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Oboro will pull a Face Heel Turn

  • Matsuri has been nervous about his power growth, Hiryuu about him doing messed up stuff just to see what happens, and both talked about what would happen if either him or Ageha had a case of With Great Power Comes Great Insanity. Not only that, but Oboro has been Left for Dead in a Tavoo dumping ground where there are several inactive Forges. Oboro has been shown to be able to charge a Forge, and has a circular hole in his chest. If he does the process himself, he is probably sufficiently powerful enough to remain sentient as a Tavoo, and would either become a Chaotic Neutral type character, or flat-out evil.
    • Perhaps he is destined to become Amagi Miroku, master of the Wise. He's got the potential, the mystery, and the lack of restraint that he might just try something. TIME TRAVEL.
      • We've seen Miroku as a kid. So while the Face-Heel is still possible, he won't become that crazy.
    • Becoming more possible since Oboro Tavoo-fied.
  • Jossed

The Elmore Kids will become reverse-Drifters, going back in time from the future

  • This would grant them Ripple-Effect-Proof Memory so that any time alterations don't result in them changing too drastically. Additionally, their powers are too godly to be ignored now. Of course they could then fall into the status of Spotlight-Stealing Squad and make the other Drifters seem pathetic.
    • Jossed.

Grana, Junas, Shiner, Caprico, and Dholaki were Grigori Research Subjects 1-5 respectively

  • Amagi Miroku met them in the Grigori facility, and after Q was moved to Mukurojima organized a rebellion. Since the facility was never supposed to exist, they were able to vanish easily, and became properly motivated to drop an asteroid on the planet.
    • Caprico is confirmed not to be Grigori, Grana is Grigori 01, and Junas is 05. Shiner and Dholaki are presumably NOT Grigori.
    • Chapter 108 has revealed the identity of Grigori 03. A former government assassin who is not Shiner or Dholaki.

Either Oboro, Hiryuu, or Tatsuo will be wiped from history somehow

  • Currently all three are in the future, while Kabuto, Sakurako, and Ageha are in the present. Generally any return to the present results in the alteration of the future. It was already said that any future Elmore kids won't be the same ones Ageha encountered this time around. So it's possible that if Ageha does something drastic like kill Dholaki or Shiner in the present, they would have never attacked the Drifters in the future, meaning the trio was never stuck in the future. However, since they aren't in the present at the moment either, they suffer from No Ontological Inertia and cease to exist.
    • Two of three people mentioned have just shown up again in the manga.
      • And now this is totally Jossed.

Oboro was Grigori number 04

  • Out of our main Drifters, Oboro is the only one which we have no history on other than being a TV star in recent years. He is around the right age to have been an experiment and the ease he wields his psychic abilties seems like they are half-remembered. We have seen there are ways for psychicers to have their powers deactivated via PAC devices and that there are possible mental side effects. What This Troper is speculating is after the Grigori scientists lost interest in experiment 04 is he was then deactivated using a PAC device which lead to amnesia. Somehow he was released but closely monitored and eventually became an actor. Being exposed to the Psyren atmosphere reactivated his psy abilties but they are nowhere near the strength they were.
    • Except Oboro's probably 16 or 17 tops, and Miroku was according to Iba 18 when he broke out. If Oboro was 04, he'd most likely be older than Miroku, Junas, and 07. Of course, Asuka's far older than he looks, and 03 looks younger, so it's not completely out of the question, but there's also the fact that when they lost interest in 07, they put her in a jar on some godforsaken island in the middle of nowhere and left her there.
      • No, Oboro is 21, it is referenced in the manga volumes.

Matsuri was Grigori number 02 or 04

  • Think about it. She managed to put up enough of a fight that Grana and Shiner together took some time to defeat her and Kagetora, we know little to nothing of her backstory, and there seems to be little enough recognition between Grigori subjects for Grana not to have recognized her.

Matsuri is dead

  • Matsuri is considered MIA in the future during the fourth drift and she disappeared just after our heroes left. The last thing we see her doing in the present is attempt to tell Kagetora the truth about Psyren. Since we don't see the aftermath we could assume that Nemesis Q followed it's programming and killed her.
    • Jossed.

Matsuri is not dead

  • She's MIA, but she's been so every future, as has Kagetora. She knows what will happen to her, and about Root. She may have discovered a loophole in the wording of 07's stipulation to the Nemesis Q programming, and told Kagetora the truth about Psyren by telling him to say he is a member of Root. Alternatively, Matsuri stretches the truth as much as possible, saying things that are partially correct, or replace the current lies with new ones.
  • Confirmed as part of below.

Matsuri is not dead, and has traveled to Psyren with Kagetora and the other drifters

  • According to Elmore, Matsuri and Kagetora disappeared along with the drifters. That makes sense, if Matsuri told Kagetora about the future and was reduced to ash... except then what happened to Kagetora, who is not under the curse? What really happened is Q decided to let Matsuri back in the game, and bring Kagetora along too. When all hope seems lost, those two are going to bust in with a Big Damn Heroes moment and save root from WISE.
    • Matsuri got one more point on her card, and Kagetora took one of the unused cards Usui had stockpiled.

