Tropes that apply to the users of the PPR forums.



Ivy is an active administrator of Pokemon Paper Roleplay, both the forum and the game. They also happen to be the creator of the PPR Wiki.


Catch Phrase: "You wanna fuckin' go?"

Berserk Button: Don't fuck with their friends.

Comedic Sociopathy: Delves in the suffering of others on the forum for god knows why. Topped by the fact they murdered Meep and Gold. Despise that, they're actually 1 of the sanest member.

Chaotic Neutral: Snarky and jaded, they nearly embody the essence of CN.

Deadpan Snarker: Originally pure snarky. Recently mastered 'Deadpan'. Going full deadpan.

Engrish: Especially noticeable on the voice chat. Justified, they were born speaking Thai, so of course, they're going to have problem speaking English.

Hemo-Erotic: Apparently has a kink for this.

Insane Troll Logic

Jerkass: Ivy is one. The jerkassery is Played for Laughs, though.

Karma Houdini: Murdered Meep and Gold, then framed Masked and executed him. They got away with all of that, despise the fact it's painfully obvious they did it.

Me's a Crowd: They have three alternate accounts, for screwing with the forum.

Only Sane Man

Platonic Life Partners: With Aidan.

Serious Business: Fighting games.

Sir Swearsalot: Oh god.

Sociopathic Hero: Queen of this. They deem Spono Acceptable Targets, and let everyone insult him, because it amuses them.

Sugar and Ice Personality

The Comically Serious: It's hard to tell sometimes whether she's joking or not.



Musicality is a member on the forum. She's a fighting game-kind of person. Despise what her name says, she's not a musician or a musical person.

Butt Monkey: Gets made fun of often.

Gamer Chick: Of course.

Happily Married: Formerly to Meepy, but they divorced. Is now this with Masked.


He's an admin, now head admin after Time's departure.

Butt Monkey: This guy gets it the hardest, being shipped with others often and just getting made fun of. Then there's the fact he got accused of murdering Meep and Gold......

Death as Comedy: Was killed by Meepy for insulting Musicality.

Lawful Good: Pretty much the only sane person around on the forums.

Does Not Like Women: Regularly gets accused of being a misogynist by Ivy (jokingly). He rolls along with it.

Ship Tease: Has hinted an interest in Pika after his divorce.

Happily Married: With Music. They've divorced, recently.

Launcher of a Thousand Ships

Word Salad Philosophy: "there's homosapien, bicycle, and lebanese. transfusion too."


He's also an admin.

Berserk Button: Pokemon eggs and anything that hatches from them.

British Accent He lives in Australia, but his accent sounds more British.

Catch Phrase: Whenever TimeToRunLetsGo used to come online, he said "hello time".

Hipster: Ivy jokes that he's one.

Platonic Life Partners: With Ivy.

Rapid-Fire Typing: He's capable of typing over 100 words per minute, and will type an entire wall of text at that speed should you unnerve him.

Two Decades Behind: He wishes he was born in 1981 instead of 2001, and prefers technology from the early 90's.


biddyFox is a dabbling animator, and the resident interactive adventure buff within the PPR community. Once hosted the Chatzy chatroom.

All Lowercase Letters: Her username. She also types this way most of the time.

Attention Deficit-Ooh, Shiny!: When shown a forum post taken from Spono's forum, he is more distracted by the way the background seems to move when you look at it a certain way than the actual content of the post.

Clueless Detective

Chaotic Good: Pre-new forum. She started out as a slightly dopey newb with a passion for complexity.

  • Chaotic Neutral: During the earlier days of the new forum. At this point, she'd honestly gotten a bit more relaxed and started making more pervy jokes.
  • Neutral Evil: Current alignment. Bid has fully given in to her desires, and doesn't really care about much of anything anymore. She's also become a bit of a dick.

Covert Pervert: Despite usually acting as a bemused observer, she seems to have a sick crush on Isabelle and once roleplayed Gerome as a unapologetic pervert who fucks wyverns.

  • He once drew a picture of Meepy about to get it on with Flannel.
  • As of the new forum, she's stopped being "Covert".

Death as Comedy: Has been killed at least five times.

Horrible Judge of Character: Legitimately believed Spono could've reformed for a short time.

Hot-Blooded: Very downplayed. Biddy tends to do and say things without thinking, but most of the time she corrects himself.

Heroic Wannabe: Challenges Lucifer-possessed Ivy, even though there are very specific terms for defeating her that she cannot reach.

Troll: Once got banned from the PPR chatzy.

Mood Whiplash


biddy46677: that sounds dirty


biddy46677: >;)


biddy46677: augh


biddy46677: what am i doing with my life???????????


Regular Users


MeepyUltra is a former player of PPR yet still an active user on the forums. Was murdered by Ivy and Simply Thirteenth..

All Lowercase Letters: Types this way most of the time.

Aloof Ally

Break the Haughty: Ivy broke her soul by having her watch Madoka Magica. She continue to rub salt in her wounds until she eventually shattered.

Catchphrase: "That's nice."

  • "Time to sin." Shared with Golden.


Death as Comedy: Ivy and Simply Thirteenth locked her in a fridge in an attempt to kill her to stop memes. Needless to say, no one took her death seriously, including herself.

Deadpan Snarker: Has her moments. Usually deadpan.

Driven to Suicide: Killed herself after learning that Masked had KB's kids.

Flat What: Common expression used by her.

True Neutral: She rarely ever gives a single shit.

Gender Reveal: She's a girl.



Spono is the most infamous rulebreaker through the history of PPR.

Acceptable Targets

It's All About Me: Infamous for his overly self-centered nature.

No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: Believes that he's more famous than anyone else because of his infamy.

Tsundere: According to Ivy.

Japanese Honorifics: Refers to Bid as "biddy-chan", even though he's older than him.

Insane Troll Logic: Half of everything he says.


Time is the former head admin of PPR.

Berserk Button: If you were banned from the game, be sure to only appeal and not act like a reasonable jackass throughout the whole thing or Time will not be happy.


Cultured Badass: Subverted. Time doesn't like poetry, yet he's associated with it due to his legendary line; "Oh boy, here comes the poetry."

Deadpan Snarker: He's not as big on this as Ivy is, but he's still a good example. He puts emphasis on the deadpan.

Driven to Suicide: Banned himself from the forum after Pika plans on suspending him for causing trouble, even though said trouble was started by Scrag.

Flat What: Common expression used by him.

Better to Die Than Be Killed: Self-imposed ban.

Memetic Badass

Reasonable Authority Figure: He tends to be fair and just when it comes to moderation.

The Comically Serious: On the Last To Meme Thread, this starts showing.

The Stoic: It's pretty hard to find any times where Time has visibly emoted. Slowly leaving this territory, however.

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