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Crazy Dave is Crazy because.....

  • He's craaaaaaaaaaazy!

Crazy Dave is responsible for the Zombie Apocalypse.

He used to work in hazardous materials disposal, but was driven insane from excessive exposure. He then took some radioactive waste and tossed it into the graveyard. Why?

  • He didn't have anybody to sell his seeds to.
  • He was bored.
  • He's craaaaaaaaaaaazy!

Crazy Dave is Team Fortress 2's Pyro

They're both crazy and have a similar body structure.

  • From the grunts, they sound male.

Crazy Dave is from the video game universe.

How else can he fit all that stuff in his van and STILL have room for the numerous plants and himself?

  • His car could be a portal to Hammerspace.

Crazy Dave is Dave Seville

He was driven insane by the chipmunks. AAAALLLLLLLVVVVVVIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNN!!!

Crazy Dave is Running Both Sides.

Actually, he's a chessmaster who

  • created the zombie apocalypse
  • sells plants to defeat the apocalypse,
  • creates this game (and makes money off of it)
  • causes you to be too busy playing the game to notice his other schemes
  • and gets away with it by pretending to be (or actually being) craaaaaaaaaaaazy!

The entire game is one introverted gardener's dream about an upcoming family gathering

The plants are the gardener's job seeping into the dream. The zombies represent family members, including a hockey fan relative and a nephew who plays football, the hordes of zombies attacking is the gardener's fear and dislike of crowds seeping into the dream. The gathering is possibly a funeral, or otherwise at a cemetery, which seeps into the dream as the gravestones at night that mysteriously appear out of nowhere, while not existing in the day. (Or perhaps the gardener works at a cemetery.) The minigames represent different versions of the dream that occur throughout the night.

  • "Those sunflowers aren't for eating! No, leave those peas alone, they're not ripe yet! Watch where you're go- STOP STEPPING ON MY SPROUTS!"
    • It could also be the nightmare of a gardener for hire who also regularly works at a creepy graveyard.

Poison Ivy is somehow involved it all this.

Well, she could be the one making the plants.

Or she could be the hero of the story.

  • There was an episode of Batman:The Animated Series where Poison Ivy was supposedly trying to start a new life with a family. It turned out to be a ruse, but at the end we see part of her really did love being a house wife. Perhaps she's taking a sincere crack at it.

The game is a twisted, digital form of Death Note.

The original release contains an obvious Michael Jackson reference. He died shortly afterwards, and Pop Cap changed it to a disco zombie. What would happen if they added another zombie referencing someone?

The Chomper is Audrey II.

Leading to an Inferred Holocaust where your blood, rather than your brains, is consumed.

  • The game states that Chomper auditioned to play Audrey II (or at least a stunt double), but didn't get the part.

Crazy Dave has already had his brains partially eaten by the zombies,

He wasn't crazy when all of this started. He was ready when it began, with his seeds on hand to defend his house. When his defenses were breached, the zombies started eating his brain, but he managed to escape before they got too far. He abandoned his house and stockpiled all his remaining seeds and other supplies in his car. He was left with only part of his brain, leaving him unable to speak normally or think quite right. The pot on his head hides his exposed brain and protects it from further attacks.

  • Possibly Jossed. Sometimes, his saucepan helmet will somehow jump and spin over his head, but we never do see the backside of his skull.
    • If his brain was eaten, even partially, he'd be unable to do all the motions he does in the game.

You don't need Crazy Dave, Crazy Dave needs you.

Think about it. He has all the seeds, all the items needed to grow plants, and places to put them. Why would he waste time with giving you the seeds when he can do it himself? Answer: you're the gardener. Crazy Dave has access to all of these items, but has no idea how to actually grow plants to defend himself. Why else would he be willing to pay so much money for the plants you grow in your Zen Garden?

  • Because he's craaaaaazy?

The Zombies' origin

  • Unless Word of God states otherwise, the eerie green glow from the drains around the cemetery is coming from whatever toxic substance's causing the zombies to rise from their graves.
  • The infection from Left 4 Dead. Though the infection can't raise dead bodies, that's okay. All the zombies were just mostly dead.
  • Mad Zombie disease
  • See below.

