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RPM is known for its dark story lines, but it's also known for its humorous moments. Most of them consist of healthy doses of Lampshade Hanging, and many of them cross with Crowning Moment of Awesome, but some of them are genuinely funny by themselves.

Apparently, Saban thinks that RPM had no humor. Fans of RPM beg to differ. You decide.

  • From "The Road to Corinth": Ziggy begins freaking out as Dillon runs through the Venjix barricade--especially after Dillon asks for his yellow lollipop.

 Ziggy [after he hands Dillon a yellow lollipop]: This isn't happening! I'm running the Venjix barricade in broad daylight with, uh, Willy Wonka at the wheel!

  • From "Fade to Black": Ziggy's interrogation, complete with an audience being glued to their seats, eating popcorn, as he tells them about showing up to school in only his underwear and something about a rash.
  • From "Rain":
    • Dillon mocks Dr. K's suit designs after they are introduced as the Ranger Prototype Series Covert Infantry Bio-Suits. The latter line has practically gained Memetic Mutation status in the Power Rangers fandom.

 Dillon: Right, because nothing says "covert" like bright red, yellow, and blue spandex.


    • Ziggy ruins a "special Ranger moment" after Dillon becomes Ranger Series Black. He also inadvertently presses Dr. K's Berserk Button and is made to clean the floor of the Garage with only a toothbrush.

 Ziggy: Talk about sensitive.

Dr. K: Would it be a cliché for me to point out that you missed a spot?

    • A moment before that, Ziggy takes a group picture with the Rangers and, while reviewing the photo, this exchange happens:

 Ziggy: (looking through the camera)Yellow, your eyes were closed.

Summer: (to the other Rangers, her helmet still on) Can he even see my eyes?

  • From "Go For The Green":
    • Ziggy's first reaction upon bonding with the Series Green morpher has this:


    • Dillon introduces the new Ranger Operator Series Green to the other Rangers and Dr. K: Ziggy Grover.
  • From "Handshake":
    • Dillon walks out of Dr. K's lab has he no longer wants to train. He opens up the refrigerator, revealing a double-barreled cannon, which Dr. K uses to shoot lasers at him--just to prove a point.

 Dillon (sees the cannon pop out of the fridge): You've got to be kidding me!

Dr. K: Shall we begin? (Blasts Dillon).

    • Tenaya 7 says this when she first sees the Nozz-Bot:

  Tenaya: It looks like a giant bottle of window cleaner. Do you want to destroy Corinth, or give the city a streak free shine?

    • Also:

 General Crunch: I have a question, your most Venjixness. Are you going to supersize the Noz Bot now, or wait until the Rangers defeat it first?

(Venjix blasts Crunch)

    • Followed up by:

 General Crunch: Seeing as I'm already a mess, I'm just going to ask. Why do we never send in the drones whenever the city's shields are down?

(Another blast)

General Crunch: (coughing) That's what I figured.

    • The Rangers do battle with Tenaya 7's detached hand. Once again, the fridge cannon comes into play.

  Tenaya 7: (sees the cannon pop out of the fridge) You've got to be kidding me!

  • From "Ranger Green":
    • Near the beginning of the episode, Ziggy tells Dr. K that he thought she had been a dude.

  Dr. K: Sorry to disappoint you.

    • Ziggy's first teleportation attempt has him getting out of his suit, leaving him with only his helmet and underwear on.

 Ziggy: Hey, something, ah, feels different. I think it worked. I DID IT! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!

Dr. K: Oh, I'm looking, and I think I've seen enough, more than enough. [Move to Ziggy in his helmet and underwear.] And I'm willing to lay odds that this isn't exactly the first test you've ever failed.

    • At the end of the episode, Ziggy tries again, but ends up in the rafters. Dr. K, being her Deadpan Snarker self, is not surprised.

 Dr. K (responding to Ziggy's statement that she went outside to rescue him): We're in a dome. It doesn't count.

