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  • The dub of Witchblade had a good example of this when "things get pretty fucking serious": Masane Amada, at the end of the next to last episode says "LET'S BLOW SOME SHIT UP!" It could've come off as Narm by itself, but not only does it signify the shit has hit the fan (and how!), the very statement has actual plot relevance.
  • One may be found in the first season finale of Full Metal Panic, delivered by The Stoic Sagara no less.
    • In the original Japanese, he uses "kusoyarō" (lit. translation: shitguy).
    • In the English dub, he uses shithead.
    • In the Hungarian dub, he uses "szemétláda" (lit. translation: dustbin[1]).
    • In a subversion, he can be found throwing Cluster F Bombs all over the place in the Boot Camp Episode of Fumoffu. It's implied that he doesn't even know what 99% of all the swear words and language he was using really means - he borrowed the handbook containing the lines (most of which are actual quotes from Full Metal Jacket!) from Mao.
    • In a chapter of the second manga, Sigma, Tessa gets a really surprising one, complete with rude gesture
  • Towards the end of the Fruits Basket manga there's a scene in which the usually unwaveringly calm and polite Yuki beats the crap out of Kyo while screaming "Shut the fuck up!".
  • The Reveal of Distressed Damsel "Hummingbird's" true persona (or is it?) in Deadman Wonderland: "You fucking moron!" "That kind of bloodied face doesn't turn me on!" She killed her father, claimed he raped her, and her brother took the fall for it. She is getting better, though.
  • In a recent chapter of Bakuman。, Mashiro, the soft-spoken artist of the Ashirogi duo, exclaims "DON'T YOU FUCK WITH ME" when he finds out about Nanamine using the older manga artists as pawns in his Evil Plan
  • Black Lagoon is filled to the brim with Cluster F Bombing from its Heroic Sociopath protagonists. Rock, the Wide-Eyed Idealist and Non-Action Guy is the only one of the protagonists who doesn't regularly swear. Which means that in the few times that he does let loose with the F Bomb himself (such as during his confrontation with Revy in Episode 7 or when he sees Yukio being abused during the Yakuza arc), it signifies that he is well and truly pissed.
    • Perhaps the one time he didn't drop the F Bomb in anger, he dropped it in sadistic Poetic Justice. It was also his first Crowning Moment of Awesome. He found a way to make a PT Boat take down an attack chopper, and he sent the pilots to hell with these words:



  • There are a couple in the sub for Death Note, but the one that stands out is Light's reaction to getting shot: "You... asshole! Matsuda! Who do you think you're shooting at? Don't fuck with me!"
    • In the fansub, after L reveals himself to Light, he reacts with "Fuck, he got me!" A great translation due to this being the first time Light finds himself emotionally overwhelmed.
    • Finally, there is the scene in which Soichiro reveals that he knows Mello's real name, causing Mello to respond in the following fashion.

  Mello: Oh, fuck. How did he manage to figure that one out?

  • The End of Evangelion features two F-strikes:
    • After Shinji's now-legendary date with Rosie Palms -- "I'm so fucked up." This particular line proved so popular that subsequent fansubs have used it.
    • During Misato's "inspirational" speech to Shinji: "So fucking what if I'm not you!?"
    • And the Evangelion 2.22 dub adds another example, this time courtesy of Mari: "Just... fucking... die!!"
    • The original series has this exchange in the dub of Episode 15, bleeped out in the TV broadcast:

 Misato: I thought joining Nerv, would be a way to sever those ties and then it turned out that my father was with Nerv. So I tried to bury all of my feelings, by swearing to avenge myself against the Angels.

Kaji: Choosing that path, was your decision. You don't have to apologise to anyone.

Misato: Don't bullshit me, Kaji! I just turned tail and ran! It was just an escape, from the real world and my father.

