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Three is a common number in ensembles.

The most common pattern for this is for two members of the group to be each other's Foils, frequently coming into conflict with each other, with the third member of the group acting as the mediator, keeping the team together and balancing their respective personalities.

Power Trios can also be embedded in larger ensembles. Three Plus Two is a Power Trio within a Five-Man Band. The Five Temperament version of the Four-Temperament Ensemble sometimes manifests as two Power Trios with the same central member. A Six-Student Clique is often broken into two Power Trios and a Magnificent Seven Samurai often has one, and sometimes two, Power Trios of its own.

Below, we list the many variations of a Power Trio. Freudian Trio is one of the more frequently found versions and is often the basis of the other trios. They can overlap.

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