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Pokemon Paper Roleplay is a Roblox-game-turned-forum. Created by one pikapikachar, it is a fairly new community, but it has grown exponentially since its original creation.

The ROBLOX game can be found here (though to fully experience it you need a ROBLOX account), and the forums are here.

Tropes used in Pokemon Paper Roleplay include:

Alternative Character Interpretation: The Mafia crew do Warriors, and it is glorious.

  • Firestar has been having an affair with Graystripe, who is unsure of his gender.
  • Bluestar and Crookedstar are Lovable Sex Maniacs.
  • Leafpool is a completely clueless 49 year old male.
  • Ivypool is a Tsundere lesbian.
  • Lionblaze has a sick obsession with cat penises.

Arc Words: "who is this man". It started out on MaskedDalek47's wiki page, then it sort of expanded into a collective PPR Catch Phrase.

Brick Joke: Duck, the best typist in the world. He was there as an emoticon with no context, but he returns in PPR High School: Duck Edition.


Crack Fic: Silly fanfiction takes the cake as the God of this trope.

  • There's also the fan reboot of PPR High School, which takes the form of a completely mad Mind Screw.

Death Is Cheap: Several people have died, including Golden and Meepy, but have been completely unaffected.

Evil Twin: Lord King Biddy, for Biddy. She was banned nigh-instantly, though.

Hoist By Their Own Petard: If someone gets banned or moderated, it's their fault.

It Tastes like Feet: Nanj told what his seafood taste like. " It tastes like balls "

Large Ham: EVERYONE.

The Reveal: Masked had KB's kids, not Undercover.

Rule 63: Everyone has a gender-swapped double.

Memetic Mutation: The lenny face and this panel from the Persona 4 hiimdaisy comic were added as emoticons after being used a lot.

Tempting Fate: "God, I'm so glad only mature people come to this forum!" says Ivy Kisaragi. Cue a few questionable people joining.

World of Snark: Of course, a forum is gonna be filled with snarkers.

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