  • In Digimon Tamers, Beelzemon shouts "I'll save you if its the last thinking I freakin' do!" when rescuing Jeri. For a kid's show, that's about as intense as the swearing can get, so in context it hits pretty hard.
  • At least one Fan Sub of Gurren Lagann replaced the usual "Who the hell do you think I am?" with "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!" during an especially epic scene -- namely, when Simon and Viral team up in the Gurren Lagann, blast into outer space, bitch out the Anti-Spiral armada gathered around Earth, and then blow almost all of it up through the sheer awesome of their presence alone.[2]
  • In Episode 2 of Sonic X's Japanese dub, Sonic says "Shit! Let's go." right in front of Cream. He also used "Damn!" in another episode. Oddly enough, it's one of the few times Sonic spoke english in the Sub.
  • Denzel's "SON OF A BITCH!" line in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, after Bahamut Sin is summoned.
  • In Appleseed Ex Machina, Briareos says something like, "Don't fuck with me!" when confronting Kestner.
    • It's ironic that Ex Machina has such little swearing; the dub of the original Appleseed (the OVA, not the movie), took the Cluster F-Bomb approach, leading fans to affectionately refer to it as 'Fuckin' Apple Fuckin' Seed'.
    • Also, Commander Lance says "Watch your language!" after Deunan says "hell" in the presence of Nike.
  • Cell gets one in the German dub of Dragonball Z, and was taken to memetic levels.
    • In the FUNimation version of Episode 182 (even in original dub), King Kai is arguing with West Kai over the outcome of a battle in the tournament, and King Kai says "Just wait and see you fat fucking half-pint!" In Ocean dub this is changed to "fast-talking half-pint".
    • And a few more examples, in video form.
  • In one fan scanlated version of Cardcaptor Sakura, Syaoran swears twice when he can't help Sakura. Also, at least one translation has Sakura herself say "What the hell?" multiple times when impersonating a ventriloquist and using Kero-chan as her dummy early on.
  • Yes, Mariya is the reincarnation of JESUS FUCKING CHRIST
  • In Episode 39 of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters, when Pegasus J. Crawford's mind-scanning power is blocked by Yugi's friends' Power of Friendship twice, accurately summarizes his predicament with "Goddamn!" and "shit!" -- in somewhat lame-sounding Gratuitous English, no less, even though he's supposed to be an American-born AMERICAN.
  • In episode 48 of Rave Master, in at least one fansub, when Seig Hart decides to kill Elie because she can use Atherion, Haru says:

 Haru: Fuck you!

[Everyone turns and looks at him]

Haru: I'll fight you! Don't lay a hand on Elie! Get the hell off me I'll fucking kill you! COME ON!

  • In the English dub of Naruto, a slightly milder version of this trope was employed during the usual monologue that plays over the next episode preview. The preview was for the episode where Kakashi fights Orochimaru, and Kakashi says that he will drag Orochimaru down to Hell. Considering that this was the version shown on Cartoon Network, it was pretty poignant.
    • A similar instance occurs in the English dub preview, again on Cartoon Network, for Sasuke's fight with Gaara. Naruto, frustrated with Sakura's lack of concern for him after his fight with Neji, shouts, "Ah to Hell with Sasuke! I won!"
    • In the uncut English dub when Naruto meets Jiraiya, one of his lines is "I'm a GOD DAMN SAGE!"
    • There's also Sakura calling Naruto a jackass in one episode, this time in the broadcast version.
    • In chapter 486 Naruto tells Sasuke that he'll bear the burden of his hatred and they'll die together the next time they fight. Sasuke's response is "What?! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Why do you care about me so much?!"
    • In certain subs, When Naruto is fighting Gaara, the former wakes the later from his artificial slumber with a boot to the head and an aptly-placed "Wake the fuck up!"
    • "Yo Aloe Vera! Where the FUCK is Sasuke?!"
    • In many Japanese subs, the sadomasochistic Jashinist member of Akatsuki, Hidan, is depicted as a very rude and foul-mouthed man. Almost every sentence that spews from his face are littered with "fuck", "hell", "shit", etc. When the episodes featuring him were brought over to America, however, swears were not as generously sprinkled in as many fans would have thought it would be. He is still retains his bad temper and insolent tone, but never drops "F bombs" in the English dub. He does, however, say "hell" and "son of a bitch" a few times, but, hey, you should take what they give...
  • Riza Hawkeye is The Stoic of Fullmetal Alchemist. Calm and logical, an undisturbed lake of water without even the slightest ripple on its surface. Said person's reaction when they thought Lust had killed Roy Mustang? As well as the Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Berserker Tears, and large amounts of screaming that were involved...

  Riza: "...You BITCH!!!!"

    • One from the first anime's dub...

 Col. Mustang: I'm not chasing [the Elrics] because I was commanded to. I'm doing it because I'm pissed. Now why the hell did you two run away without asking for my help first?!

    • And another:

 Ed: You sound just like that headcase Dante! All the same crap about there being no Equivalent Exchange!

Hohenheim: I wasn't aware you knew about her.

Ed: I know everything! I know the two of you were lovers cause I read the letter. I know you've been keeping yourselves alive by jumping from one body to another! But what I don't understand is that is you and that EVIL BITCH were so perfect together, why did you feel the need to marry my mother!?

    • In the manga, chapter 14. Ed says to Al that he's lucky to have a big body. Al, one of the most soft-spoken characters of the series, responds with this particularly powerful retort:

 Al: I never asked for this damn body!!

    • Also, Ed's line to the Big Bad in the final battle.

