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File:Prideofbaghdad 1184.jpg

 "Freedom can't be given, Zill. Only earned."

Based on the true story of four lions who escaped the Baghdad zoo during the American bombing of 2003, Pride of Baghdad is a Beast Fable about the horrors of war, and the nature of freedom and captivity. Written by Brian K. Vaughn and illustrated by Niko Henrichon, it is a seriously massive Tear Jerker. You have been warned.

The allegory is fairly open; it insinuates the collapse of Iraqi culture after being "freed" from Hussein's Baath Party. It also encompasses war is bad and war destroys more than just the enemy side. It deliberates on the nature of freedom and, to a certain extent, the responsibility of mankind to the innocents caught in the crossfire. Your Mileage May Vary, but have we mentioned that you will cry?

Examples of Pride of Baghdad include:
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