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File:Power nap flamethrower 7690.jpg

In a World where nobody sleeps, Drew Spencer tries to hold on to a job and his sanity. Drew is unable to use the pills known as "Z-Sup" which let everyone else stay awake 24 hours a day, due to an allergy. Being run ragged by a world without sleep and a society that seems to accept the weirdest of events without question, Drew is also being roped into something sinister going on behind the scenes of this bizarre world.

Power Nap is something radically different from the writer Maritza Campos previous comic, College Roomies from Hell. The art is by Bachan who is known in the mexican comic scene for (In Spanish only).

This webcomic contains examples of

  • Cannot Dream: Though it hasn't been explicitly mentioned yet, use of the Z-Sup essentially makes it so that the vast majority of people do not dream, though mostly as a side effect of not sleeping. What this means considering Drew's prophetic dreams is, as of yet, unknown.
  • Crapsack World: Though little has been seen at the moment, it would appear that, aside from (or perhaps because of) no one sleeping anymore, the whole world seems to be going insane. Not reacting the augmented reality ads, having two people to staple and then unstaple the same papers, blase acceptance of suicides and psychotic breaks.
  • Fantastic Racism: In a manner of speaking. Drew's inability to use the Z-Sup appears to draw more than a little negative attention. Case-in-point, people shying away from him asleep on the train, kids putting post-it notes on him asleep in the train again, and Wendy running out on their date when she realizes.
  • Going Postal: Drew setting a desk on fire.
  • Government Conspiracy: The police know there's real monsters appearing out of nowhere, but they're trying to cover it up.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Drew's arm falls off and the dream-demons deduct a few points...

 "You guys are jerks."

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