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Why do we watch wrestling again? Is it for the action? Is it for the eye candy? Or maybe it's to see some heel cash in a briefcase to some of the most Awesome Music played in an arena (outside of concerts, of course).


  Do you really wanna cross the line?

 "Eat your heart out, girls! Hands off the merchandise!"


 Kevin Nash: Cue the porno music!

  • Alex Wright's 2nd theme, as acknowledged by RD Reynolds. Not as ironic as many of the above examples, but by God, I want to go crazy with Das Wunderkind right now.
  • As a face, Hulk Hogan is "American Made", but somehow not a Real American.
    • The song, sadly, belonged to the WWF (now WWE) who hold the copyright on it, despite the song supposedly being written by Jimmy Hart and as we all know, was performed by Derringer. Jimmy Hart helped write American Made for Hogan when he made the jump to WCW since they needed something to fit Hogan's then still pristine 'hero' image. It actually worked pretty well, all things considered. It was actually a reversal of fates for Hogan and Flair. When Flair had jumped to the WWF, he had to use a knock-off rendition of his classic theme. When Hogan made his way to WCW, he couldn't use Real American, and so he and Hart created what was essentially its Spiritual Successor.




 God got up one morning, He was in an ugly mood,

He was sick of floods and plagues, He wanted something really rude,

He made a big pirahna out of broken glass and glue,

Then He gave her two legs and a nasty attitude.

Well, the Sahara was a jungle 'till she ripped out all the trees,

Then she looked up at the mountaintops, they all began to freeze,

The sun gave her a cold until she set it on fire,

You can see her for yourself if you think that I'm a liar!

God made the Devil just for fun,

When He wanted the real thing, He made Aja Kong!

 I can tear a telephone directory in two

Bending iron bars is something else that I can do

I always pick my teeth with the nearest billiard cue

So imagine what I could do to you...

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