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How Helen created her clone army

  1. Find an Anomaly with both ends close together in space and time.
  2. Send a Mook through the "future" end and have him meet up with his past self and send them both through.
  3. Send them back to meet with their past selves and send all four through.
  4. Repeat, with the army growing by a factor of two at each step.

Cutter is not dead

  1. He has a clone in that very episode
  1. See the algorithm

Danny Quinn is actually working for Christine Johnson

  • She emphasised wanting her Soldier to get the job, because she knew Lester wouldn't want to go along with her suggestion. The main reason Lester chose Quinn was to stop Johnson's man getting in.

The ARC is going to be the hub of human survival

  • When the future predators take over it will be the ARC that allows humanity to survive. The similarity between the word Ark and the way the ARC is pronounced cannot be ignored. It's never A.R.C. as it should be for an acronym, always The Arc (with the definite article attached).
    • Well, the Series 3 finale throws some doubt on this particular WMG.

The In Spite of a Nail scenario actually makes sense here

  • Obviously, the number of baby future predators that survived were not enough to produce a population, so at best, they died after a few generations. They mustn't have left any fossils either, since there is no mention of such records. However, the bite marks of animals they preyed upon who turned into fossils altered the destinies of Palientologists, so those who were ever associated with such individuals also had their destinies altered.
    • Given how easily the Predators have been take down by creatures from that time period, it seems plausible they were wiped out in similar fashion.

The anomaly that brought Cutter to the Claudia-less "present" was not the same anomaly that he took to the past.

  • Instead, the anomaly that took him to the Permian closed while he was dealing with the predators there, and another one immediately opened in the exact same spot. This second anomaly didn't return him home, but instead took him to an alternate universe where only a few things are different. He didn't change the past (it's not possible, which is why they found the campsite and bones in the first episode), he just went to a different planet Earth. This theory exists entirely because the Claudia/Jenny thing makes absolutely no sense.
    • Especially since they didn't seem to ever deal with the paradox that would have to cause.
    • This also begs the question: will we be seeing Claudia again in season 4, with her having traveled from another universe? Her and Jenny in the same room... That could be awkward, to put it mildly.
    • Though if Nick isn't from the ARC reality, clearly they did have a Nick. What happened to him?
    • It could mean another Helen. The anomaly controller already looks like something from Sliders.

In S4, Sarah's attempt to rescue Danny, Abby and Connor will result in her setting up the apocalypse

  • More specifically, she designs things like the equipment Helen uses in the future - stuff like the anomaly creators, the artefact,and the computer thing Helen uses, etc. - to try and save them. This is tied into the cause of the apocalypse. Sorry, Helen, looks like you killed the wrong person...
    • Jossed. Sarah Page is dead.

Connor is allergic to something in the 21st century atmosphere

  • Whenever he goes through an anomaly his IQ and general competence take a sudden jump. Whenever he is in the modern era he is a bumbling idiot. Most particularly egregious[1] in the first episode of the Revival when within seconds of returning to the present he loses the ability to work the anomaly controller which he was easily capable of using in the previous scene (in the Cretaceous). Obviously there must be something in the air that affects his judgement and thought processing.

Doctor Bashir is going to create the apocalypse

  • And Irish chaps mentor has some kind of chrono powers, suggesting he is chronopolice/back friom the future resistance. They know someone from the present is creating the future. t is possible its the other way round, and that irish man and mentor are going to cause the apoc, and its up to Bashir to save the world but consider his recent roles unlikely.
    • Semi-confirmed. The mentor, Matt's father, is from the future and is trying to prevent a catastrophy. Meanwhile, doctor Ba... Burton had ties with Helen Cutter.

Mankind skipped the apocalypse.

  • Everybody and their pets jumped forward in time to an age where Earth has fully recovered from massive pollution and rampant bioweapons. The aptly named ARC supervised the whole operation.
    • Jossed. Instead, the survivors are living underground.

The anomalies are not natural, but man-made.

There's a very disproportionate number of anomalies in England, and connected to time periods capable of sustaining life (as opposed to the molten early Earth or post-swallowed-by-a-supernova-Earth). That's because somebody created them, and is using them to travel around for whatever reason. Whoever he/she/they is/are, they sneak through at some point when we aren't watching.

  • Of course, they created them thanks to Connor Temple's researches on the anomalies.

Primeval and Outcasts are in the same universe.

In the future of Primeval, a catastrophe devastates the Earth, endangering humanity. A space programme to create a fleet of colony ships that will send thousands of humans to a planet in the Goldilocks zone, Carpathia, so Humanity can survive the destruction of Earth. This effort is organised by Richard Tate and Gideon Anderson, they agree that Tate will go on the first ship and manage Carpathia, while Gideon stays and manages the survivors on Earth, helped by his son Matt.

