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Believing in nothing, severing pinkie toes, and just generally giving off the impression that he's committed a couple of sex crimes lately.
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Born Rolf Peter Ingvar Storm in Sweden, Peter Stormare began his acting career with the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre, before his apparent discovery by Ingmar Bergman. His first major American film role was as one of the kidnappers in Fargo. A recent automotive ad campaign featured him as a German pseudo-hip hop artist answering to V-Dub, whose shtick was violently un-pimping rides by smashing them to scrap and giving their owners Volkswagens.

Allegedly, the reason for his name change was that he shared it with an older student. He wasn't even out of school and he made sure that people wouldn't go around and mistake them for him.

Tropes associated with Peter Stormare:

  • Awesome McCoolname: He was born with one of these, and his current one, although a slight variation, is no less Badass.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Sometimes speaks and/or swears in Swedish in some of his movies, most prominent in the Minority Report.
  • Evilly Affable
  • Fake Nationality
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: If you've ever seen a particularly memorable Russian, Swedish, or vaguely otherwise Eastern European minor character, chances are it's him. Also, he will probably get shot, or eaten by dinosaurs.
  • Large Ham: He acts in a very over the top fashion, and it usually makes the characters he plays much creepier for it, as they seem like they are genuinely insane.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: During the filming of Fargo he would take anyone else who had a day off to different parts of Minnesota to experience the overly Swedish-saturated culture with him firsthand, a culture he described as being "More Sweden than Sweden". He said that many of these experiences caused him to become overwhelmed and cry.
    • One experience he related in the documentary Minnesota Nice was of an old man he met who spoke in a very particular dialect that helped him correctly determine where his ancestors had come from.
  • Plays Great Ethnics
  • One-Scene Wonder: He is quite possibly the Patron Saint of One Scene Wonders (next to Christopher Walken, of course). He is just that awesome.

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