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File:Cit prunus girl - beach trip.jpg

My name is Aikawa Kizuna, and despite how I look, I'm male!

While looking at the results of his high school entrance exam, Maki has a fated encounter with a cute girl. To his horror, the "girl"--Aikawa Kizuna--happily announces that he's a guy during their class introductions. Aikawa mercilessly teases Maki thereafter about his ambiguous gender--which aside from Aikawa's own claims isn't definitively proven--and an awkward relationship is formed.

Prunus Girl is an ongoing Shounen manga series by Tomoki Matsumoto, with four volumes out so far. An example of Otokonoko Genre.

  • The Ace -- Maki's a real winner at everything: sports, grades, girls... you name it!
  • Absurdly Powerful Student Council -- The school's Director gives the Student Council free rein to do largely as it pleases provided it doesn't interfere with classes, because she believes the students are the school. Notable in that the Director apparently set it up that way personally with Kandaka-sensei and Substitute Director Ranbashi when they were students.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Used mercilessly against Maki; Aikawa repeatedly admits to being male but makes for a very convincing girl.

 Aikawa: Am I a guy? Or a girl? Which do you think is true?

Maki: W-which? Well, a guy... No, you totally look like a girl, so...

Aikawa: I'm fine with whichever you end up thinking.

    • When he does accidentally find out... it's still left ambiguous, as it's covered up by Maki's Spit Take. Then he says "I finally understand..." but in a loss for words, he eventually drops the matter.
      • The ambiguity rises to a meta level on this point because another translation strongly implies what Maki "finally understands" is whether Aikawa wears boys' or girls' underwear, not anything conclusive about Aikawa's sex... So whether this particular Unreveal even happened is up for debate.
    • Aikawa does eventually show up at Maki's dorm room in a boy's uniform and removes the shirt, showing off a tank top and absolutely no curves. Of course, this proves nothing, but...
  • Ambiguously Bi -- Yaotome. She has flirted with Maki, Aikawa and Shion. Maki couldn't tell if she was serious or not as she confessed to all of them with no changes to her facial expression or tone of voice. Further comments seem to support her bisexuality, but she really could be messing with everyone.
  • Bedmate Reveal -- Maki wakes up one morning... only to find Aikawa lying right next to him.
  • Boy Meets Girl/Meet Cute -- Parodied in Chapter 27 with a crossdressing Maki and Kadoyama.
  • Bridal Carry -- One "couple", two occasions.
  • Brilliant but Lazy -- Maki is somewhat, but the real exemplar here must be Kadoyama, of all people - he gets the absolute best test scores in their class yet still copies Maki's homework.
  • Brother-Sister Incest -- Kei appears to have a brother complex towards her younger twin brother, Ken. It seems to be one-sided on her part, though. At least until chapter 31, where he openly checks out her breasts when she asks him about his breast size preference.
  • Beach Chapter -- Chapter 2. Kadoyama, in particular, is eager to see what Aikawa wears, but it ends up being a hoodie.
  • Capture the Flag -- Chapters 12 and 13. With Water Guns and Balloons. And it was awesome.
  • Cast Full of Gay -- Let's see... Three Schoolgirl Lesbians (two a couple) and another lesbian couple in the school faculty, everyone is gay for Aikawa, one Ambiguously Bi class representative, Aikawa only shows interest in Maki, and Maki struggles desperately to maintain any claim to heterosexuality. About the only ones who can get away with claiming to be unambiguously straight are the Yaoi Fangirl, Hopeless Suitor Asakura Asami, and Sasakino Kei, who is interested only in her twin brother Ken. Who may return that interest. Oh, and possibly the old chemistry teacher, who we've heard nothing about at all.
  • Class Is in Room X-01 -- Class A, which seems to be composed of a bunch of nuts for whom Maki gets to play Straight Man. Not that the rest of the school is much better.
  • Class Representative -- Yaotome.
  • Clingy Jealous "Girl" -- Aikawa, already clingy, acts a bit jealous whenever any hint comes up that Maki might have a love life outside of him.
  • Closet Key -- Aikawa, for most of the guys. Shion for Non.
  • Covert Pervert -- Yaotome, right out the gate. Though some of it may be an act.
  • Cuteness Proximity -- Lampshaded. If shown a picture of a cute kitty-cat, Maki will instantly take a chance to stroke its fur after school.
    • Cat ears, however, are an abomination.
  • Cosplay Otaku Girl(?): Aikawa loves to dress up at any available opportunity, such as during club recruitment and the summer festival. We're still wondering about the "girl" part of this trope.
  • Don't Call Me Knight! -- Apparently, it doesn't match with his appearance.
  • Dropped a Bridget On Him -- Logically, Maki "knows" that Aikawa is a guy, but he still can't help but be frequently embarrassed by Aikawa's antics (and occasionally be tempted to take up offers to personally verify gender). Meanwhile, his friend Kadoyama is hopeless over Aikawa, declaring "who cares as long as (s)he's cute!" and getting really worked up. A nameless herd of classmates seem to agree.
    • Also done to New Transfer Student and Maki's old friend, Hanasaka Shion, who is a lesbian. Doesn't stop her from trying to steal Aikawa from Maki even after the Bridget is dropped.
  • Emotionless Girl -- Somewhere between this and Deadpan Snarker for Yaotome, only she never drops the deadpan.
  • Everyone Can See It -- About the only people who don't assume Maki and Aikawa are somehow involved with each other are those who think they look perfect together anyway. Especially the Yaoi Fangirl.
  • Fridge Logic -- Invoked in the following conversation.