 Ed: Get up, you miserable fuck. It's time you learned why you're not in our league!

 Mustang: Shit.

  • The Hungarian dub of Soul Eater is already loaded with pretty vulgar language, but Maka still manages to pull one off before her last fight with Medusa, when she says "I'm gonna kick ... her ASS!" Due to the nature of the Hungarian language and the sounding of the word, that one sentence was spoken with an incredibly powerful impact, making Maka at least 20% more badass.
    • And she also drops a C-Bomb in the finale.
      • So does Kid as Ashura awakens. Countless uses of the word "shit" are littered throughout the series, too, so it can be difficult to single out precision strikes.
  • Bleach: In chapter 397 after Aizen tells Ichigo that all of his battles so far have been in the palm of his hand Ichigo's response is a furious "JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!?!"
    • He actually did it before. In chapter 392, upon seeing the captains attack and almost kill Momo when under the effects of Aizen's Kyouka Suigetsu, thinking they're stabbing Aizen instead, he started screaming at them: "Guys... GUYS, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!"
    • Chapter 403 gives us Ichigo's response to Aizen's new form. "What...the that..."
    • In chapter 404 Gin sums up the situation to Ichigo with "Everything's fucked now."
  • In Japanese episode 14 of the original series of Pokémon -- YES, Pokémon -- during Ash's rematch with Lt. Surge, Ash is able to figure out Raichu's weakness and points this out to the Gym Leader. In response to this, before commanding Raichu to let loose a stadium-destroying Thunderbolt, he yells "GOD-DAMN!" in complete English. See for yourself!
    • In the English dub, Diamond and Pearl episode 2 has James saying, "That's why she doesn't know a bloody thing about us, there's no Sinnoh Team Rocket branch!"
      • Even better, James isn't angry when he says that line; he's perfectly cheerful, complete with a ^.^ face.
  • In episode 2 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Haruhi forces the Computer Research Society President to abuse Mikuru against his will as Kyon takes pictures. When Haruhi tries to blackmail the club based on the "evidence" she has, the other members defend him. Haruhi is quick to respond (a crying shame the actual word got bleeped) by saying, "Then I'll tell everyone at school that all you geeks ganged up on her and fucked her!" The club is aghast at Haruhi's language (she swears in the Japanese version too; why else would there be a bleep midway through her line?) and her threat. Averted in the light novel when she simply says, "I'll say that the whole club gang-raped her!"
    • Speaking of the light novels, in Disappearance, upon learning Yuki Nagato is to be terminated for interfering with reality, Kyon tells her, "Tell them to go fuck themselves!" However, the translation, as always, watered down the language, and he instead says, "Tell them to go suck it." The anime adaptation (English dub quote below) has Kyon say this in response to Yuki's news:

 Kyon: Then you can TELL them to go to HELL!!!!!!

  • In the dub of Samurai Champloo (which has a decent amount of profanity) Jin swears only one time, which is oddly enough for his Establishing Character Moment, when confronting the Yagyu guards as they are about to dispatch an innocent peasant:

 Jin: To serve your lord and do his bidding, is that honorable?

Yagyu guard: [scoffs] Of course it is.

Jin: Even if that lord is an unimportant piece of shit? (NOTE: When it was shown on Adult Swim, the final word was tastefully "scratched" out in an instance of Sound Effect Bleep.)

    • In the 23rd episode, the American Admiral says "Fuck them!" in response to the town leader's peace negotiation.
  • In the final episodes of The Big O (a series with little to no strong language), the normally stuffy and dignified Norman screams “Sons of bitches!” just before going Guns Akimbo on a swarm of marauding robots.
  • In the commentary for the English dub of Mnemosyne, Jamie Marchi, the voice actor of Mimi, laments the inability to say "fuck" in anime where it would go perfectly with the mouth flaps, but can't because of the show's rating. She signs out at the end of the commentary as such:

  "And I'm Jamie Marchi. Fuck!"

    • In the dub of the anime itself, Psycho for Hire Laura belts one out when she bombs Rin's apartment, loudly declaring "MERRY FUCKIN' CHRISTMAS!"
  • Moetan does this in episode 6:

 Ink: Oh no! I'm gonna be late for my date!

Ahiru: And this happens after we intended to help someone.

Ink:: No shit.

  • The English dub of Welcome to The NHK has some infrequent F-bombs sprinkled throughout, mostly uttered by Satou, but his use of it during the climax of the final episode is especially spectacular and deserves mention.

 Satou: I'll show you, Yamazaki! I'm about to die saving the girl I love! How do you like that? That's not just dramatic! IT'S FUCKING DRAMATIC!!!

