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Princely Young Man is the Spear Counterpart to The Ojou, being a young male of elite status, either by wealth, social position or sheer force of personality and popularity.

Like The Ojou, he is rarely a Blue Blood, but he is either treated like royalty by those around him, or acts as a prince might, either stuck up and demanding respect, or regal and aloof towards his 'subjects'. Usually he is rich and his parents have a very high place in society, possibly in the form of a government job or ownership of an important company or corporation, which he might be expected to inherit. He is granted a great deal of respect by the 'commoners' around him due to this, looking up to him and deferring to his wishes. It's extremely common for an Instant Fanclub to spring up in his wake, often in the form of admiring fangirls with hopes of being his girlfriend. This popularity often allows him to have a high position in the Absurdly Powerful Student Council. He often has an Army of Lawyers or Corporate Samurai at his beck and call, enforcing his authority or acting as protection. He probably also has a Battle Butler, Ninja Maid or Old Retainer who follows him around, doing his bidding. The Princely Young Man very often acts as the Love Interest of a female protagonist (particularly in Shojo. Reverse Harems often have many of them in varying types), or as a villain, heading the Student Council against the protagonist.

Like The Ojou, there are a few common types, though how strictly a character adheres to the types varies. These types include a Prince Charming type, an Ice King type, a male Yamato Nadeshiko type, and a Spoiled Brat type. To read about how these types tend to play out, read the Analysis for this page.

The Ouji is the Japanese term often used for this, but it has certain other connotations depending on the context. Often it's translated to "Young Master", which these characters might be addressed by, especially by their servants, should they have them.

See also The Ojou for the Distaff Counterpart. Compare Man of Wealth and Taste, The Wise Prince, The White Prince, Spoiled Brat and The Proud Elite.

Examples of Princely Young Man include:

Anime and Manga



  • Danny Saunders in The Chosen was kind of a type 2, ice king type.
  • Kamen Rider:
    • Sano Mitsuru from Kamen Rider Ryuki was thrown out and forced to get a day job. His rich father hoped it would build Mitsuru some character. It didn't.
    • Kamishiro Tsurugi from Kamen Rider Kabuto. His personal motto is, "I am the man who will replace God and slash with a sword". He eventually discovers that his family coffers are more empty than he had ever imagined (as in, completely) and resolves to restore his family wealth whilst learning about the joys of "the common people", becoming much more quirky and likeable in the process.
    • Sieg from Kamen Rider Den-O, an arrogant Imagin who claims that "the world revolves for [his] sake" and initially sees the DenLiner crew as his servants. Hana punches some sense into him, though, and he warms up to the others a lot quicker. Bonus points for his predominantly white color scheme.


Live Action TV

  • Daniel Grayson from the TV show Revenge is a Prince Charming type.
  • Simon Tam in Firefly. A rather nice version of the Ice King type.
  • Sebastian Smythe from Glee is also a Spoiled Brat type. He gains command of the Dalton Academy Warblers and makes many references to his family's affluence.

Video Games

Web Original

  • Phase, Ayla Goodkind of the Whateley Universe. Born into the richest family on earth, and used to having his own way all the time. When he turns into a mutant and gets kicked out of the family, he finds out he doesn't know how to do anything, including use a can opener or a microwave. He just about has a coronary seeing what a real grocery store is like.

Western Animation

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