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File:Kaizo Mario World LP - Special Stage 2 - First Time flv 000204600 4114.jpg

Proton Jon is a Let's Player, part of the original group of Video Let's Players from Something Awful. Like most of them, he created a YouTube account to host the videos he made. One day, he posted a two part LP of a level from Kaizo Mario World. It became a huge hit, and one of the seminal LP videos on YouTube.

Many LPers, some of whom have become quite popular in their own right, list him as an inspiration. His commentary style alternates between wry, witty commentary and hysterical, incomprehensible rambling, sometimes in the same sentence. Many of his unique turns of phrase have gone viral.

His most popular videos are his Super Mario World romhack LPs and his posts of Super Smash Bros Brawl matches with his friends. Both of these are on indefinite hiatus, though he continues to LP other games.

He became a YouTube partner on October 18, 2010. Along with Chuggaaconroy and Nintendo Capri Sun, he is also part of a collaborative LP group known as The Runaway Guys.

Proton Jon's Ongoing Let's Plays:

Games Proton Jon has Let's Played:

His Let's Plays and other videos provide examples of:

 Proton Jon: Wha--aw, cool! This is awesome! Why couldn't the real game have been like this?

 YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! *chuckles* Okay, that was kinda funny.

 Jon: Oh fu-hu-hu-hu-hu-huck, I didn't imagine that! Oh, what the hell! I have to do all that over again... rewind! (Beat) ...I'M OUT OF REWINDS! AAARRRGH, I gotta do all that over again! ...and the phone's ringing!

 "Stop it with the invisible coin blocks. They're not fu- shit."


  Jon: ♪We wish you a merry Christmashanukkahkwanzaafestivusholidayseason, we wish you a merry Christmashanukkahkwanzaafestivusholidayseason...♪ Uh, no. Hmm, maybe if I say Kwanzaa first...

  "You guys aren't going to get me with that trap any more, you have to understand that."

  • Growing Up Sucks: Toyed with. Prior to the release of Superman 64 part 2, Jon wrote a message saying he'd stop LPing due to how he will inevitably mature... until it was revealed to be a fake letter.
  • Heads-Tails-Edge: In his Furious Mario LP, he tried to decide what path to take by flipping a game cartridge:

  "It landed on its corner."

  "My NES is somewhat like my update schedule, it only works every six months."

    • Also during his Superman 64 LP, after completing the 1st level of the Gameboy game: "Thanks for hanging around for the first stage. See you again in 2 months when we do stage two."
  • Leap of Faith: He's made his fair share of these. It even became one of his catchphrases.
  • Lemony Narrator: In the 4-player Battletoads race, the achievements start doing this, especially in the later stages:
    • After Jake[5] gets stuck on Karnath's Lair for an entire video, Jon remembers an easier way to beat the stage and tells Jake, who berates Jon for not telling him sooner. This earns Jon the achievement "My Bad...: Should've said that sooner".
    • Late in the race, Jake turns out to have been ignorant of the fact that Battletoads has a 2-player mode. This earns him the achievement "That Other Health Bar?: Totally there for looks".
    • In Level 12, Patrick[6] is killed over and over by a cloud enemy. Jon proceeds to kill it on his first try and brag about it, earning him the achievement "Wow: This guy sounds like a dick".
  • Let's Play
  • Load-Bearing Boss: Mentioned by name during his LP of Super Mario TKO.
  • Missing Episode: His six-part LP of stage 3 from Enigmatic Mario, the second SMW romhack he did, was deleted from YouTube because they muted the audio. It can still be found there, because several people have uploaded mirror copies.
    • A lot of his old collaboration and challenge videos, which were never uploaded to YouTube in the first place, can be found on Google Video.
    • With rumours that Google Video is going to purge their archive, he finally began uploading some of these older videos, and he started off with a bang.
  • Mushroom Samba: Three Words: What Is Love?
  • My God, What Have I Done?: A non-angst filled example, he does however regret inspiring people to go out and get their hands on Superman 64
  • Nintendo Hard: His NES LPs.
  • No Except Yes: Getting damaged by a flying Cheep-Cheep in Mario's Wacky World:

 "THAT did not help! ..Maybe it did."

