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File:VinnyandJeff 6191.jpg

"Get ready to throw the rest of your life away, because Vinny's spending the rest of his playing Persona 4, and he's inviting you to watch."
Jeff Gerstmann
"We'll leave it there. Come back tomorrow to find out what we just did wrong."
Vinny Caravella, after Yosuke decapitates the Mysterious Bear

The Let's Play of Persona 4, as played by Jeff Gerstmann and Vinny Caravella of

As the story goes, Jeff bought Persona 4 while the Giant Bomb staff were on break, but soon realised he would never be able to finish it in his spare time. The tale nearly ends there, until the day Jeff decided to ask Vinny to review the game, an offer which Vinny countered with "Why don't we play the game in the office, and record it?" to which Jeff's reaction was, reportedly, "What?".

So began the legendary adventures of high-school student Charlie Tunoku, shadow-slayer and ladykiller, as he searches for the truth behind a multiple murder case taking place in the sleepy country town of Inaba. Along the way he'll get jobs, pass tests, make friends, and cast Bufu on things he shouldn't, all accompanied by the MST3K-esque commentary of Jeff and Vinny.

Here's the link to the episodes. A more user-friendly playlist is available on Youtube.

This Let's Play provides examples of:

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: In-Universe; they come from Jeff and Vinny themselves. For starters, Funky Student and Fox are drug dealers, Charlie is a Gundam model enthusiast who is afraid of cops, The girl from the band social link is Chiaotzu, Yukiko likes the Scathatch, the doctor at the Inaba Hospital is the world's most incompetent doctor, Dojima is an Ax Crazy Abusive Parent (this predating and most likely inspiring Peachi's take on the character) and Chihiro and presumably the rest of the student council drink cough syrup. Oh and the Heaven dungeon is a stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar.
  • Big Yes: The response of the guys upon upgrading Charlie's Social Link status with Chie to girlfriend.
  • Big No: A rather sarcastic one upon the revelation of Naoto's true gender.
  • Big OMG: A rather epic one upon seeing the result of their first fusion mistake: Abaddon.
  • Butt Monkey: Kanji and Nanako. However Nanako is one of the NPCs that they grow the most attached to and they later regret not being able to progress Kanji's Social Link to its conclusion.
  • Catch Phrase: As far as Jeff and Vinny are concerned, "Get bent!" is Kanji's catch phrase. This is despite the fact that he only says it once in the game.
    • Although he does say it sometimes when using Atomic Press.
  • Determinator: Jeff and Vinny themselves in Episode 61. Despite frequent, random power outages at their office, the guys hook up the Play Station 2 and recording gear to a backup power supply and keep on rolling.

 Jeff: "Nothing stops the Endurance Run, mother fucker!"

 "This'll be over in two hits Yosuke, me hitting the X button and you hitting the floor."

  • Two Gamers on a Couch
  • Unwanted Gift Plot: For their gift to Nanako from the trip to Iwatodai, Charlie chose the lamp. Regardless, she still loves it.
  • Useless Useful Spell: Jeff and Vinny initially think that a couple of instant death skills are these. They learn their lesson later.
  • Video Game Caring Potential: The group quickly grow attached to the characters. For example, later on in the game the guys are quite disturbed by the obvious Foreshadowing of Nanako being the next victim.
    • Especially noticeable in part 130 when Nanako dies. During a large part of it they are a lot quieter and unfocused compared to other episodes.
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