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  • The ending of Red/Blue Rescue Team had its sad notes, but keep a box of tissues handy when you near the final chapters of Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky.
    • Specifically, The player was really sent back from the future to change the past, knowing full well that saving the world would cause him to vanish from existence. You only learn of this right before Grovyle throws Dusknoir and himself back into the future to prevent Dusknoir from interfering with your task of saving the world. You progress through The Very Definitely Final Dungeon knowing that the player can't reveal his ultimate fate to his most trusted partner, and after saving the world, has only enough time to give his final goodbyes before disappearing into the light and leaving his partner crying from the shock. Out of three Pokémon who left for the Hidden Land, only one returned to tell everyone about it, and it wasn't you. And that's not counting the Really Dead Montage when the partner recalls his memories of their adventures, and breaks down crying again.
  • The end of Special Episode 2, "Igglybuff The Prodigy". Poor little guy has to watch his exploring master get arrested, not knowing until now Armaldo was a criminal.
  • After returning from the Miracle Sea, Chatot makes you give up baby Manaphy for its own health and safety, leading to a painful separation.
  • The end of Special Episode 5, "In The Future of Darkness". When the flow of time in the future is finally starting to resume, the eternal darkness is finally giving way to a sunrise ... but this also means that since the past is changed, this future will cease to exist any moment. Grovyle, Celebi, and Dusknoir have to fight to stop Primal Dialga from escaping the future, even though they will all soon be erased. Dialga first, Dusknoir second, Grovyle embraces Celebi as they watch the sun rise, with Celebi describing just how beautiful it is to finally see the sun again as the two of them (and everything else) vanishes.
    • Dusknoir vanishing was especially touching because after spending most of the game hating Grovyle, he thanks him for showing him what it means to live, and that he now has no regrets... *sniffle*
  • The beginning of Bidoof's Special Episode, with him saying goodbye to his family while sad music plays.

  Bidoof's Mama: If you need us, you can always come home.

  • Team Skull's last scene, Chatot's sacrifice and the scene with Wigglytuff afterwards and of course, Grovyle's sacrifice.
    • The anime version of Grovyle's sacrifice was just as heart-breaking as the game version, if not more.
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