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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth dying for here.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Phineas and Ferb fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. No-name recommendations will be zapped with the Delete-The-Entry-Inator. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.

Authors, and Websites Edit

Emperor Doofenshmirtz

  • Recommended by Lancelot Varianter
  • Emperor Doofenshmirtz has a way with words that is just marvelous. The grammar is almost always perfect and his fanfics are really entertaining.
    • Seconded by Monoxide. Some of them may not be as close to canon as some people like, but by gosh, some of his stuff can be a rush. Of particular note is his "Smile Away" series. You will be astounded and creeped out at the same time.
    • Thirded by Sparrow. In particular, "Tempus Fugit" is really excellent. Especially the way he handles the ending - Phineas's eventual breakdown is both believable and heartbreaking.

Maya Serena

  • Recommended by Emperor Doofenshmirtz
  • Maya Serena writes the greatest (and possibly darkest) Doofenshmirtz-related fanfics on the archive, and has recently branched out into writing everyone's favorite nunchuk-wielding nerd, Albert.
    • Seconded by Poptart Tan 2. My GOSH, can she write. She has mastered virtually everything, from humor to dark tones to fluffy tones. You gotta love her.

Lancelot Varianter

  • Recommended by Emperor Doofenshmirtz
  • Lancelot is an excellent writer with a fairly broad range of genres - parody, straight comedy, romance, and darker material that really deserves more recognition.


  • Recommended by Monoxide, Arctimon, Insano
  • KicsterAsh is one of the few writers I've seen who can do completely in-character teen versions of the boys and their friends. Most (if not all) of her fics are set while the boys are 15/16, and they deal with some quite serious themes (lingering feelings of loss), while still managing to retain the endearing feel of the characters and their world. Well worth a read.
    • Seconded by Arctimon. Unlike other fics, personalities and quirks are kept intact while expanding on the universe of the show. Agreeing with Monoxide; well, well worth the read.
    • Thirded by Insano. The author does an awesome job of keeping the characters' personalities consistent while putting them in new situations. The following link is the author's biggest project of Pn F fics:The Seer.
    • Fourthed (if that's a word) by Cosmic Pickle. I was blown away at her epicness. Her fic The Things I Will Risk For You is amazing!

Freedom Fighter ( website here.)

  • Recommended by Arctimon
  • Great writing, great sense of humor, and a couple of the stories give the spotlight to characters that have a criminally low amount of fics about them: the Fireside Girls. And they're done very well.
    • NOTE: "My Salty Sweetwater" has a crack pairing, so do be wary of that.


  • Recommended by Cosmic Pickle
  • This author has a really great writing style and keeps everyone in character while adding her own humor. She not only writes Phineas and Ferb fanfics, but also Megamind and Harry Potter, among others.

General Fics Edit

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

The Great Danville Cold Wars by The Illustrious Crackpot

  • Recommended by Froggo Fan 64, Arctimon
  • Synopsis: When Candace suffers from a really bad cold, Phineas and Ferb embark on inventing a cure for it. Meanwhile, Perry finds that Dr. Doofenshmirtz is making a machine to cure the illness that he thinks has struck Vanessa. Hilarity Ensues in both sub-plots.
  • Comments: This troper is quite amazed at how well the writer was able to take a Phineas and Ferb story concept and give it the kind of narration one would expect to see in a older-demographic novel, and yet at the same time still feel like an actual episode of the show.
    • Seconded by Arctimon. I could imagine the episode forming in my head when reading the story. Probably one of the best (if not the best) P&F fanfictions out there.

The Stepbrother Sitch by Owennumber1fan

  • Enjoy in all it's pagey goodness here
  • Recommended by Super Miz
  • Synopsis: When she hears Drakken is up to no good in a place called Danville, Kim Possible, along with Ron, travels there to stop him, and meets a very creative pair of step-brothers, their incredibly hyper sister, and an odd ally.
  • Tags: Crossover, humor.
  • Comments: If you've ever wondered what would happen if Drakken & Doofenshmirtz teamed up or wanted to see Rufus & Perry work together, this is the fic for you. Everyone is in character and the Canon is adhered to. There are some things that are kind of slow (Phineas & Ferb's project, a detective business, never really goes anywhere). Could be considering Pandering to the Base, but still entertaining.