  • From "Ranger Red": The opening fight sequence in the park beings with Ziggy fumbling his PreAssKickingOneLiners. Scott uses the baby stroller as a weapon with the baby still in it, and Ziggy "uses" the mother to defend himself.
  • From "Ranger Yellow, Part 1": The meet-and-greet with the school kids nearly becomes a total disaster. It takes Ziggy, Dillon, and Summer, to restrain the comparatively tiny Dr. K when one of the schoolboys inadvertently presses her Berserk Button. She unconsciously almost does it again when a little girl nearly says the "s" word as she asks Summer a question.
  • From "Ranger Yellow, Part 2":
    • The episode opens with the male Series Operators gossiping about Summer's agreement with her parents and her arranged marriage to Chaz Winchester IV, whose name causes Dillon and Scott to snicker--all while beating the tar out of some Grinders.
    • Dr. K and Summer have this exchange shortly before the ceremony begins:

 Dr. K: Ranger Operator Series Yellow, you look positively radiant.

Summer: Really? You think?

Dr. K: No, but I was told it was customary to say so.

    • The fight sequence towards the end of the episode has several moments: A Grinder lifts up Flynn's kilt while Ziggy fends off the Monster of the Week with only a rental tuxedo coat. The male Rangers all gape at Summer in a wedding dress, and then they fumble for their morphers while she is ready for action. The end of the episode has her "friend" Brie colliding with the wedding cake, only irritating Flynn, who had been looking forward to eating some of it--perhaps as a callback to Those Two Guys from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  • From "Ranger Blue":
    • Dr. K holds a Q&A session with her Rangers. Scott asks about the eyes in the front of their zords; Ziggy asks about the random morphing explosions; and Flynn asks about why they have to shout "RPM, GET IN GEAR!" when they morph--questions which Dr. K answers impatiently. Of course, this is total Lampshade Hanging on things normally taken for granted in the Rangerverse. (On another note, the Rangers are intimidated of asking Dr. K anything at first.)
    • Tenaya 7 and Flynn have this exchange:

 Tenaya 7: Red is the perfect one, Black is the brooding bad boy, Green is the clown, and Yellow, well, she's the girl. So, who are you supposed to be?


    • Let's not forget Flynn explaining to Dr. K, over the comm unit in his Morpher, how he came up with the idea of fixing the malfunctioning time-freeze ability of his Ranger suit -- beating the crap out of an army of Mooks all the while. He even lampshades the fact that he'll probably get an oversized version of "Ziggy's run-off explosions" ...Which he then proceeds to put to damned good use before finally finishing up the phone conversation. The cherry on the moment, though? Flynn, the car mechanic, left Dr. K, the child prodigy supergenius, absolutely speechless. Epic win, Ranger Series Blue.
      • The true beauty of it was in how simple the fix was: it basically consisted of nothing more than putting the battery in backwards.
  • From "Doctor K":
    • Generals Crunch and Shifter react hilariously whenever they see their own reflections in the Reflex Bot's mirror, not even realizing that they are looking at themselves. Crunch tops it off with this: "Can... can machines throw up? I think I'm gonna throw up!" Tenaya 7's reactions to their stupidity only makes it funnier. (And it's needed, considering how dark the episode is.)
    • Dr. K and Ziggy have this exchange:

 Ziggy: Hold it! Hold it! Hold everything, people. In times like this, there's one question that needs to be answered: Are we, or are we not, the good guys?

Dr. K: Tell me: What's it like?

Ziggy: What's what like?

Dr. K: Being stupid your whole life. Is it as wonderful as it seems?

 Dr. K: I understand your dilemma.

Summer: Sorry, what dilemma?

Dr. K: You find Ranger Series Red attractive because he represents the guy who can give you solid security: the boy next door, trustworthy, responsible--the kind you take home to mother. At the same time, you're hopelessly drawn to the excitement and danger of Ranger Series Black, the tortured and mysterious bad boy you think you can save.

