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File:Disney princess fashion girls 1182.png

You've just received an invitation to the royal ball. But what to wear? You're a princess and/or part of the Fiction 500, but you don't have a dress that truly shows that off. You're not a fashion designer, so what to do?

Well worry not, for Trope Co® can easily supply you with your very own Pimped-Out Dress! We will lavishly, but tastefully, embellish your dress with your choice of trimmings (preferably three to five from the following list):

You won't just be the belle of the ball. You'll be the belle of the year, with every other rich girl trying to copy your amazing dress. But of course none can top it. Trope Co® gives you a unique dress guarantee for that.

And if you feel your dress is good enough to wear elsewhere, spring for our new "Dura-Fabric Coating", which will ensure your dress can stand up to anything, and still allow you to move as gracefully as a butterfly* .

* Dress available in Real Life and fiction. "Dura-Fabric Coating" currently only available in fiction.

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