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"My test subject, my first SuperFreak, has cruelly betrayed my work and my trust. He has gone renegade, and even now, he gathers together the Slag Golems to destroy me! I fear that he's no longer himself. Perhaps the Coral shard itself has taken control? Oh, what has science wrought? I sought only to turn a man into a metal-encased juggernaut of destruction powered by the unknown properties of a mysterious living crystal. How could this have all gone wrong?"
Doc Buzzsaw, City of Villains
"...government Super Soldier projects are a flawed premise because any death-machine with free will will inevitably notice that there's something iffy about taking orders from cabals of aging generals when they can beat bears to death from across the room using only their prostate."
"Kamen Rider, Takeshi Hongo, is an modified human. He was altered by Shocker, an evil secret society with aspirations for world domination. Kamen Rider fights against Shocker for the sake of human freedom!
Kamen Rider, Opening Narration

BAD GUY 1- I thought 3 films were enough! Never mind, our Lord of the Rings remake is far more advanced, and their..budget constraints allow us to move into areas they refuse to consider!

BAD GUY 2- The Annoyingly Indestructible Bastard That Will Turn Against Us project?

BAD GUY 1- Among other things which will be kept anonymous for the player to find out, but I must admit I'm impressed with the primary unit.
You did this to me! All of my life! You made me! One! Two! Three! Four!
The Master, Doctor Who, The End of Time
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