The Adventures of Irving and Friends By Spongey444 (script-fic)

  • Recommended by Poptart Tan 2
  • Synopsis: The story follows Irving in his day-to-day escapades with his brother and friends (the rest of P&F & co.).
  • Comments: You've probably heard of this one from around this very site. Regardless of what you think of Irving, you must admit two things:
    • This guy's good with characterizations, for ALL characters.
    • He can sure as heck make a joke. The main feel of the series is pretty well maintained through it all. It's never too serious, it's just a lot of fun. Plus, save for some minor proofing errors, it's a pretty easy read.

The End of the Beginning by Shwoo

  • Recommended by patrckred
  • Synopsis: Doofenshmirtz attempts to adopt his younger self. Perry thinks this is a bad idea. No shipping.
  • Comments: I really liked this. Doofenshmirtz was appropriately idiotic, Perry seemed like himself, Gimmelschtump was just as horrible as ever. It was over all a bit sad, a bit funny, and a bit heartwarming. Recommended.

Plot Twisted by Child At Heart Forever

  • Recommended by Ajustice
  • Synopsis: When Dr. D's family comes to visit Phineas and Ferb's, Vanessa and Candace team up to bust Phineas and Ferb's gift for Vanessa and Dr. D up to no good, as usual. but the worst part is that Perry must stop him...with his cover at stake!
  • Comments: It's a great story that takes all of the main parts of a regular episode puts them all together.

First Contact: A Gemini Story by Fossils Da Da Da

  • Recommended by Robbie Rotten
  • Synopsis: Ferb wakes up in the middle of the night after having a nightmare. To keep his mind of the bad dream, he re-calibrates his GPS so it will track family members. He ends up getting a signal from a girl named "Jessica G. Fletcher" that's only a few miles away from him....
  • Comments: There's a page for it. Anyway, this is well written with a very interesting plot and terrific story. Plus it proves that theory I had for years! Recommended!

Mingled Sense and Nonsense by Commander

  • Recommended by Midoriri
  • Synopsis: When your humanity is taken from you... sometimes you have to take some strange steps to regain it.
  • Comments: A Perry-centric story that has a very interesting take on his origin, why a platypus is so humanlike, and how he met Dr. D. It really picks up after the first chapter, this reader was very impressed.
  • Tags: AU

Apology by Snowykittens2

  • Recommended by Candycane14
  • Synopsis: After Candace gets "busted," Phineas starts to feel bad for his sister, so he wants to help her, even if she is partly mad at him.
  • Comments: A Fix Fic for those who didn't like the ending of "Candace gets busted". Everyone's in character and the story is well written. There's drama and hurt/comfort in it. A good family story between Candace and her brothers(especially Phineas).

Lessons Learned by winter s. jameson

  • Recommended by Tropers/Ajustice
  • Synopsis: After a chat with the boys, Linda decides to talk to Candace and find out what really happened at the party - sorry, intimate get-together - the night before.
  • Comments Another good Fix Fic for "Candace gets busted" with Linda and Candace bonding.

Kulpo by Commander

  • Recommended by Midoriri
  • Synopsis: Vanessa's fights with her dad would probably last a lot longer if the guilt and remorse didn't go both ways. One-shot.
  • Comments: This is amazing. Commander catches the father-daughter dynamic of these two quite well, and makes the relationship they have pretty tearjerking. She also perfectly captures what goes on in any teen's mind when they return to a parent after an awful fight (not to mention the forgiveness/unconditional love on the parent's end).
  • Tags: Family, drama, hurt/comfort at the end. A word of warning: there is brief talk of miscarriage near the end.

A Brand New Reality by One Dark And Stormy Night

  • Recommended by: The Otaku Ninja
  • Synopsis: How did Parallel Phineas and Ferb decide break the rules and transform into the anti-conformists who wore what they wanted and built extraordinary gadgets? How did First-dimension Phineas' dynamic personality affect Parallel Phineas? MISSING SCENE FIC.
  • Comments: I can't recommend this fic enough, it's a great look into what motivated the alternate Phineas and Ferb to rescue their sister from Alternate!Doofenshmirtz, while giving some background information of Alt!Doofenshmirtz's evil reign... though it can get a tad dark at times...