Summer: I don't think you--

Dr. K: Comparing the raw data on a cuteness scale is also difficult, with one scoring a solid nine, while the other registering the cuteness scale's maximum score of ten.

Summer: Which one do you think is the ten?

Dr. K: Why? Which one do you think is the ten?

    • The Evil!Dillon fight sequence has Ziggy getting rapid-fire slapped and Flynn getting a kick in the Engine Cells. It gets topped off with Dillon's reaction to it all after the virus's control is broken.

 Dillon: What the--? (Sees Scott holding him down.) Why are you hugging me? (Sees Dr. K in her console with her PJs and slippers on.) Doc, what's with the slippers?

  • From "Embodied":
    • The opening battle sequence has this exchange between Ziggy and the other Rangers in the Zenith Megazord:

 Scott: I told you, Ziggy, left on Grand was the fastest way to downtown!

Ziggy: Hey, no fair! I didn't know that we qualified for the carpool lane.

Flynn: Of course we qualify. There's five of us, aren't there?

Summer: Plus, Ziggy, we're driving around in a giant, twenty-story-high, robotic superweapon.

Dillon: She's right. We qualify for any lane we want.

    • Later in that same sequence.

 Ziggy: Is it too late to call in sick?

Dr. K: I'm looking at your vitals right now, Ranger Series Green, and aside from irregularly high levels of bad breath and body odor, I see no signs of any serious physical issues.

    • The whole GO-ONGER sequence. Ziggy thinks they're all going on a fun road trip. Flynn can't even pronounce its name. And even Dr. K gets a dig or two at its "shoddy" design.
  • From "Ghosts":
    • The Rangers discuss their rescue by Rangers Gold and Silver, one of which pilots, in Flynn's words, "a giant flying chicken that's shooting laser beams at people." Ziggy scolds the other Rangers, especially Summer, for their passing judgment on it.

 Ziggy: "Weird"? Okay, you cruise around in a giant yellow teddy bear, okay?! I drive a big green fish! Look in the mirror, people: We're in no position to be sitting in judgment of anything "weird"!

Dillon: Man's got a point.

    • Dr. K, after sharing a bit of her life growing up at Alphabet Soup, threatens Colonel Truman with a laxative she created at eleven years old that "when added to a person's beverage, it would instantaneously stricken the recipient with diarrhea a thousand times more extreme than the worst case of dysentery ever recorded." Truman puts down his cup of tea and opens up a communications channel so that she can get in touch with the Rangers. Proof that Dr. K is Crazy Awesome.
  • From "In Or Out":
    • The opening scene has Dr. K, after having been called out by Gem and Gemma for being impersonal, attempting to apologize for being so distant. She goes up to all of the Rangers, says what she likes about them, calls each of them by their first name, and gives them awkward hugs--except for Ziggy. The Rangers' reactions to their self-proclaimed mentor's attempt to be more sociable only added to the humor in the scene.

 Summer: Well, that was certainly... awkward.

Flynn: Can we please just pretend that didn't happen and get back to work now?

  • From "Prisoners":
    • Gem and Gemma's entrance as they come in to rescue Scott and Flynn.

 Gem: Looks like it's--

Gemma: Boom Time, Dr. K!

Dr. K: Roger that, Gem and Gemma, you are go for Boom Time.

    • At the Venjix factory, Ziggy distracts a large group of Grinders from attacking Dillon and Summer by using shadow puppets to imitate escaping prisoners.

 Ziggy [to Dillon and Summer]: Shadow puppets. Gets them every time.

    • Ziggy's reaction to Gem and Gemma's "map".

 Ziggy: Is the rainbow supposed to be a road?

  • From "Belly of the Beast":
    • There's a slight Running Gag with Dr. K and whether or not she knows what she's doing. It comes to a head with this:

 Colonel Truman: Dr. K, I hope you know what you're doing!

