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"Then there's the kind [of horror] where the guy in a scary mask isn't in a cupboard but standing right behind you and you just know he's gonna go "ABLOOGYWOOGYWOO" at some point but he doesn't and you're getting more and more tense but you don't want to turn around because he might stick his cock in your eye."

Psychological Horror is an element of fiction, not tied to a particular genre (it manifests itself in many stories which are not identified as "horror stories"), which aims at creating horrific or unsettling effects through in-depth use of psychology.

This may involve replacing physical threats with psychological ones (e.g. madness), thorough exploration of the mind of the involved protagonists (including the bad guys/MonsterOfTheWeek), replacing overt displays of horror by more subtle, creepy details, and so on. Often overlaps with Surreal Horror.

Often works hand in hand with Nothing Is Scarier, Mind Screw, and Through the Eyes of Madness. Due to the nature of this form of horror, it is usually Nightmare Fuel.

Examples of Psychological Horror include:




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