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Fridge Brilliance

  • When he first showed up on Princess Tutu, NOBODY took Femio seriously, and his inflated sense of how awesome he is was seemingly exemplified when he paints himself in spots and does a really weird dance. His response to everyone being Blue with Shock is that he's just a misunderstood genius. Well, one day, I was browsing the Live Journal community for the show...and somebody found this. (Warning for content.) Femio actually did a dance that nobody at a BALLET school accepted as ordinary; he really is ahead of his time! And the fact that it's such a controversial dance probably added to it.
    • The video has been removed, so a description of what it was or a new link would be appreciated.
      • Basically, Femio performed Afternoon of a Faun, a dance which drew controversy for it's informal movements and sexual overtones. So yes, his dance looked silly - but even the silliness was researched.
  • Also in Princess Tutu the end has Duck save the town through the power of hope, which seems cliche, until you realize the one writing the story is Fakir, who is an amateur writer at best.
  • Ahiru is a duck, and Princess Tutu is a swan. At first, this looks like your basic "ugly duckling" setup. But think about the Ugly Duckling story. Ducks don't grow up into swans, they stay ducks. Further proof that Ahiru's real self was the duck all along.
  • Rue becomes Princess Kraehe by putting on a pair of cursed slippers; in episode 10, which deconstructed Cinderella, she appears and tries to marry Mytho with Tutu, who is her rival for him, as a sacrifice. Well, what happened to the wicked stepfamily in the Cinderella tale? They had their eyes pecked some versions, by Ravens and Crows.
  • This Troper recently took a class on the history of Dance. One thing we learned about Romantic-Era Ballet is that it comes in two acts, Light and Dark. The first act (Light) was traditionally set in a town, had colorful and predominantly light-colored costumes, and showcased a very pure and selfless love between a noble and a commoner. The second act (Dark) was usually set in a forest or graveyard, involved the death or ruin of the male protagonist, had an increased number of females, and usually had much darker costumes. Princess Tutu is set up in two seasons, which are themselves the two acts of a Romantic Era Ballet.
  • When Ahiru and Fakir danced in the Lake of Despair, I was momentarily confused on how Ahiru could suddenly dance so well. But then I realized that they're in water and Ahiru is a duck, so of course it'd be the one time where she could dance gracefully as a girl and not as Princess Tutu.
  • Princess Tutu is fated to turn into a speck of light and vanish if she tells the prince of her love, right? Well, in the final episodes, by giving the prince his last heart shard, which is the pendant that turns her human, Tutu vanishes in a flash of light and goes back to being a duck. So although Duck still exists, she can no longer become Princess Tutu. Therefore, she has disappeared just as the story said she would.
  • In the finale, the Prince uses a magic spell very similar to Princess Tutu's "Flower Waltz" maneuver. Princess Tutu gained all her powers from a shard of the Prince's heart. So it was really his magic she was using all along!

Fridge Horror

  • Princess Tutu ends with Ahiru/Duck remaining a duck for the rest of her life. This is mildly horrifying if you know anything about the rape-riffic "love life" of ducks and the evolutionary arms race in their genitalia. Sleep tight.
    • Her last scene sees her lounging in the water near Fakir, right? She'll be fine.
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