Odo's (Scourge in the helmet) identity is...

  • The Stig. In the grim future, he put aside his skills as a Badass Driver and became simply badass.
  • It's Duke. After Duke Nukem Forever got axed, he needed a job somewhere.
  • On a more serious note it could be Oboro. Although, it would be puzzling why a presumably established elite group would pick up another member and have him in the fore so quickly.
    • Odo is confirmed to be Oboro. Which means Oboro is also The Stig along with his other acting gigs.
      • Well Oboro can drive...
    • Oboro killed Odo (who was possibly the Stig) and took his place. Moral Event Horizon.

Time-dickery in the current (Fourth) timeline will ultimately doom Root

  • Because Kagetora embarrassed Junas like that, he trained even harder in hopes of encountering him in Psyren one day. While Kagetora may or may not be alive, it resulted in Junas and Scourge being a lot stronger this iteration than they normally would be. Alternatively, because there were more people in Root, the Elmore kids spent less time training this timeline and instead helped the survivors, making them weaker. Perhaps both happened.
    • Partially confirmed. Root was doomed from the start.

Matsuri and/or Kagetora will have a Big Damn Heroes moment in the Root Invasion Arc

  • It's just a question who they'll come for. When our heroes are up against Junas is likely.
    • Hmm. Half right, Big Damn Heroes moment did occur when the good guys were fighting Junas - except it was an outside contender, Asuka. Matsuri and Kagetora can still show up.
    • Aaannd now it's Team Dragon. Basically everyone else but Matsuri and Kagetora.
    • Even they finally get their dues. Matsuri is back in the game, and Kagetora has just jumped in.

Yo-Yo is Kabuto's zanpakuto spirit

  • When Kabuto died momentarily after Taking the Bullet he inadvertently woke up what could be considered his zanpakuto spirit. The powers Yo-Yo shows are a rudimentary form of what Kabuto's shikai could have been. However due to no other zanpakto's being around Yo-Yo has no reference for exactly what he is. Therefore it will be a big shock when Kabuto dies a permanent death.
    • This WMG assumes that the events of Bleach have happened a few years before the start of Psyren. Also since the Day of Rebirth, the Shinigami have been working overtime to deal with the influx of most of the human population dying. Plus whatever fallout the Bleach storyline causes. Which is why you don't see them around in the future despite all these people who would hypothetically be able to see them.

The Scourge Barry is not Dead

  • The only deaths we can be certain of are Ash and Necca, due to being obliterated. Barry is probably severely injured but still has some fight in him once Haruhiko's powers wear off.

Asuka was a former Drifter who probably ran into Matsuri

  • He might have even been a Drifter before her, or became one when she was almost done with her card, resulting in them meeting only once or twice. It would explain how he was able to beat the crap out of his son, who is already proficient with Rise at this point, and how he has plenty of skill with fighting off Junas. If not, he was just a natural Psychicer all along.
    • He was a natural-born psychicer.

Marie and Ageha will get married in the future.

  • At some point in the past she'll propose and he'll accept, thinking in the joke, but the next time he goes to the future she'll expect wedding bells. So they get married and then Marie gets killed or something because obviously the author is going to have him get with Amamiya if they both survive.

Mithra will use some of the captives from ROOT as the fuel component of her/his psychic powers.

  • What we know of Mithra's psychic abilities are they are some kind of foresight and they seem to manifest as balls of fire. These resemble Hitodama, the Japanese equivalent of will o' wisps and are sometimes said to be souls of the dead. Now check out what happened to the people captured by the angel tavoo. There are some differences in appearance between the two things but that could be a simple case of the "souls" not being used by Bonfire yet thus the form is different. There is precedent for the use of souls/life essence by Miroku during his fight against Grana. Finally, it looks like Mithra has been brought up as a threat in chapter 124.
    • Partially confirmed. Mithra's using the fuel for her master, an Eldritch Abomination named Quat Nevas, and it's not just the captives, it's the entire planet.

Oboro, Matsuri, and/or Kagetora will have a Big Damn Heroes moment in the rescue Marie Arc.

  • Because they did not show up in the Root Invasion, and they are not confirmed dead in this future. So Rule of Drama states they must show up and be total badasses
    • Oboro has made his move. No sign of Matsuri or Kagetora yet.
    • If Kagetora shows up it will be to fight Janus to finish the fight they started back at the orphanage.
    • All three have decided to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and simultaneously ran out of gum.

Marie will become a Tavoo, or die.