    • Hitomi manages to get in a single F-bomb to punctuate her crossing the Despair Event Horizon in episode 13.

 Hitomi: He may have said I was important to him, but in the end, I know he doesn't need someone useless like me. Why would he? He's so fucking perfect he can do anything he wants all by himself!

 Yamazaki: Satou, you're not listening! I'm telling you the dialogue you wrote for the heroine in this scene doesn't work at all.

Satou: You think so?

Yamazaki: Not even close!

Satou: I dunno, it seems fine to me.

Yamazaki: That's because you're a fucking idiot.

 Meyrin: All units, prepare for underwater combat!

Rey: Underwater combat, huh? Guess Beam Weapons are out of the question.

Lunamaria: Underwater combat? Oh, fuck.

    • In Phase 12 of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, as well as the first TV Movie, Shinn said "Aww, shit!" when a Zamza-Zah grabs one of Impulse's legs.
    • And Mu la Flaga also has one in the original series after shooting through one of Heliopolis' stabilising wires, which stop the colony walls from flying apart.

 (la Flaga's cannon shot destroys a wire holding the already damaged colony together)

Mu la Flaga: Oh, shit!

  • In the English dub of Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino, when a cornered FRF Anti-Villain discovers that his captors are Child Soldiers, he utters the following before passing out (especially hard-hitting coming from a terrorist):

  "This is such a fucked up world."

  • In the Sailor Moon anime, Sailor Moon uses some sort of signature attack to destroy countless monsters. Some yell something out when defeated. In Episode 21 of Sailor Moon S, however, when Fish Eye's servant Tobihaneru is destroyed, he seems to shout out "YOU MOTHERF*CKER!"
    • Although it also seems as though he's saying "Long live the circus!" instead.
    • Makoto/Sailor Jupiter says "Shit!" at least twice in The Movie of Sailor Moon R (including once when the Sailor Senshi are ambushed on all sides by Kisenian's troops) if you translate "Kuso!" like some of the more extreme translators translate it (certainly not the case with Geneon, but you get the point).
  • Here's the first instance of the F bomb in Tokyopop's translation of Lupin III:

 Lupin: No luck with the ladies?

Experimentee: What the fuck?

  • To many, Ichiro's most memorable line is when there's a big Theme Music Power-Up, and just when the song's about to reach it's climax, we get this gem:

 Ichiro: Fuck it. I don't wanna.

    • The fact that he speaks in his usual perpetual calm monotone just makes it even more unpredictable and well timed.
  • In the Pioneer dub of Akira when Tetsuo is knocked off his motorcycle near the beginning he shouts "Aw fuck!"
    • Also during the scene where Kei is running from the police there is some graffiti that reads "fuck you".
      • An earlier scene shows the F bomb and other profanity briefly on the door leading out of the Harukiya bar.
  • On Nichijou's 9th episode, there's a skit which has Yuuko waiting for her food for quite a while, and about an hour of waiting, she loses it and yells "GODDAMN!!!".
  • Any time Akane swears in normal mode (you know, when she's more polite than in Kampfer mode) in Kämpfer has to be notable. From the ADV Films (by that point rebranded as Sentai Filmworks) subtitled version, she and Mikoto say, "Damn, she's cute!" in unison about Shizuku in episode 10, and at the end of episode 11, after Mikoto kisses Natsuru, Akane yells, "What are you doing? Damn you!" before kissing Natsuru herself.
  • Oniisama e...
    • The very ladylike Fukiko drops a magnificent "You shameless BITCH" during her own birthday party, when Rei presses one of her Berserk Buttons without realizing it.
    • Mariko and Tomoko refer to Aya and her Girl Posse as "bitches" more than once.
  • Two notable cases come up during Berserk, which is hard to spot at first since the characters are so use to dishing out chains of cuss words (especially Guts). One was found in Guts iconic Screw Destiny speech to the Skull Knight, while the other was told by Guts right before finally defeating Bishop Mozgus:

 -- Guts: "When you meet your god, TELL HIM TO LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!"

  • Gunsmith Cats has a small one in the dub of the first OVA episode. As she's handed a gun by an illegal gun runner, Rally mutters a quick "Fuck" at the situation she's in.
  • In the English dub of Speed Racer, Speed and Trixie send a spycam disguised as a bird to spy on a racecar sponsored by the mob. When it returns incapacitated, the two realize that the mob is onto them:

 Trixie: Ah! Oh, they shot it!

Speed: They sure did... damn!


  1. it's a low-level insult -- this language is capable of MUCH WORSE
  2. To be fair, the "-te yagaru" suffix occasionally added to the Catch Phrase is allegedly equal to an F-bomb.
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