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The Characters of Persona 3. Spoilers Abound

Bonus Characters


= Voiced by Ayana Taketatsu (Japanese) and Cindy Robinson (English) =

A character introduced for the CD drama, apparently as the Class Representative. Showed up as a playable character in Persona 4 Arena - fans' reactions were split.

The Reaper

A notorious Bonus Boss found in Persona 3 and Persona 4, including FES, P 3 P and the Anime of the Game. His Arcana card is "Death", and he's based off the Grim Reaper. His face is shrouded in bandages, with only one ominous yellow eye to see its surroundings. In Persona 3, he lurks around Tartarus during the Dark Hour, personally appearing under one of four outcomes: if you stay on one level for too long, if there aren't any Shadows in a level, if there are only gold Shadows on a revel, or if you pick a Shuffle Time card that's appended by an ominous black crossbone. Thankfully, he cannot follow you through the stairs, but good luck trying to find them.

He reappears in Persona 4, but only on your second playthrough. In Magatsu Inaba/Mandala, the Reaper can be found in ordinary chests; upon examination, the Protagonist is forewarned that a powerful force dwells within the chest. Should the Protagonist choose to open it, the Reaper will attack the Protagonist, engaging the party to a battle. Like its previous incarnation, the Reaper can be challenged multiple times, as long as the Protagonist manages to locate the treasure chest he dwells within. He will only drop a characters' weapon if they are in the team that fights him, so you can re-organize the party every time you fight him if you want to get every character weapon.

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