And There Was Much Rejoicing: Nobody ever feel sad if someone gets banned, because it's always that someone's fault if they get banned. Happened to many people, such as Net, Spono and Turt.

He Who Fights Monsters: Netprobe, pre-return. He seems to have recovered.

The Friend Nobody Likes: Spono and Turt.

The Scrappy: Everyone here has been banned. See And There Was Much Rejoicing.

  • Spono. The entire forum hates him for his Holier-Than-Thou attitude, his inability to accept his mistakes and his general jerkassery toward everyone.
  • Turt is hated by many because of her fondness for derailing RPs and when she get rejected from one, she throws a fit. Naturally, nobody feels sorry for her. And if you think RP derailment is bad... she tried harassing Meep. Reminder, she's 11.
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