Phineas and Ferb: The End of Summer by PS 2 wizard

  • Recommended by: Redtutel
  • Synopsis: With summer ending, Phineas and Ferb are on a quest to prevent losing their friends, while Perry has to protect them and stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his new L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. Old characters return, takes place after their journey into the 2nd dimension.
  • Comments: This story is great. I can really see this as a grand finale to the show. It's full of action, humor, romance and continuity nods. It even has a few songs the author wote, making it seem more like an actual Phineas and Ferb episode or movie. It does have a few typoes, but they are very few and far between.

Singing isn't evil! by Hatsu-chama

  • Recommended by: Cosmic Pickle
  • Synopsis: Doof tries to improve Norm but accidentally creates a young girl robot with long teal pigtails (you know the one) , who seems to be quite taken with a similarly-colored platypus.

The Sanest Ones Here by sunsetofdoom

  • Recommended by: cattywonkers
  • Synopsis: The sanest ones are the inmates! A charming alternate universe story about our beloved Phineas and Ferb a mental house. Jeremy is a doctor there and experiences their quirks and problems and creates a little family.
  • Comments: This is one of the best AU stories I have ever read. Each character retains their personality, even through a slew of personality and mental disorders alike. The writing is well-constructed; the dialogue is charming; and the absolute attention to detail and everyday life is fantastic. Well worth a read.

In the Dark by TheCuriousWriter

  • Recommended by: bookwormgal
  • Synopsis: Perry is protective over his naive owners, especially since he almost lost them in the alternate dimension fiasco He never expected them to get put in harm's way ever again until someone kidnaps Phineas, leaving no name but lots of cruel intentions.
  • Comments: Lots of twists and turns, false leads, and exciting cliffhangers are scattered through this story. Everyone from the show is practically dragged into events at some point. Multiple searches for the missing boy are running simultaneously: the police and his parents, his friends, and by a very worried semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action. But even with all the worrying, dread, and multiple reveals that things are not as simple as hoped, there is still some familiar humor that crops up to keep things from becoming too dark. And the fact that Phineas has been kidnapped allows Ferb to be in the spotlight for a change.

Drabble Days by crazymusicalgenius96

  • Recommended by: partner555
  • Synopsis: 100-word drabbles, with single words of inspiration. Fluff and pairings galore. Rated T for safety.
  • Comment: A collection of short stories done by the author. Some of them are requested by readers. There are many short pieces that one can enjoy. Some of the drabbles are focused on romance, others on frienship, others that are just for fun and so on.

Capturing the Past by winter s. jameson

  • Recommended by: Tyrannotitan
  • Synopsis: When Phineas and Candace's birth father returns, Candace sends him away. But with Phineas he won't take no for an answer. Once he's taken both Phineas and Ferb, can Candace and the other kids find them in time?
  • Comment: This story gripped this troper right from the first chapter, as things already were very intense and intriguing. It is a good theory on the Flynns' biological father, and William himself was very sinister. There is also more drama from the the boys' disappearance too.

Freaky Phineas Friday by iheartphinabella05

  • Recommended by kablammin45
  • Synopsis: When Phineas and Candace wake up on a Friday morning in each other's bodies, they must find a way to switch back before sun set because by sun set, the change becomes permanent, and they become each other forever. Can they switch back before it's too late?
  • Comment: This is a nice funny story involving a popular trope. It keeps everyone in character. It's a good read.

Shipping Fics Edit

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Bottled Feelings by Invisibool

  • Recommended by Froggo Fan 64
  • Pairing: Ferb/Gretchen
  • Synopsis: Ferb develops romantic feelings for Fireside Girl Gretchen (the one with the glasses) and asks Isabella for advice on how to tell it to her. He gets a nice surprise when he gets around to it.
  • Comments: The author of this story says that he felt that, since Phineas had Isabella, Ferb needed a girlfriend too, and Gretchen was the most logical choice. And I'd have to say he made a good choice; this story of his turned me into a Ferb/Gretchen shipper!

Hold My Tongue by JoeMerl

  • Recommended by the grene kni3t
  • Pairing(s): Ferb/Vanessa, slight Isabella/Phineas
  • Synopsis: Ferb wonders whether to speak to Phineas about his crush on Vanessa.
  • Comments: This story does a good, plausible job of first-person narration from Ferb's perspective and provides a neat analysis of the Phineas-and-Ferb dynamic.

