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  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: The animals that Anna befriends in episode 8; seen for only one important move and then never mentioned again.
  • Complete Monster: Herbert Muller needed one episode to prove himself as one. He devises Kenja puzzles solely with the intent of killing the solver, even removing vital information so as to render them unsolvable. Even though this goes against the official purpose of the POG, he gets away with it because of his high rank within the organization.
  • Genius Bonus: If you look at the Sudoku/Nam Play Those Two Guys present to Kaito. It become pretty obvious they suck at creating a difficult puzzle.
  • Ho Yay: Very, very blatant between Rook and Kaito. Especially from Rook's side, since he's a total yandere for Kaito, he wants the best for Kaito and he won't forgive anyone who tries to "steal" Kaito from him. They even go on an outing in episode 24 that looks suspiciously like a date.
    • Cubic also counts, with his possessiveness and obsession with Kaito. He even says he loves Kaito at one point.
      • He keeps track of everything Kaito does in his daily life. As revealed in season 2 when he learns how much Pinochle also knows about him.
    • Gammon and Kaito have some moments too, since both of them are tsundere towards each other and argues alot like a married couple.
      • In episode 6, Kaito collapsed after solving a puzzle, and then Gammon gave him a piggyback ride. Gammon whispers "Nonoha sweets" at Kaito's ear, waking him up out of shock. Kaito then apologises to Gammon and says that he's grateful for Gammon, whom Kaito had believed that he had knock Kaito back to his senses after a Heroic BSOD while blushing. Gammon blushed too, denying it with embarrassment then drops Kaito on the ground. Then both of them argued again, causing Nonoha to observe that both of them are really getting along to each other, leading to Kaito and Gammon angrily deny it.
      • In episode 14, Kaito is injured and hospitalized. When he woke up, Kaito leaved his bed, attempting to search for Rook, but was stopped by Gammon. Gammon carried Kaito again to his bed but this time not a piggyback ride, it's the infamous type of carry that can fuel up a yaoi fandom rapidly instead.
    • Another Bridal Carry happens with Kaito and Rook after the former defeats the latter.
    • Don't forget Kaito and Anna in episode 4 too, as he gave Kaito a kiss at the cheek at the end of it.
      • Episode 8. Kaito and Anna in a hotspring, both of them are naked. Anna touches Kaito's skin, remarking that Kaito's skin is beautiful, while Kaito freaking out, screaming and blushing as if he's being violated.
    • And Kaidou Baron with Jin.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Kaito, since that almost everyone in the series is obsessed in him, and he's kinda pair-able with anyone.
  • Off-Model: Quite often, with characters' faces seemingly melting off their heads at some angles, as well as frequent QUALITY non-close-up character shots.
    • Less so in the second season.
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