CT-1 arrives on Carpathia and the colonists are overjoyed to find that there are no anomalies on the planet, so far. The colony of Forthaven is set up and a whole new race, the A Cs, are created. Terror strikes when an unknown virus, C-23 threatens the colony, killing the Presidents children. The finger of blame is pointed at the A Cs and they are ordered to be killed, however Mitchell Hoban spares them. And of course, 10 years after colonisation, the events of the series occur.

  • The Space Programme was supported by the ARC, funded by Prospero.
  • Captain Becker trained Mitchell, Jack and the other X Ps before they left Earth.
  • Berger is working with Philip Burton, who is on CT-10...
    • ...also, that Shuttle that arrives on Forthaven at the very end of the series contains a pack of Mutant Future Predators.
  • Philip had CT-9 sabotaged.
  • In Episode 1, Kellerman gives Tate news of Earth, "anyone still down there is not having such a good time of it". He means that the anomalies have finally rendered Earth sterile.
  • Stella mentions the Second Taiwan Crisis, referring to a mass creature incursion.
    • Mastodon stampede in Taipei?
  • When Helen Cutter went missing, she was pregnant with Stephen's child, and when she gave birth, she went back to the present and gave the baby to an orphanage. That baby is either Josie Hunter or her mother or father.
  • Cloning technology is nothing special in both Outcasts and in future Primeval. The cleaner clones are created in the Future, and in Episode 1, Cass shows Stella a cloned piglet.
  • Is the Host Force the creator of the anomalies?
  • Though there's no Outcasts Series 2 coming, I fear Primeval Series 5 could Joss this.
    • Yep, Jossed. Philip is dead and Prospero destroyed.

Jenny Lewis is a regeneration of the Doctor's daughter

Generated Anomaly. It's not a coincidence when it's WMG.

  • And the regeneration is based on her first female role model, Donna Noble.
  • She knew exactly what she was getting into at the ARC, and her behavior when she began working at the ARC was an elaborate charade.
    • Or it was a Chameleon Arch.

Claudia Brown disappeared through a crack in the universe

Going under the assumption that the crack and the anomaly are entirely separate entities, or perhaps that one is a side affect of the other. Cutter and Helen were through the anomaly when she disappeared. They came back to the other side, and everyone else had forgotten about Claudia Brown.

The Anomolies are Mini-Fringe events

In the Fringe episode "The Day We Died" we learn that there was a "black hole" like event in Central Park that supposedly connected to the late Paleozoic period. Maybe the anomalies are just an advance on the degradation or Primeval takes place "Over There".

April Leonard is Nick Cutter and Helen's daughter

Given how nefarious and underhand April is, she certainly acts a lot like Helen when she's trying to undermine Connor. Given that we don't know exactly how long Helen was tripping around time (the 8 years was on Cutter's end), and that Helen was working with Philip, it is entirely plausible that she could be Cutter and Helen's offspring.

Primeval and Time Bandits are in the same universe.

Thus all the holes in time.

Helen Cutter is an evil Time Lord.

She manipulates time to further her own agenda. She's ridiculously intelligent and manipulative and yet insane. Clearly, she looked into the Time Vortex and was driven insane.

Claudia Brown is alive and well.

She just never crossed paths with the rest of the team, and is having a very boring life.

Ben (from the pilot) and Taylor (from 2.05) are cousins.

They seem to share an enhanced sense of self-preservation that many other characters lack.

One episode will feature a future human Super Soldier as the Monster of the Week.

Primeval is somehow tied with the His Dark Materials Trilogy

Think about it for a minute. Windows that open to a different place, (one a different universe, one a different time) The "spaghetti juntion" place in the episode with the Dodos is highly reminiscent of Citagazze. The device Helen uses to open anomalies is pretty damn similar to how the Subtle Knife works; you have to look around for where the anomaly needs to open, you can't just open one here there and everywhere. There is mention throughout the books of windows being left open by careless bearers. Like when Asriel breaks through at the end of Northern Lights and it causes dozens more to open naturally so the first use of the first anomaly device creates all the others that open naturally, or else there's a few created by careless "bearers". The ARC is similar to the Guild in HDM, in that they were doing research, and accidentally brought the Future Predators into being, which act like Spectres. Possibly they too were an accidental creation by anomalies?

  • The ARC creates the device; beginning of the end. Someone steals the device, and uses it again and again to escape, leaving some open and where the ones he/she opened before, the world has been worn thin, hense why some anomalies are recurring.

Nick and Helen weren't together before she started traveling through the anomalies

The Nick that we've been following in Primeval is actually a result of the meddling Helen has done with the past. Just like Claudia became Jenny. This is why Helen is so cold and manipulative towards Nick, to her he is literally not as real as the man she left in another timeline. She has become a sociopath because, from her point of view, all the people she encounters from the current timeline(s) are pale reflections of the "real" timeline that she disrupted. She's trying to "set things right" which of course means obliterating the timeline(s) that everyone else knows thus making her a villain in the eyes of everyone else.

Abby's parents are dead.

Hence why she was the only one who could take care of her brother.


  1. Take two shots now
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