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  • Accidental Innuendo: "We're here to toss your salad!"
  • Broken Base: Some people still claim this is the worst season even though arguably, there have been worse seasons since. Some people agree that while the first half was pretty bad the second half was an improvement. Others believed the first half was bad but the second half was even worse for changing the entire cast save Justin (who was decidedly unpopular). However, most can agree that the first 19 or so episodes of Turbo weren't Power Rangers' best.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: In The Movie, Divatox calling (as in, via telephone) Rita Repulsa for advice on how to defeat the Power Rangers:

 Rita Repulsa: Ha hahahahah! If I knew that, do you think I'd be lying here listening to this?!

(Rita holds the phone up to a sleeping Lord Zedd, who is snoring very loudly)

Rita Repulsa: My advice to you, Divatox? RUN!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! (slams phone down)

  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Meta: When a fan at Power Morphicon asked Steve Cardenas if he regretted being written out of the show, he said no. Why? Because he wouldn't have gotten to meet his replacement otherwise.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Despite the season's infamy amongst fans, Turbo's theme song has been highly praised.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Divatox, for some.
  • Growing the Beard: The additions of T.J., Cassie, Ashley and Carlos on-screen, with Judd Lynn taking over writing duties more-or-less concurrently. The new characters and more consistent writing gave new life to an otherwise moribund series. (As noted below, after these changes, the ratings saw noteworthy improvement.) Looking back, the second half of Turbo gets a far more favorable reception than the first half.
  • Hate Dumb: Low ratings from Turbo did not almost kill Power Rangers for good. While ratings in Turbo's first half were at an all time low, this was from a ratings decline that had plagued Power Rangers since its third season. In fact, after Turbo was retooled during the second half with a change in cast, the show actually saw an improvement in ratings for the first time since the decline began in season three.
  • Ho Yay: Carlos with T.J. and Justin, T.J. with Justin and Carlos, Justin with Nico. Cassie and Ashley also got some Les Yay in.
  • The Load: Justin in the movie, less so in the show. Once the torch gets passed, he's often the first person in the room to get a clue.
  • Never Live It Down: Getting baked into a giant pizza. Though in the team-up "Forever Red", T.J. did kind of take it in stride, bringing it up in a bit of Self-Deprecation, much to the chagrin of the other Red Rangers (except for Cole, who was quite curious to hear the tale).
  • Replacement Scrappy

  Linkara: So these choices... What! the! HELLLLLLLLLL!?!

    • Fortunately, the new characters managed to largely recover from this status and went on to be one of the most well-liked and most fondly remembered Ranger teams of the series. T.J. in particular had a lot to overcome by replacing Tommy but he's looked upon as one of the most intelligent and resourceful Rangers.
  • The Scrappy: Too many, which is why this series is disliked. First and foremost is Justin, who had shades of the Creator's Pet. But a lot of it comes mostly from concept rather than execution. He was a young kid compared to the older Rangers and no matter how hard Blake Foster tried he always stuck out among the group. But as a character he was fairly well rounded: skilled and observant but with moments of jealousy, pride and short-sightedness.
    • Alpha 6, whose annoying voice and Brooklyn accent did not help.

  Alpha 6: Yo yo yo!

    • Dimitria, both for replacing Zordon and being limited to interrogative statements for the first half of the series.
    • There are many fans who dislike Ashley simply because of her actress, Tracy Lynn Cruz. She had dated Johnny Yong Bosch and in an interview years later he said once she got on Turbo she dumped him, stole his money and his car. Johnny (and Adam) was already The Woobie to fans and some people paint Tracy as evil, saying that she "eats the skulls of babies to survive". To be fair to Tracy some fans even asked her if she did eat them during a Power Morphicon, Fan Dumb at its worst. Johnny appears to regret letting out that information, due to how bad the backlash got.
    • The Blue Senturion isn't very popular either. The fan theory that he is, in fact, responsible for the events of Power Rangers RPM does not help.
  • Villain Decay: Divatox was competent enough in the movie. In the show? Not so much.
    • Finally inverted at the end when she led an army to the power chamber and utterly destroyed it, and she probably would have killed the rangers (once she discovered they survived) if she hadn't been summoned away. It's pretty jarring given how nonthreatening she was for most of the season.
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