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Curse of the Black Pearl

  • The crew of the Black Pearl any time they become skeletons.
  • The crew's attack on Port Royale; Terrorizing the citizens, burning down buildings, destroying the mansion, leaving helpless children sobbing and separated from their parents.
  • The rape threat made towards Elizabeth after she tries to reject Captain Barbossa's dinner invitation and gown.

  If that be da case, den you be dinin' wiv de crew. An' yewll be nekkid.


Dead Man's Chest

  • The Kraken.
    • In spite of Kevin McNally's wonderfully hammy delivery,Gibbs' description of the Kraken actually conjures some pretty unnerving images.

 Gibbs: "If you believe such things, there's a beast does the bidding of Davy Jones: a fearsome creature with giant tentacles that'll suction your face clean off, and drag an entire ship down to the crushing darkness...imagine, the last thing you know on God's green Earth is the roar of the Kraken and the reeking odor of a thousand rotting corpses..."

  • The crew of the Dutchman, particularly Wyvern. The poor man's been on the ship so long, he's stuck in the wall. And to top that off, we never see him again for the rest of the series. Let that sink in for a moment.
    • When he pulls away from the ship to talk, only the front half of his body pulls away, and you can see his brain.
  • When Will goes aboard the wrecked ship that he thinks is the Dutchman, he finds a guy with no farking face!
    • The first time I saw this with my older sister, she made me look away, but when I was at Wal-Mart looking at the movies when it was released onto DVD, it was on the televisions and well, I wanted to get a look at what had happened to the guy's face and, oh, did I wish I had never looked.
  • The Turkish prison scene. The crow pecking a prisoner's eye out and the prisoner's screams frightened me so much the first time I saw this that my older sister had to make me look away, especially during the above mentioned scene.

At World's End

  • The beginning of the third movie opens with a hanging. Onscreen. With corpses and all. And a little boy gets hanged too. You know, for kids! And it's Disney too. And it doesn't even get mentioned in the rest of the movie.
  • Defeating some enemies in the video games, at least for me. In the Wii version, the screams when you kill an enemy may sound unintentionally funny. The PlayStation 3 version... not so much, especially if you're used to the Wii's "BWAAH!" screams. But in the Wii version, if you defeat someone by counterattacking, they flip over (that's the not so creepy part) and twitch (the creepy part).
  • Davy Jones killing a man with his tentacles... *shudders*

On Stranger Tides

  • The mermaids in On Stranger Tides.
    • Especially when you can hear the terrified screams of Barbossa's men as the mermaids slaughter them, and he tells Groves and Gillette not to pay any attention, as "I only hear seagulls nesting."
    • I agree - I won't be able to hear seagulls again, ever, without thinking of that scene.
    • Disney, the people who gave us Ariel, brings us the man-eating mermaids that kill a large number of pirates and pull down a whole ship of sailors to their water grave.
    • The scene where the one mermaid is singing, and all the others are swimming under the boat is one of the most suspenseful things I've ever seen!! It's like singing Jaws!!!
  • Blackbeard being seemingly flayed alive by the waterspout as his skeletal hand reaches out to the horrified Angelica.
    • Not to mention the fact that we can see his blood while his body is being torn apart.
    • Don't forget how it seems to be reaching towards the screen.
      • Or through it, if you're watching the movie in 3D...
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