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  • Crowning Music of Awesome: 'IDOLA' The Devil's Shadow, the final boss BGM is just amazing. It's a crime the OST doesn't have a remix of it (Or any boss' theme outside Octo Diablo). At least the final area's themes have remixes.
    • Reve's theme is pretty damn awesome too, and whenever you hear it you know that you're in for either a massive revelation or a serious buttkicking. Or both.
  • Demonic Spiders: Arkzeins, dear God, Arkzeins. Their homing missiles can One-Hit Kill characters on higher difficulties unless blocked by a shield or dodged--and even then the missiles can still circle around and hit from behind. Arkzeins move by performing sliding attacks, which tends to desync their position in multiplayer online sessions, making to harder to coordinate an assault on them. Oh, and sometimes two of them spawn at once. Thank God that Arkzeins and Finjers don't spawn the same time ...
    • Phobos and Zaphobos too. They can take huge amounts of damage, all their attacks do enough damage to kill a weaker character in two hits at best even on Normal, they have a massive area effect on all their attacks, they can throw their swords like boomerangs of death, they can and will keep smacking you around while their sword is off doing other things... and they almost always spawn in groups of two or three in very small rooms.
  • Goddamned Bats: Literally. Batts and Bullbats in the Makara Ruins will drive you MAD. They spawn in swarms, usually large ones, and almost always in combination of enemies who can hit you quite hard. They move fast, are hard to hit even with guns and techniques, and they can and WILL confuse you repeatedly.
  • That One Boss: Humilias is powered by a fuel mix made from Scape Dolls and your blood, sweat, and tears. All his attacks are listed on the RPG page for this trope. Have a nice day!
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