 (Aikawa washes his hands in the boys' room. Maki watches.)

Maki: You know, just looking at you walk out the cubicle gives me the heebie-jibbies.

Aikawa: So, what? You're saying I should use the girls' room? That's sick.

Maki: Like being in the boys' room dressed like a girl isn't.

  • Friendly Tickle Torture -- For two pages in the fourteenth chapter, Maki discovers that Aikawa's tingly spot is somewhere at the back and with compelling curiosity, he proceeds with the full course. And since we're talking about Aikawa here, the results are pretty obvious.
  • Glasses Tropes -- A few, thanks to every member of the Student Council wearing glasses, as well as a couple other characters. Knowing Chris, he's explicitly trying to invoke these tropes through the Student Council.
    • Megane -- For the boys on the Council
    • Meganekko -- For any girls on the Council (though so far only Yaotome has appeared), and Kandaka-sensei.
    • Purely Aesthetic Glasses -- Forced on Maki and Aikawa when they're recruited to help the Student Council during the culture festival, which means some permanent members may have them too.
    • Scary Shiny Glasses -- Chris fits the bill, especially when he adjusts his glasses by the bridge. Before we know what a goofball he is, anyway. A shadowy ensemble of the Student Council with their glasses all highlighted also plays to the trope for the Council at large.
    • Sexy Spectacles -- At least in Yaotome's opinion.
    • Smart People Wear Glasses -- Kandaka-sensei, who was paired with her friend Ranbashi as one of "the" honors students. However, Ran was probably the more gifted of the two since she never had to study, and also never wore glasses. Kandaka had to study hard to keep her grades up.
  • Gun Slinger -- Just Aikawa, actually, in the Capture the Flag chapter. With Two water pistols, to be exact.
  • Hidden Depths -- You'd be forgiven for not knowing that Kadoyama is the highest scoring student in the main class and among the best in school.
  • Hopeless Suitor -- Any third party who vies for Maki or Aikawa's affections, but especially Asami, whom circumstances conspire to taunt about her crush on Maki very nearly every time she appears, from the start of the series. Even when the Student Council promises a date for anyone who can catch Maki or Aikawa during the culture festival, all she can even imagine asking is for Maki to accompany her shopping.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Guy -- Maki is one of the tallest guys in his grade, and Aikawa is tiny.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick -- Yaotome and the rest of the student council to Naitou.
  • If It's You It's Okay -- Maki is the only guy Shion considers remotely worth going straight for, and has admitted she loves him - only not romantically, she only likes girls for that. Aikawa, meanwhile, seems to inspire this in every otherwise-straight adolescent male he comes across.
    • Non believes this is the nature of her attraction to Shion for a long time, that it's a one-off interest in Shion herself. And then Non starts finding Kana terribly attractive as well, and realizes she's just gay.
  • Incompatible Orientation -- So far, Maki's only real objection to being with Aikawa. Increasingly flimsy, however.
  • Large Ham -- Student council president Chris Naitou Knight loves big introductions.
    • Does he remind you of anyone?
  • Last-Name Basis -- Maki never refers to anyone by their given name unless pushed to, and then goes right back to using surnames afterward. Understandable with most of the cast given he only just met them at the start of the school year, but more noticeable with Shion and Kana, who were classmates and friends of his in middle school. Meanwhile, even the other guys (who mostly stick to surnames as well) call Maki by his given name.
