Phil Spector is a Record Producer, songwriter, and convicted murderer. He became famous in The Sixties for pioneering the "Wall of Sound", a production technique that relied on large groups of musicians playing heavily orchestrated parts to yield a dense, full sound. His credits include numerous Girl Groups (The Ronettes, The Crystals), Ike & Tina Turner, The Righteous Brothers, The Beatles, John Lennon's first three solo albums, George Harrison's first solo album, The Ramones' End of the Century and Leonard Cohen's Death of a Ladies Man. His production style has served as an important influences on several subgenres of Alternative Rock, such as Baroque Pop and Shoegazing.

But you mostly know him for being totally, 100% batshit insane. There's a reason he's at the top of our "Producer From Hell" list after all. Aside from threatening Leonard Cohen and The Ramones with guns and stealing the tapes of Lennon's Rock 'n Roll album at gunpoint, there's also the part where he showed his wife a coffin and threatened to kill her if she left and also the part where he got convicted for murdering actress Lana Clarkson.

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