Dr. Zomboss worked at Bloom & Doom

He created the plant and zombie seed packets you find, and was killed by one of his workers (RIP: Edgar George Zomboss, 2000-2068.) He came back to life as a zombie in 20X0 (2070) because some idiot threw an extra life item above his grave. He then started a short-term business selling the seed packets for the 49 species of plants he salvaged. After getting enough money to buy a large robot, he planted some zombie seeds and was hell-bent on taking over where Bloom & Doom used to be (before the 12/30/2068 apocalypse [AKA: Justin Bieber's Death]), now a neighborhood in the Mushroom Kingdom named Misty Park View Meadows. He decided to invade the player's house because it was the area where his boss used to be.

Ideas for plants in a possible sequel.

Please post examples in a "first bullet = name and basis, second bullet = effect" format.

  • Tailweed (based on Devil's Tail, AKA mile-a-minute weed)
    • Catches onto a zombie's foot, and the zombie has to struggle to get out of it (likely by kicking until the zombie escapes), leaving the zombie wide open for attack from other plants. Can take about 10 seconds worth of struggle total before it dies.
  • Mulch-shroom (Mycetoma fungus, an infection that causes a zit-covered rash)
    • Sprays Fumes/Spores that dissolve the zombie into a puddle of fertilizer, out of which another Mulch-shroom grows. Zombies who step into the puddle take damage, and are knocked over if the mushroom pops out of the ground under their feet. Upgrades to Mindbloat-shroom, which acts like Hypno-shroom, but with the fume-spraying attack and the zombie explodes when dead. However, if the fumes from either go through a Torchwood, they lose their seeding/mind-control effects.
  • Salve-Shroom (Bloody Tooth fungus)
    • Sprays medicine at wounded plants.
      • I thought of something like this, only I called it the Medishroom. The medishroom can be planted, and when it notices an injured mushroom, it sprays healing mist onto the plant and teleports out.
  • Gun Nut (Gumballs, a bladed relative to Chestnuts)
  • Cucumbers could act as the icy equivalent to the Jalapeno.
    • I think the Ice-shroom is that counterpart.
  • Umbrella Plants can now be upgraded to the Para-Shoot, a fusion between the old plant and Bamboo that shoots anything in the air.
  • Pansies (a pansy plant).
    • This plant gathers suns for you automatically, but only if it's planted next to a sunflower. The pansy would cost 500 sun to plant, but after that, you don't need to worry about suns! Because of its usefulness, it's an extremely fragile plant; any zombie can one-hit kill the pansy.
  • A cactus that acts like a Tall Nut or Wallnut
    • Basically does the same job of having a ton of health, but doing damage while it's at it.
  • Carrots
    • Basically, stick underground and when a zombie walks over them, they toss them up, knocking them into a Zombie back in the row. Damages tossed zombie and any zombie it hits, but not instant kill. Plant has a recharge period before it'll toss again, leaving it vulnerable.
  • Firepeaters/Burning Gattlers
    • Acts as a Repeater/Torchwood combo in one plant, saving space to plant other defences. Can be upgraded to Burning Gattlers, which fire at 6 peas every 3 seconds. These plants can also create combos when placed correctly. The peas of these plants, when gone through a Torchwood, become Magma Peas, which are able to take down Gargantuars in only 13 hits.
  • Crusher
    • This plant is an upgrade to the Chomper, but you can move the Crusher with the keyboard when you click on it. Press Space to eat zombies, though you can only have one on the field at a time.
  • Gigapeas
    • These giant peashooters fire peapods at zombies, enabling you to hit an Imp before the Gargantuar can throw it. It also can deliver splash damage.
  • Triple Sunflora
    • This plant allows for you to obain thrice as much sun, but at the cost of durability. These plants are VERY fragile.
  • Not a new plant, but just a new feature: If the fumes from Fume-shrooms go through the Torchwood, it will become sprays of flame (so it will function like a flamethrower). You know it will sound Badass.
  • Seed Shooter/Apple Lobber
    • Sends out seeds similiar to the pea-shooter, but shoots weaker shots faster/an expensive catapult that launches apples at a zombie. After a certain time, the apples would grow into a barricade. The barricade would be weaker than a wallnut, but as tall as a tall nut, and be very vulnerable while it grew.

Ideas for zombies in a possible sequel

Same template as the above WMG, please.

