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Psycho Serum


So you want to fight crime, but live far away from Nuclear Power Plants and chemical spills, questionable government programmes, martial art or mystic monasteries? You're in luck! Thanks to Trope Co ® Psycho Serum, you too can be part of the proud tradition of caped crime crusaders! Each dose gives normal people Stock Super Powers for a limited time, granting YOU the ability to FIGHT CRIME!

Troper General's Warning: Use of TropeCo® Psycho Serum is a known cause of recurring and persistent addiction, insanity, new appendages, murderous rage, Psychic Nosebleeds, spontaneous combustion, and watery eyes. If you already possess super powers Psycho Serum may have similar yet different side effects. Overdose may cause out of control mutation, death, and the loss of human legal status along with all accompanying rights. Please consult with your Physician or Witch Doctor to see if Psycho Serum is right for you.

Legal Disclaimer: Not to be confused with the similarly labeled drug Super Serum, a far inferior product that claims to be "the same thing without the side effects". Media Watchdogs with no perspective deny any difference.

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