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  • One Thimble Theater strip had Popeye receiving a free ship. Suspicious, Popeye asks the former owner whether there's some secret with the ship. The ex-owner admits, "There ain't no mystery- no mystery about that ship at all- She's just HAUNTED!" Popeye, who's phobic about ghosts, laments, "He gived me his ship for nothin' and still I got cheated- I yam disgustipated."
  • In one strip, Popeye's really proud of himself because he's found an error in the dictionary -- he's looked up the word "yam" and found that it means "sweet potato." He proudly repeats his Catch Phrase "I yam what I yam, an' that's all I yam!" to a confused Olive and points out: "Ya certin'ly wouldn't say 'I swee'potato what I swee'potato an' that's all I swee'potato, now would ya?"
  • During the 8th Sea arc, Popeye discovers that Olive Oyl and another woman have gotten aboard his ship- Olive parachuted down from an airplane, while the other woman thought the boat was a ferry. Popeye tries to salvage the situation by saying Mrs. Snoodenbocker can be Olive's chaperone. Snoodenbocker refuses, on the claim that since she's younger, Olvie can be her chaperone! What follows is a silly spat as both Olive and Mrs. Snoodenbocker continually claim to be progressively younger ("I'm 12" "I'm 11" "I'm 10" and so forth) until Popeye yells "Ahoy, Olsen! Send up coupla cradles! An' some safety pins."


  • Popeye the Sailor has a ton of hilarious moments in every cartoon, but the best is in "Taxi Turvy," where a Genre Savvy Bluto breaks the status quo by stealing Popeye's spinach just before he can use it... and is immediately hit by a train.
  • In Goonland, Popeye makes his way through a population of Goons by disguising himself as one - and goes into a bizarre walk and scat-singing that gets puzzled reactions from them.
  • "Hospitaliky": The entire short is pretty hilarious, with Popeye and Bluto trying to injure themselves so that Olive Oyl can nurse them to health. But one particularly hilarious moment is a bit of animation in which Popeye morphs into a chicken for a few seconds while faking sick in front of Olive.
    • The Famous Studios remake actually added a particularly funny twist ending (somewhat unusual for them); it's revealed that Olive works at a pet hospital, and Popeye and Bluto have been injuring themselves for nothing. They then finally crack and start acting like dogs, and are taken away to a mental asylum.
  • "Wotta Nightmare", particularly the parts where it shows what Popeye is doing in his sleep while having his nightmare (swimming across the floor, eating his pillow).
    • And then Popeye goes to beat up real-life Bluto because dream Bluto was bothering him. Bluto just shrugs at the camera
  • Many of Popeye's mumblings and quips (courtesy of Jack Mercer).
  • "It's The Natural Thing To Do" deconstructs and reconstructs the status quo.
  • "The Hungry Goat" may be the closest thing to a Tex Avery cartoon in the Popeye series.
  • This moment from "Fleets of Stren'th"

 Admiral: Hey! Don't you know that thing is loaded with dynamite?

(a wave lifts the mosquito boat up to the height of the ship)

Popeye: Yes sir!

  • The House Builder-Upper

The movie

  • When Popeye tries to prove to Pappy that he's his son.

 Popeye: I'm your one and only exspring. See, we got the same bulgy arms.

Pappy: No resemblance.

Popeye: We-we got the same squinky eye.

Pappy: What squinky eye?

Popeye: That's going to be hard for you to see. Oh, we even got the same pipe, Pap.

Pappy: You idiot. You can't inherit a pipe!

  • At the end, after Bluto has force-fed Popeye the spinach and pushed him underwater. There is an enormous cloud of bubbles, the puzzled Bluto cautiously tries to push the foam aside to see what's going on, and gets clobbered by Popeye's super-muscled arm.
  • Wimpy's various attempts to freeload a hamburger, during the "Everything is Food" song. Bonus points for a sign visible during one of the attempts, which reads "Absolutely No Credit! Especially You, Wimpy"
  • Pretty much any time the tax collector shows up. In particular, there is when he sees Olive flailing around and nearly fines her the "impersonating a traffic officer" tax, and when Popeye shoves him into the ocean, leading to the entire town running out to cheer for him.
  • A quote from Geezel: "Fooey! The Commodore! Besides Wimpy, I hate him best!"
  • "You owe me an apology."
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