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A feature created to improve the replayability of some games. Some games are designed so you can reach Hundred-Percent Completion in one go, but some others don't make everything the game has to offer available until you've beaten the game (that is, seen the credits) at least once. This is very common in Role Playing Games and games with levels, but it can appear in every genre.

The exact things you can unlock vary from game to game. Common unlockables include a Secret Character, higher difficulty levels, a new costume, the True Final Boss, and many more. Sometimes the game makes the content unlockable by doing a rewind to the last Save Point before fighting the Final Boss, but it's quite more common that the unlockables appear only in New Game+, which is Post End Game Content on its own right too.

A subtrope of Unlockable Content and supertrope to New Game+ and Endgame Plus. It will frequenly overlap with the other subtropes, Double Unlock being the most frustrating and most common one. Necessary for Hundred-Percent Completion. Compare with Downloadable Content. Compare also with Extended Gameplay.

Examples of Post End Game Content include:

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