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A moment of stunned silence met the captain's words. "But she's an elf," protested one of the men, voicing a typical Northman's distrust of the fey folk.

"She's a drow!" added another fearfully, for the dark elves' vile reputation was known in a hundred lands.

"She's a she."

This last observation, voiced in dire tones, apparently summed up the crew's protests. The men nodded and muttered among themselves, many of them forming signs of warding.

"Oh, stow your nonsense with the rest of the cargo!" Hrolf roared, suddenly out of patience. "All my days I've heard that a female aboard meant ill luck, but never have I seen a sign of it! Has yon lass caused us a moment's trouble?" he demanded, pointing to the enormous figurehead.
Tangled Webs by Elaine Cunningham
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