, some of his personality traits are...questionable. Continues to play this straight when he apparently goes Up to Eleven as a Tavoo.
  • Nightmare Fuel - The Tavoo core insertion process. Also, Biological Ruin.
    • The remains of people skewered by Miroku's Tree of Life. WARNING: Chapter 94 spoilers
    • Yusaka once he shows himself for what he really is. Everything he does is pure Nightmare Fuel.
    • Eiji Kise/Vigo's power Zone Diver has some pretty heavy Nightmare Fuel in it. He can phase through objects, including people's skin. Imagine a hand going through your chest, and then grabbing your heart. Or pulling your bones out one by one. Or dragging you into the ground, and fusing you with the cement.
  • Tear Jerker - Ian completely fries his brain out, trying to heal all the wounded after the Day of Revolution, after losing everything important to him, including the woman he was in love with and his best friend, Matsuri.
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