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Describe The Phoenix Wright Musical Project here.

I will, Your Honor.

Back in 2008, there was a idea posted on the Court Records forum. Said idea then exploded into a revolution, which quickly gained its own website, which can be found here.

The Phoenix Wright Musical Project is, well, a project to make a musical based on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It follows the story of the first game, and the writers have tried to adapt it as faithfully as possible.

At this point, the musical is well into production, with the script and songs completed and a full-CD in production. As of April 2010, the musical is currently in talk to be licensed by Capcom under the name "Turnabout Musical". As of June 2011, a CD of "Highlights From Turnabout Musical!" has become available for download through their website.

Matthew Taranto, AKA TriforceBun, is the voice of Phoenix Wright and has since become the creator and head writer of Brawl in the Family.

Tropes used in Phoenix Wright Musical Project include:

 Gumshoe: You can call him Missile, he'll find any drugs or clues you need!

Phoenix: Well, he should come in handy if the Gourd Lake Monster's been smoking weed.

  • Early Byrde Cameo:
    • Despite her first canonial appearance being Justice for all, Maggey Byrde shows up alongside Gumshoe during the first song and is mentioned by him later on.
    • Furio Tigre also pops up in the same song, despite not appearing until Trials and Tribulations in the game. His hair is down and he's wearing a fedora, but he slicks his hair back into spikes when he sees Phoenix.
  • Hollywood Tone Deaf: Winston Payne, although it's not much worse than his usual voice.
  • Insult Backfire:

 Payne: "You should just walk out that door!"

Mia and Phoenix leave.

 Cody: And I stood nearby when the Samurai shot lasers from his eyes.

Phoenix: Wait, what?

Cody: And he flew up high, reaching to the sky-- a bright metallic sheen!

Phoenix: Oh boy...

    • Which is followed by this:

 Phoenix: Cody, what kind of murderer uses a 'Samurai Slap'? Or, for that matter, shoots lasers from his eyes?

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