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Fridge Brilliance

  • If the Pikmin are really capable of all the things that they do, don't you think that they would have taken over the entire planet by now? Why aren't they the dominant species? Who got them to do what they do in the first place? If you try to judge Olimar, it would look like he was abusing and sending Pikmin to die for his own survival. But then think about what they became. When you first find Pikmin, they were underground. This is because they are the prey of EVERYTHING, and without the ability to fight back, they had almost gone extinct (Why there is only ONE Pikmin in every Onion). But then Olimar came along and changed everything. He showed them that through numbers and hard work, they could accomplish anything. That is why in the ending, they are seen fighting of the Bulborb. They finally learned HOW to beat them. Guess the Complete Monster isn't such a monster after all.
    • Fridge Horror: Olimar helps the pikmin to reach the top of the food chain? Hooray! The natural order has been completely screwed up. Imagine the devastation to the environment if prey suddenly became predators in real life.
  • It also makes you wonder why the enemies will attack the captains, but only actually EAT the pikmin. Then you remember the concept of the guys. The captains are humanoid and the pikmin are plants. All the predators are herbivores.
    • Also, spacesuits don't agree with the diets of most of the creatures.
      • Most creatures don't know how to tell a spacesuit from flesh, just plants from animals.

Fridge Horror

  • Pikmin is already unnerving on its own, but then let it sink in that the Pikmin planet is strongly implied to be, and most likely is, Earth in the future. Now take into account that when you don't collect the necessary ship parts in the first game, Olimar dies, but is turned into a Pikmin by the other Pikmin. Considering that, and the fact that there are some very recognizable items that can be found on the planet, it makes you wonder if the first Pikmin in existence might really have been some form of reincarnated human beings...
    • How is this supposed to be scary? Doesn't seem that bad to me.
    • Given that Pikmin are practically on the bottom of the food chain, I find it quite frightening.
    • Ai no Uta, the theme used in a bunch of the Japanese Pikmin commercials, doesn't make this any better. The lyrics are most likely sung from the point of view of some Pikmin. The song is about being plucked from the ground, fighting for Olimar, and then being eaten. Oh, and apparently Olimar doesn't even have to care about the Pikmin. According to this song, they're pretty much throwaway.
  • In the first game, the fact that if all your Pikmin die, then they become extinct strongly suggests that the Single Red, Yellow and Blue Pikmin you find are the last, in not a few of the last of their kind.
    • Made worse if it happens in game since the extinction of a pikmin color in game will cause the onion to sprout a new seed the next day. The pikmin actually WERE extinct until Olimar reactivated the onions.
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