Dr. K: Why does everyone keep saying that?! Of course, I am aware of what I am doing! I just have absolutely no idea of whether or not it will work.

    • Ziggy questions the feasibility of reprogramming the Venjix doomsday weapon with whale DNA.

 Ziggy: Yeah, but why a whale? I mean, uh, they don't even fly. It's just the whole thing seems kind of like a stretch.

Dr. K: Would you prefer I program it back to a deadly, shield-busting Venjix doomsday weapon, Ranger Green?

Ziggy: No, no, that's okay.

Dr. K: Because I can do that if you feel that it would be more appropriate than a whale.

Ziggy: Just . . . I'm sorry. Forget I said anything, okay?

  • From "Three's A Crowd": After a failed merger of the three Megazords (High Octane, ValveMax, Mach), Ziggy goes off on a rant about Dr. K and her technologies:

 Ziggy: I mean, seriously, this time, I think Dr. K has lost it. I mean, she throws together all this crazy technology and then expects that we can make it all just... come... together. [Summer and the other Series Operators point to behind Ziggy.] She's... standing right behind me, isn't she?

Flynn: Yeah.

Dr. K [as she takes her candy]: And for the record, Green, I don't expect the technology to just "come together." I expect the Series Operators to make it work!

Ziggy [to the other Series Operators]: Hey, maybe a little help next time. Uh, a wave of the arm, a point. Perhaps a slap.

Dillon: It's more fun to watch you squirm.

    • Dr. K sure loves her candy, doesn't she?
  • From "The Dome Dolls":
    • Ziggy attempts to teach Dr. K how to cook. He puts a paper hat on her, which she then puts in a blender, and tears it to pieces.
    • Ziggy and Dr. K have this exchange as he wakes up from the male-specific sleeping gas:

 Ziggy: I had the strangest dream. We... we were on a date. [Pointing to Dr. K.]

Dr. K: That... sounds like a nightmare.

      • It's even more hilarious now because their actors (Milo Cawthorne and Olivia Tennet) have been dating.
    • Ziggy tells Tenaya 7 to "stay away from our women!" Hilarity Ensues.
    • Dillon discovers that his car suffered some battle damage. It gets topped off with this exchange between him, Summer, Flynn, and Scott:

 Dillon [angry]: Don't... ever drive my car. Ever.

Summer: Don't fall asleep on the job, and I won't have to.

Scott: Come on, buck up, Dillon. It was an emergency. They needed a ride, so they did the right thing.

Dillon: How is driving my car into a tornado the right thing to do?

Scott: Probably because they didn't take mine. [Snickers]

Flynn: Or mine. Definitely the right choice. [Scott high-fives him.]

  • From "And... Action!":
    • The episode has the behind-the-scenes blooper reel.
    • Dr. K appears in her pajamas and slippers, having been told by Ziggy that the Rangers would have a pajama party. But they're all in their regular clothes. And poor Ziggy tries to cheer her up.

  Dillon (seeing Dr. K in her pajamas and slippers): Doc, who let the dogs out?

  • From "Ancient History":

 Dr. K: After what I've seen... after what I've seen... after what I've se--Good, I thought he would never leave!

    • The end of the episode has Ziggy checking if Dr. K was not a hologram. A hologram pops behind him and says, "Boo!" He yelps. She smiles.
  • From "Run, Ziggy, Run": Ziggy teleports into Dr. K's lab chair just as she sits down on it. Hilarity Ensues.
  • From "If Venjix Won":
    • Ziggy and Dr. K battle against Kilobyte and some Grinders. It appears that even Dr. K is a better fighter than Ziggy.

 Ziggy [Grabbing the pole]: I need this!

Dr. K: You have weapons! Use one!

  • From "End Game": Ziggy threatens to show Dillon some moves he's never seen before if he doesn't come back to the Garage with him. What happens next is a bizarre display of bad martial arts so awful that Dillon walks back to the Garage with Ziggy.
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