  • Bombie (Zombie holding a lit bomb)
    • Walks at normal speed for whatever amount of time it would take an unblocked zombie to get about 1/3 of the way across the lawn. At that time, the bomb is almost ready to explode. He notices it, speeds up, and after about half the time it took for the bomb to get to the point that the zombie notices it at, (meaning he's at 2/3 of the lawn if he isn't blocked by any plants) he chucks the bomb 1/4 of the length of the lawn, which explodes when it hits the ground. This chart might help your understanding. If it is hit by something on fire, such as a pea that passed a Torchwood, the bomb instantly explodes, killing the zombie and any plants and/or zombies around it. If the zombie is frozen, it won't throw the bomb fast enough for it to leave its hand, and the zombie will blow up.
  • Zombie Goat
    • Walks and eats at a fast pace, but does not take much damage. Will not attack the house if it breaches defences.
  • Soldier Zombie
    • Carries an Assault rifle. Wears fatigues and a helmet. Explodes when hit with a fireball /jalapeno (from the grenades, you see).
  • Posh Zombie
    • Wears a black three-peice, a monocle, a tophat, and carries a cane, which it uses to fence away peas and move quickly. The cane is solid mahogany, so magnet shrooms can't steal it, but it can be burned away. Eats very slowly.
  • Parasol Zombie
    • Carries a parasol as a shield, protecting it against lobbed plants and cob cannons.
      • Female version of above?
  • Hypno Zombie
    • Hypnotizes one plant in lieu of eating it, making it work for the zombies.
  • Ball Player Zombie
    • This ball-player zombie will throw baseballs at a random plant, but fire at 2 per second, meaning you'll need to have fortified defences to rid your garden of these base-runner menaces.
      • Is weak to Firepeaters.
  • Baby Zombie
    • Slow and weak, but crawls low, so it can't be hit by peashooters.
  • Bus Driver Zombie
    • Drives a bus to your garden, and once destroyed would send a cluster of imps(the zombies that ride on the gargantuar) Probably like the zombonie but slower and slightly stronger.

The sequel will have no Zombies

  • Plants vs Vampires
    • Plant a single row of garlic and you're good.
  • Plants vs Aliens
    • Search your feelings, you know it would be awesome.

Crazy Dave is Crazy because he watched his entire family get eaten alive by the undead.

Dave was formerly a genetic engineer with two kids and a wife. Then the zombies invaded, and Dave set to work to prevent his family being killed. He made it so the plants could be offensive and defensive against the zombies, so that you wouldn't have the problems of guns (You run out of ammo) and melee weapons (They all break).

However, Dave didn't set the plants at the right time, so the zombies broke in. He was sealed up in his lab by an auto-defense system, without his family. There were surveillance cameras throughout the house, so he could see what was going on, which included high quality images of his family being eaten alive, while being utterly helpless to help them.

After a long period of isolation in which his guilt multiplied, you arrive. Since he has near useless amounts of plants in the garden, he sells them to you. What you see of Dave when you arrive on the scene is an impossibly broken man, burdened by insane amounts of guilt and crushing despair.

I have really got to stop making really depressing WMGs.

  • Yeah, you should. Why does everyone keep thinking of the worst stuff possible?
    • Cos they are craaaaaaaazy.

The zombies aren't actually after your brains.

They are after your potted plants. The zombies are actually herbivores, and you are a collector of rare potted plants. They smell the pollen and are enticed to devour them.

This is also why they stop to eat your plants that you are defending your house with, as a snack.

The Big No that happens when you lose is them eating your flowers, which were probably very expensive.

Also, they say "brains" because that's the Zombie word for plants. Alternatively, the plants you own are called "Brain plants" for their oddly squishy and brain-like flowers.

When they decide to make the music video with you, it's because you've offered them the seeds of your rare plants, so they make a truce.

  • Also explains where the brains come from in "I, Zombie", now that I think about it.

Crazy Dave is a zombie too.

He's just choosing to make a quick buck and selling life-saving plants to people instead of eating brains. Think the Merchant from Resident Evil 4. The reason he looks so un-zombie like is because um...he uses natural plant oils to keep his skin from rotting.

Level areas in the next game

The yard stays as the generic intro level, as does the night stage. However, there is a level between that and moving on where you attack Zombies in your house.

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