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This page is for Just Bugs Me referring to Porn Stash and porn stashes. If the porn itself bugs you, take it to Fetish Retardant.

  • Doesn't anyone actually keep a physical stash anymore? Does anyone keep magazines and DVDs? The Troper Tales page is overwhelmingly where people keep stuff on their computer. Maybe I'm just getting old.
    • Maybe because its easier to hide digital copy.
    • I don't know. I keep a Playboy or two under the bathroom sink for when the internet is down, but otherwise...yeah, it's mostly on the computer. Of course, the only reason I keep it on the computer is because my fetishes are too strange and/or specific for many magazines to publish and make legitimate money from.
    • 'Hard' copy porn is not only hidden with greater difficulty, it's also easier to accidentally discover or leave lying around; assuming you know what you're doing, however, you can hide a fairly extensive porn stash on a computer with both great ease and with less chance of it being accidentally discovered without someone else accessing your computer and actively looking through it to find the files in question.
    • Also, not to put too fine a point on it... at some point, to obtain a hardcopy of, say, Playboy, you have to go to somebody and request it, often a total stranger, more or less in public. As opposed to Internet porn and its refreshing feeling of anonymity. (Obviously, the producers will know. And the government might know. But the guy at the convenience store down the street doesn't know, and that's progress.)
    • Amusingly, having a real porn stash is almost more acceptable now because it gives you the excuse that I Read It for the Articles. After all, if I was interested in something as salacious as naked ladies, I could get it free.
    • Great, now I'm imaging an ongoing series that interposes hard core porn with interesting science facts. Then we could have I Read It for the Articles for this generation, sort of.
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