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  • Ever take a scary Pokemon down to meet Dr. Footstep? It melted my heart to learn that my giant, scary, destructive Gyarados loved me, because most people are just afraid of it. And I love you back Christine. (Yes I named my Gyarados Christine. What of it?)
    • "There are no Pokemon who dislike humans. Only humans who dislike Pokemon. We [Pokemon species] are especially shunned...but [name] always treats me as a friend and partner." YES. I love you too, Mismagius and Absol. <3
      • How about when you find out a flippin' Legendary loves you? This troper almost cried when he found out his Giratina, practically the Pokemon equivalent of Satan, considered him a friend. I love you too, buddy!
      • Hearing Dr. Footstep's translation of your mons' innermost thoughts are adorable in general:

 Most Pokémon: <Name> is...a remarkable human and Trainer. That I can always perform the best any <Pokémon species> possibly can...I attribute that entirely to my partner <name>. When we travel, I can see wild Pokémon eying us enviously...

Scary Pokémon: There are no Pokémon that dislike humans... Only humans that dislike Pokémon... We <Pokémon species> are especially shunned... But <name> always treats me as a friend and partner...

Slow Pokémon: Hnurrr... Me? Uhm... Other Pokémon, they say to me... "You're not thinking, are you?" How insulting they should say so. It isn't true what they say. Think, think, think, I do that. All the time, I think hard how to help <name>. I concentrate! Hnurrr...

Other Pokémon: If I said there can be friendship between Pokémon and people, will <Pokémon species>'s friends understand? But if you see <Name> and <Pokémon species>, you will understand. Because <name> and <Pokémon species> are friends!

  • For this Troper, it was Barry getting teary-eyed when his dad first is introduced in Platinum. Just something about the normally rather cocky Keet getting all emotional was too adorable.
  • Rotom's backstory. All he wants is a hug!
  • In Platinum, if you go home during Team Galactic's attacks on the Lakes, Mom comments that she sees the news and worries about you. Aw, Mom...
  • Looker's farewell at Stark Mountain in Platinum. Especially heartwarming as it was revealed in the Platinum Let's Play that Nob Osagawara, longtime freelance translator who translated the text of every main series game through Platinum and known as Doug Dinsdale on the Something Awful forums, used Looker's dialogue at the end to say goodbye to the series and to the fans. "Long may you cherish Pokemon!" Will do, Looker and Nob. Will do.