Alphabet Soup By 'Lil Miss Kandy Kane

  • Recommended by Lancelot Varianter, Arctimon
  • Pairing(s): Phineas/Isabella, with mentions of Ferb/Vanessa.
  • Synopsis: A collection of twenty-six oneshots that follow the Alphabet, the story chronicles the lives of twenty-three year old Phineas and Isabella as a couple.
  • Comments: A well written collection with proper grammar, descriptions and great characterizations, Alphabet Soup does a great job of exploring the relationship of Phineas and Isabella. It covers everything from fights and (Slight) angst to fluffy and romantic instances. That, and You'll learn what words like Jocose and Quixotic mean.
    • Alphabet Soup is great, but this troper would gladly recommend any of her four stories. The writing is beautiful, and her characterization is awesome. Hard to believe (as of this writing) she's only been writing for about a month. Her only problem seems to be a lack of confidence, which is a shame--because her stuff is really good.

Always by Snark-N-Moon

  • Recommended by Robbie Rotten
  • Pairing: Stacy/Candace
  • Synopsis: Stacy has always been annoyed with Candace's obsession with Jeremy and busting, and she's always wish Candace would pay more attention to her. But maybe's there's a deeper reason then we thought...
  • Comments: Yes, this is slash. But bit's some of the most well written slash ever. Everyone is in charector mostly, and can totally see this in canon, if it had to deal with this subject. And most of all, it's adorable! Even Non Yuri Fans can get a kick out of it.

Gonna Be All Right by Anna Kaiya Freeman

  • Recommended by Candycane14
  • Pairing(s): Ferb/Phineas, Jeremy/Candace
  • Synopsis: The story focus on the boy's relationship and how everyone reacts to it.
  • Comments: Also a slash fic and also one of the most well written slash stories in the Pn F fandom. It's almost close to the show. Everyone's in character and their reactions were very realistic and believable. Phineas and Ferb are actually portrayed as bisexual (something VERY rare in slash fandoms), and there's barely even any smut in this fic. The most recommended chapters to read are 'Gonna be all right', 'Shaking hands', 'Fate isn't good enough', and 'Time flies'.
    • Seconded by Blazichu. Even if you're wary of the slash, give it a shot-- your faith will be rewarded. Mine certainly was.

The Story Beyond the Portal by Stinkfly3 and Myron Greenleaf

  • Recommended by Stinkfly3
  • Pairing(s): Alt. Ferb/Alt. Isabella, Alt. Phineas/Alt. Vanessa
  • Synopsis: What happened to the world counterparts after the movie?
  • Comments: Ever wonder what happened to The Resistance after Across the 2nd Dimension? Then read this fanfic. It includes romance, betrayal (especially when Alt. Phineas quits The Resistance and becomes evil after his parents are accidentally killed by a Resistance weapon and Alt. Candace doesn't seem to care about it), and a whole lot of action.

More Trouble Than it's Worth by Grave Bells

  • Recommended by Broken China, Numbuh 9494
  • Pairing(s): Buford/Baljeet, some Phineas/Isabella
  • Synopsis: Baljeet agrees to go to Junior Prom with Wendy, and Buford is inexplicably furious.
  • Comments: The Bujeet ship is really lacking in good chapter fics, but this fanfic basically makes up for it. The characters and relationships are believable, the plot hasn't been dragged out over an obnoxious amount of chapters, and it's incredibly cute while also being quite serious. The end is a little wild, but it sort of adds to the experience of the story. It's definitely worth the read.

Summer of Love by Lowrider

  • Recommended by Tyrannotitan
  • Pairings: Phineas/Isabella, Ferb/Gretchen, Baljeet/Ginger, Candace/Jeremy, Buford/Milly, Django/Adyson
  • Synopsis: A series of stories when Phineas, Ferb and their friends are 15-16 years old featuring the above romantic pairings and the situations they get into (if you are interested in how most of the pairings started, check out more of Lowrider's stories).
  • Comments: This was a very fun and interesting story to read. The situations the characters get into are both good and bad, there are funny moments and the pairings work well (to the point that this troper got interested in reading the stories about other pairings he wasn't originally interested in). This troper particularly liked Adyson and Django's story arc, as their relationship has a lot going on, and the conclusion to their storyline is quite saddening. There is some mildish sexual content in it, so be warned if you don't like that stuff.

"Mom! Phineas and Ferb are inspiring future generations of writers!"