  • Pet Peeve Trope: In-Universe example; oh, how Jon hates invisible coin blocks. He considers them Fake Difficulty, as most of the time they're used for traps that can't be avoided unless Jon already falls into them. Yet, he keeps seeing this on a regular basis.
  • Platform Hell: Kaizo, of course. Many of the other romhacks he plays also try for this, with varying degrees of success.
  • A Rare Sentence: In the first part of Superman 64's Stage 6: "Oh no, I pushed him through the wrong part of the floor! ...Never thought I'd say THAT."
    • In the second part: "Is that forklift humping that robot?!" Which cues a "Never Thought I'd Say That" counter.
  • Save Scumming
  • Schedule Slip: Ever since he graduated from university in mid-2008, his updates have been erratic at best. He eventually declared the longest of these hiccups (summer 2009 to spring 2010) to be a full-fledged hiatus.
  • Schmuck Bait: During the "Bad Place Mario" romhack, one of the levels is labeled "Don't Go Here." He immediately goes there. It sends him instantly tumbling into the pit, making him lose a life. "Fine. I won't go there."
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: About a third of the way through Act 5 of Ninja Gaiden 2, Jon quits for a few minutes, and Ryu replaces him with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Self-Deprecation
    • "My NES is like my update schedule; it only works once every six months."
    • After singing something: "I'm pretty sure I'm about to be arrested by the SPCA for killing cats."
    • Before The Runaway Guys' Thrown Controllers panel at PAX: "Welcome to the biggest trainwreck in history."[7]
  • Shown Their Work: His Superman 64 LP has much more sophisticated editing than usual, not to mention the detailed trivia and history sections throughout each video. Case-in-point: episode 5.
  • Shout-Out: Each Superman 64 ring stage clip ends with a screen tallying up the rings Superman has flown through, with the Sonic the Hedgehog theme playing as a Take That.
  • So Proud of You: Pwning Ridley with super bombs:

  "MOAR EXPLOSIONS! Michael Bay would be proud of me!"

 "You can't go lower, Carmen, You CAN'T GO LOWER!!"

"You are useless, Carmen!"

  • Sturgeon's Law: Many of the hacks he's asked to play fall under this.
  • Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors: In one of Superman 64's many, many glitches, he demonstrates that an innocent bystander seems to be completely impervious to Superman's attacks, including when he throws an exploding crate at her, but immediately keels over if she's even grazed by a Dark Shadow attack.
  • The Tape Didn't Know You Would Say That:

  "There was a really good strategy someone showed me once. ..It was so good I forgot it."

 ♪ Come on, come on, now / Let's keep moving now / Why is this so slow / Don't make me fast-forward / Because it really sucks / Can I jump over here / No I prob'ly can't / Goodbye Yoshi, I hate you / AH I GOTTA RUN / Didn't make it in time / Rewind space-time

♪ Wish these lyrics would be on the screen so I'd know them / I - hate - make-ing - up - stuff / because my voice goes outta tune ♪

  "I'm sorry if this is news to you, but 111 is more than 84. I may have blown your mind. I'm sorry."


  1. whenever Jon has a episode to upload
  2. four-player race-to-the-finish versus Nintendo Capri Sun, Pcull 44444 and Super Jeenius
  3. Featuring Chuggaaconroy and NintendoCapriSun
  4. such as the time he tried to fire a homing pigeon in midair, only for it to blow him up, or use a Chargin' Chuck as a springboard to help clear a gap, only to fail over and over again
  5. SuperJeenius
  6. PCULL
  7. Jon has a way of Tempting Fate when the Guys are involved, and true to form, the panel was plagued by technical issues (including Jon's computer almost giving up) that also sent it way over time.
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