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Ponychan is an Image Board dedicated to the wildly popular My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic.

When 4chan was overloaded with ponies, many people who didn't care for the show, as well as the Hatedom, grew tired of seeing ponies all the time. Because it was practically a stampede, for a short time pony threads and references were even banned on 4chan. So they could post pony threads without running into the Hatedom, and so they didn't have to annoy everyone else, and to be in a community with nopony but pony fans, the many fans built their own imageboard to discuss ponies to their heart's content.

The forum consists of multiple sections:

Tropes used in Ponychan include:

  • Cluster F-Bomb: Many of the image macros.
  • Forced Meme: Ticket the OC alicorn; known as the Queen of /pic/.
  • Group Hug: Many an internet variant.
  • Informed Obscenity: The word filter does some silly things sometimes, like changing the word 'cancer' into 'candy' (although after a fairly serious thread involving somepony who had cancer in Real Life this filter may have been lifted since).
  • Scunthorpe Problem: The word filter does some silly things sometimes, like changing "Rarity's pussycat" into "Rarity's candy vag cat."
    • Because it changes the word "main" to "mane", it's impossible to link to a TV Tropes article from there.
      • Has been taken off since, so linking to TV Tropes is easier.
    • Now the filtering only happens on certain sections of the site.
  • Unusual Euphemism: TOOT!
    • Clopping. CLOP CLOP CLOP.
  • The Wiki Rule: Gyropedia: The Ponychan Wiki.
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