  • Mask Power -- Maki dons a fox mask and becomes the legendary hero... "Fox Mask"... to drive off some guys bothering Aikawa.
  • Motifs -- Aikawa has one for peaches, cherries, and plums. Which are of the genus Prunus.
  • Necktie Leash -- Shion's tugging on Maki's necktie.
  • Not a Date -- Aikawa encountered a suitor, and in a panic said he had a boyfriend. So he goes on a date with Maki to throw the guy off. Maki comments that their "date" is basically what they do normally, but from the suitor's perspective they act like the perfect loving couple. And after he finally leaves, Maki and Aikawa continue their "date".
  • Not What It Looks Like -- In one chapter, Aikawa went to Maki's dorm to learn how to cook, but stayed way past curfew and had to sleep in. Kadoyama saw Aikawa there one day and leave with Maki the next morning and thinks that This and That happened.
    • The two face a Round Two in Chapter 18 when student council chairperson Yaotome barges in what looks like a makeout session between the two of them (it's one-sided, as usual) on the rooftop which is supposedly out-of-bounds.
    • And again in a bonus chapter after chapter 32 when, dressed up as a vampire for Halloween, Aikawa "bites" Maki's neck and leaves a hickey which lasts through the next day, and everyone notices. Kadoyama in particular leaps once more to conclusions about This and That.
  • Off-Model -- possibly due to the 2011 Earthquake in Japan, chapter 22 is quite literally half-finished, with a majority of the pages not fully inked in.
  • Only One Name -- Maki's surname has still never been revealed. Everyone just calls him by his given name, even just after first meeting him, though he only ever uses people's surnames. Even his doorplate has only been shown with his given name on it, despite other doorplates having surnames.
  • Pocky Kiss -- Aikawa tried this on poor Maki. Luckily for him, she let him off the hook.
  • Real Men Wear Pink -- Not as bad as some Toradora! yankee, but still, Maki is quite skilled at chores.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech -- Appearances aside, Naitou Chris is a Ridiculously Average Guy in everything else.
  • Recursive Crossdressing -- Aikawa teases Maki with this theory. Could Aikawa have been lying about his gender all this time?
    • And if one were to assume Aikawa is a guy, in Chapter 17, he goes to school in a boy's uniform, it weirds people out, especially Maki (whose uniform Aikawa was wearing, coincidentally) and he went back to wearing the girl's uniform like normal at the end of the chapter.
  • Rescue Romance -- Aikawa gets accosted by two thugs but gets rescued by Maki in a fox mask, who easily scares the thugs away with crazy kung-fu skills and sweeps Aikawa off his feet (and onto some steps to repair Aikawa's broken sandal). Subverted, though, as apparently the whole production was to prevent Aikawa from kicking their asses and getting in trouble. He gets an unwanted kiss on the cheek for his efforts. Cue the festival fireworks.
  • Schoolgirl Lesbians -- Shion really likes girls. But it seems after a little coercing, she has given some thought about going for a boy. And when she says "boy", she means just Maki.
    • Later developments reveal that the entire reason Shion moved to the new school is because her girlfriend's father reacted poorly when they came out of the closet to him. When the other girl, Kana, follows her in the new school they return to being a couple.
    • When posed with the question that she has somebody whom she likes, Non realises she has developed feelings for Shion. Much to Non's chargin, it takes a turn for the worse when she becomes attracted to Shion's girlfriend, Kana, upon eavesdropping on their reunion.