  • Hate to say it, but Vigo does like her (and probably won't make her into a piece of art), and having a Root fighter would both boost WISE's numbers AND drop Root's morale. Also for the drama (Tatsuo's case wasn't so touching because it was really early to sympathize with Asaga). Shao goes beserk (to be honest he isn't awesome yet). Ageha doesn't see Marie that way which is why he didn't change her future personality (or he's a pervert, betting on that). Even more dramatic if he one ups Shao and Marie & Amamiya take that as affection, but Ageha had too many moments already. Shao vs. Ageha, anyone? ANTI-PSY VS. PSY-DEVOURER!
    • AgehaxAmamiya, so Marie would probably removed from the triangle by an event like this, either by being pushed towards Shao after he rescues her, dying, or becoming brainwashed. I mean comon, Ageha is only her first love, the teacher-student/senpai thing usually doesn't work, and she never spent that much time with him. Unrequited love for 10 years is very romantic but not realistic nor what I'd expect since she spent much more time with Shao, Van and Kyle.
    • FredericaxMarie would be a nice touch.
      • They're not related by blood, so it isn't incest.
    • The second is confirmed

Misura was the voice Miroku spoke to while he was an experiment subject.

  • The ongoing theory for alot of fans is the voice Miroku spoke to was the Ouroboros entity. This WMG suggests a twist and that it was in fact Misura. We still haven't had an explanation as to how Miroku and Misura's relationship works and how they met.
    • Taking the below WMG into account, it could even be a case of Misura and the Ouroboros entity are the one and the same.
      • Chapter 131, Mithra has confirmed she isn't human and underneath her skin looks alot like the membrane that covered the Earth back in the flashback.
      • Confirmed. Remains to be seen how Mithra is related to Ouroboros.
        • Chapter 138 The Avatar WMG was confirmed.

One of Misura's powers involves possessing bodies and destroying the original personality in the process. And Marie is her next body of choice.

  • Miroku warns Misura that her body is weak and then you have Misura sizing Marie up and commenting on her body. Granny did warn about a horrible fate Marie faced.
    • And who knows how long Misura could have been doing this? Older Than They Look verging into Really Seven Hundred Years Old is a possibility.
    • Somewhat confirmed as of chapter 131, Mithra/Misura wants to use Marie's body as her current body is breaking down.

The big fight between WISE and the protagonists in Astral Nava is vital to the progression of the Genesis plan. And it doesn't matter who dies.

  • As Misura mentions here, due to the fights there is an immense amount of psi energy in the area. Which is forming a field. And what was recently mentioned that would probably benefit from this Psi? The "Iron Cauldron". The next step of the Genesis plan will be activated at the end of this arc no matter who wins. And it is implied that Mithra doesn't care if the Star Commanders survive or not.
    • Confirmed in a different way than expected. Miroku and Mithra ended up having different plans.

Misura is Ouroboros, or at least it's Avatar (one of them).

  • Possibly true. She's a Humanoid Abomination, and as stated elsewhere, underneath her skin resembles the asteroid's membrane when it covers the planet.
    • Confirmed she is the avatar of the being she calls Quat Nevas.

The Bonfire/Mithra in the present hasn't been possessed by the Body Snatcher alien thing yet. Also, the meteor reported to fall in Hokkaido is tied to said entity.

  • The meteor that was mentioned in the newspaper article in chapter 34 hasn't been brought up again. The mangaka has often set up plot points only to revisit them much later. That said, the meteor is said to fall in late October 2009 and as of this writing it is around August/July 2008 in the present. If the meteor is related to the alien entity it would mean that the present!Bonfire is currently unpossessed.
    • This troper speculates if the current body of Mithra was willing or not.
    • In chapter 138 Miroku made it sound like Mithra had possessed her current body around the same time he had gotten in contact with her.

Ageha and Amamiya will get married, and their children will be Amagi Miroku and Grigori 7!

  • Consider the following
    • Ageha's psi, in the uncontrolled form, looks like a branching tree, and Miroku's psi is a tree of light.
    • Grigori 7's psi is time travelling, and she is able to tap into people's minds and utilise their psi. Remember tat little mind reading, hallucination psi of Amamiya's? Yup. With a bit of 'NOVA'ing, mind tapping is probably no longer an impossibility. Furthermore, Ageha's dad is like 60, but he's still so young! Time control to time reversal, definitely!
    • Also consider the fact that both Ageha and 07 have blue hair... But where does Miroku's red come from? It would explain the twins' massive PSI power, though.
      • Amagi probably got it from Abyss (refer to chapter 132 where she requests that Amamiya lets her out so she can Uh-hem with him) or the many experiments that the Grigori run on him.

Somehow, we will eventually see Ian and Fubuki's son as an adult

  • If everyone in that timeline is going to die and never be seen again, then what would be the point of that scene where Marco breaks them out of the psi-proof prison? Conservation of detail suggests that he will appear again, perhaps in a different timeline. And when he does, he will be extremely powerful, considering that even as a baby he could use his psi powers in a prison where nobody else was able to. Not to mention he has at least three powerful psychicers in his family tree.
    • Nope
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