    • Kandaka-sensei and Substitute Director Ranbashi were pretty close when they were schoolgirls. When Shion suggests they still may be doing "all kind of intimate things at night", Kandaka's answer indirectly confirms it. And a later chapter when Ranbashi finally appears directly confirms it.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts -- Maki and Aikawa as seen by everyone around them, despite not actually having a romantic relationship. Almost entirely thanks to Aikawa, though Maki has the rare moment that is shockingly romantic coming from someone as reticent as him. Also, Shion and Kana so very much, almost once a chapter, once they get back together.
  • Single-Target Sexuality -- Aikawa is the only person who ever gets a reaction out of Maki, who is otherwise completely uninterested in "girls". He "deals with" one love letter off-page "thinking that ever since starting high school[1] those letters failed to get him worked up" and obliviously brushes aside the attempts of another girl to get his attention.
    • And in reverse point of view, Maki is the only boy Aikawa's interested in.
  • The Slacker -- Maki wants to approach high school life with this attitude, hating the idea of joining clubs, dating, or otherwise doing more than strictly necessary; but he also approaches any task he has to do (like tests and chores) with the attitude that doing it right the first time is best, to get it out of the way. Aikawa's interference keeps him from getting to laze about in his free time with comics and cooking magazines like he wants, though. Aikawa is more of a true slacker, gleefully grabbing hold of whatever excuse crops up to avoid schoolwork.
  • Student Council President -- The school has a bombastic one who possesses the longer hair, white gloves and uniform commonly associated with the role... which are against regulations. Yaotome also says that he's incredibly average and is solely reliant on his popularity to run the student council, indeed he was elected only because everyone found him to be entertaining.
  • Stupid Sexy Flanders -- Aikawa's convincingly girlish appearance can have readers question their sexuality at an instant. And has done so for every male student he comes across.
  • Take a Third Option -- Aikawa gives Maki two "magic candies", to turn him into a true boy or girl, and tells Maki to choose one to feed him. Put on the spot regarding what he thinks about Aikawa, Maki feeds him both.
  • Teach Her Seduction -- Aikawa teaches fellow girl classmates how to make advances towards guys. Later, one of said girls 'seduces' Aikawa. And it's a Chekhov's Skill.
  • The Tease -- Aikawa loves being coy around Maki.
  • The Un-Reveal -- Aikawa's "pretty unusual for a guy" issue regarding unwanted body hair.

 Maki: I didn't need to hear that!

(That night, Maki had a nightmare.)

    • A later chapter does reveal this, in passing; "Is that why there's no hair down there?"
  • Those Two Girls -- Asami and Kei play this role towards Non, while with Non they're "Those Three Girls" for Aikawa and Maki.
  • Threesome Subtext: Shion and Kana both end up blatantly flirting with Non. The title of the section is even "A Flower in Both Hands?"
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Shion and Kana, respectively.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser -- Aikawa.
  • Wingding Eyes -- Aikawa gets heart eyes after eating a "love candy".
  • Yaoi Fangirl -- The tragic fate of Haruko Satou, the girl whose plan to get Maki's attention was interrupted by Aikawa in the first chapter, as revealed in an omake (with a side-by-side comparison of her initial appearance). Rabid shipper of Aikawa and Maki.


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